Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-6

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lets start……..

it starts with anjali and arjun giving victorious smile and laksh’s worried face
lak: nooooo, ragini is only mine, only i can love her, only i can propose her.
suddenly reality struck him
lak: yes i am in love I LOVE RAGINI, but……
arj: now what
lak: jiju… how can i fall in love just by seeing her, we dint even talked for once also
arj: laksh tish what is called as love, we wont get to know when, why, how and with whom it happens, but it just happens, at some point of time we get to know that we are in love. it just cant be preplanned, we need go with the flow. look at us would anyone have ever thought that i would end up loving and marrying your dii by look at our behaviour before marriage. we just hardly spoke. but now i just cant imagine myself without her
saying this he side hugs anju who smiles at him warmly.
lak: but jiju what if she dosent love me back. what if choose any other guy over me…he said worried
anju: that is why i called you duffer. laksh you just go with the flow. love teaches you every thing. it just cant be explained by others
arj: laksh if your love for her is true then you will get her dont worry. and by the way dont just be melodramic, this not any movie or serial story to sacrifice your love if she like some one else. just love her whole heartedly and win her by hook or by crook and winks at him
lak: hugs him and say thank you jiju, you are my friend, guid , guru, every thing, you are the worlds best jiju
anju; and me………(pouting)

lak: are dii how can i forget you bcoz of you only i got him as jiju na and you are also the worlds best dii
arj: by the way i should thank you bcoz of you i got a sister. you know i always thought that when you get married i wil get a sister and a new family. by this time arjun got thin layer of tear in his eyes, anjali sens this and to divert the topic she say
anju: soo laksh what wil you do next
lak: i dont know dii, i just dont want to rush, let me wait and watch what cards does destiny has. but ragini will become Mrs. ragini lakshya maheshwari for sure.
anju: thats like my brother. ok now its too late lets go and sleep good night laksh and sweet dreams oh sorry ragini’s dreams
the trio laughs and goes to their rooms and doze off

at present(hope you remember lakhs was saying all this story to ap and dp)
lak: from then till today i go to her house often i share a special bond with them but still they dont know my feelings for her,i still stand near her rooms window and admires her listen to her feelings in short i just love her and cant imagine myself without her……..
he trailed off seeing his parents listenging to him as though a kid listening to a fairy tale
lak: mom dad are u people even listening to me
ap: OH…MY…GOD this much happened and you people dint even informed us
dp: its ok purna, at least now we got to know every thing by our son not by the third person, we should consider that
ap: ha ji… that is also true. she turned towards laksh and said its ok laksh you trusted us and told us every thing thats good. ok now what are you up to, what are you going to do that you hav informed us this thing now

lak: thank you soo much maa for trusting me and accepting my love. and what am i upto is i am going to propose ragini
dp: what you are going to propose my bahu as such, chee.. laksh you are soo unromantic, atleast learn some thing from your papa, kyu purna. he winks at her.
ap: jii… have some shame you are getting bahu and at this age you want to be romantic?
lak: ma.. love dose not consider the age. i know how romantic my dad is, by the way papa i am your son how can you think i will propose her i a simple way. first i am going to make her fall for me and then i am going to propose her
ap: how will you do that

lak : maa i will work with her in our company as an employee then i will show her how much i love her then i will reveal my identity and propose her
in short lakshya will again become the old flirt lucky the lover boy. he say this by streching his arms and winks at her
lak: ya i know your next question what if she reject you? right ap nods
lak: well i know that she will not reject me if i am the groom selected by her family,will she
ap and dp look at his amused
lak: ragini’s family will never say no to me if i ask her hand after all they know me from past four years. her ma treats me as her own son even they know about all of us, i keep telling them every thing about our family except the fact that i love ragini. they even know arjun jiju. yaa i dont know why but more than me they linke arjun jiju though they hardly met. they became emotional whenever they hear his name. so even in worst case they reject me, my jiju will convince them kyu jiju
arj: why not
anju: ok now enough of this discussion i am hell hungry and even we should go for shoping as laksh if planning for a make over
ap: ok lets have break fast
all have their break fast and to their respective works while anju, arjun and laksh go for the shoping mall
*********gadodia’s house(GH)
dadi: laado wake up you lazy bone its already 10.00am see riya is also here waiting for you get up laado
rag: what dadima you want even let me sleep on sunday also
dadi: laado you called riya to go for shopping and you are sleeping see she is waiting for you in the hall
rag: ofo dadi ma i tald riya to come at 9.30
dadi: stupid girl its already 10 get up and get ready soon. i want you out in 15 min get that
after some time riya dadi and janki wrer sitting in hall and having coffee while kailash and dadaji were in the garden reading news paper and discussing some thing about it
ragini came out waring sea green anarkali with her hairs tied in braid set on the right sholder
jan: laado come have break fast
rag: noo ma, we will have outside today and today you will not stop me dadima, i am going to mall not college or to office to skip my meal ok
dadi: ok laado but make suru you have some thing
ragini janki and riya left for shopping
********in mall
laksh and arjun were in gents section and anjali was in ladies section selecting saree for herself and for ap, ragini, janki and riya also reach there and started selecting their cloths.the shop was in such a that one side ladies and other side gents section in same shop at is was big enough to accomadate them. abd it had trial room towards one end
arj: laksh, i think you should try these shirts
lak: ok jiju, you go and help dii, by that time i will try them
laksh was going to trial room he was about to pass ragini,janki and riya but he collided into ragini who just took out white anarkali to show to her mom. janki saw him and by that time he too notice that they were in same shop.all their clothes fell down
rag: oh sorry…
lak: its ok i am sorry too
rag: thats fine
they picked up their clothes by doing that their hands touched both felt current passing through their spines. ragini found it strange but ignored it, they got up
jan: are lak…….she trailed off as she saw ragini whwas already looking at her
laksh widened his eyes

rag: maa you know him?
jan: whom? are see there that lady in maroon sari, i saw her from back and thought her to be lak…lak…ha lakshmi
laksh controlled his laugh , anjali and arjun enjoyed the seen while ragini and riya gave confused look
rag: lakshmi, which lakshmi
jan:are lakshmi aunti, your father’s friend, pandey uncle’s, wife’s,sister’s cousin brother’s wife
laksh controlled his laugh and went from there
rag: mom seriously!!!huh riya i think we should go to that end there are nice collection
riya nodded and went with her
they completed shoping and went to food world to have something
laksh and arjali(arjun and anjali) were also there sitting on table near them but anagin they dint notice each other
ragini went to bring ice cream with riya while got a call from his friend he went to talk with him
ragini and riya were coming back talking to eachother and laksh was also coming in same place talking to his friend without noticeing them
then there were two boys of some 12-14 age running arround, they were running towards ragini behind laksh, ragini noticed that and tried to inform laksh but before she could do that they accdently pushed laksh and as a result her fell farward on ragini, ice-cream which was in her hand flew away and fell down in some corner but they both landed on ground ragini on ground and laksh on top of her, in this process laksh’s lips touches ragini’s cheeks,they both were shocked to hell, but laksh managed to keep his hand behind her head so that she dont get hurt.

precap: some more raglak moments, raglak in office. don’t you guys want to know what does gadodia’s think about laksh and his family? just wait for next part. till then bless me and miss me. love you all.

first of all thank you all for your patience, and for your encouragement
from now on you guys can enjoy raglak moments.i will try to add more in upcoming parts
and i have created a collage for my ff and trying to upload it past 2 episodes but i dont know why its not getting uploaded, so now i tried to upload one pic availabe in galary lets see what happens.

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