Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-5

hi guys….missed me? Jaan is back after a long break. sorry for making u all wait.but what to do…..
in my previous episode i made ragini unconscious but in real i fell down unconscious but the difference is laksh was there to help her and i am still waiting for my prince charming. in short i wasn’t well so plz excuse me.and thanks a lot for your positive comments. love you all
ok lets start…

it begins with laksh staring at unconscious ragini. he bring her to the side and made her lay down on the floor with her head on his lap. he was tapping her cheeks to wake her up.soon he heard a panicked voice from his right side, he turned and saw a old lady
dadi: ragini…!!!!
laksh saw her.dadi came to her and patting her cheeks waking her
dadi: hey bagwan! laado what happened to you, get up.

then janki came there.she panicked worried for her daughter.she opened a bottle to sprinkle some water on her face,but her hands were shaking seeing her daughter like that.laksh saw that, took bottle from her hand sprinkled some water on ragini’s face,ragini half opened her eyes only she could see was blur images. she saw laksh(blur)
then she closed her eyes tightly kept hand on her head wincing in pain.
ragini: ahh….

she was not able to open her eyes, and had very bad head ache. laksk made her drink some water there by breaking her fast unknowingly
jan: (to laksh) beta plz can you help us to take her out plz…
lak: no problem aunty. saying this he lifted her in his arms and went towards exit
lak: aunty where is your vehicle?
dadi: beta we came by rikshaw. you wait here i will bring another rikshaw. and was about to go
lak: dadi if you don’t mind i have my car, i can drop you.
dadi: thank you so much beta
lak: its ok dadi. he made her sit on stairs leaning to janki. she was again unconscious now. he went and brought his car. then he again lift her in his arms and placed her inside the car at back seat having her head on janki’s lap. he sat in driver’s seat dadi sat next to him and told him address and directions to their house. laksh often kept looking at ragini through the mirror. he felt as if someone pinched his heart to see her in such condition. he dint knew why.he forgot the whole world and was just worried for her but still not knowing the reasons for his worries. they reached gadodia’s house, he took her inside the house in bridal style and made her lye on bed in her room as per dadi’s instruction. dadi goes to call doctor .he was just staring at sleeping ragini. his trance was broken by janki’s voice
jan: thank you soo much beta. thank a lot. i don’t know what we would have done alone. thank a lot…

lak: arrey aunty its ok. its just humanity. but he knew that it was something more than that but he dint knew what was that. by that time dadi brings him coffee. he just took a sip then dadi told janki
dadi: i informed kailash and her dada ji they are coming from mehra ji’s house.(they went for some function)
only then laksh realised that his mom and sis are waiting for him.
lak: sorry aunty i got to go. my maa and sister are waiting in temple for me
jan: its ok beta and thank you once again
lak: u call me beta and thank me also this is not fair…

jan:(laughs a bit)ok come again when you are free
lak: ok aunty bye, bye dadi…
saying this he went to temple. but to his good luck they were still doing pooja
after some time they reach MM.soon they had dinner and dispersed to their room, all this while laksh was in his own world and hardly talked ever one found it strange but dint asked him.
at night, in laksh’s room
laksh was staring at sealing thinking something, arjun noticed it and went to him
arj: laksh…
no reply
arj: laksh, shaking him a bit
lak: ha, ha jiju, what happened
arj: i must be the one who should be asking this
by that time anjali also joined them

anju: what happened to you laksh why are so lost
laksh explained everything
arj: that so good. but whats there to think soo much.
lak: but i dont know why i am feeling so strange i never felt this before ever
anju: are buddhu its bcoz u did good thing first time in life na thats why.
laksh pouts to anjali’s comment
arj: thought some thing then smirked. ok laksh dont think so much sleep well.good night
lak: good night jiju, good night di
anju: good night

they went to their room
anju:arjun why were smirking why laksh was saying that
arj; notting, i was remembering hoe i used feel same before marriage when i used to meet you. i thought that my sale saab also fell in love,well but i am not sure about it.
anju: oh hello, he just helped her that too he saw her just once, dont over think
arj: anju love can happen with in a fraction of second and there no rule that only two people who know each other should fall in love.
anju: yaa thats true lets see. now come lets sleep.
from that day laksh was feeling restless for some unknown reason,daily he used go to ragini’s home at night and stand in front her rooms window such that nobody can notice him .

it was a kind of practice for ragini to come and stand near the window, and share her feelings with moon how she is waiting for the love of her life, her prince charming, her to be husband.and she used to talk to him(her imagination). it was kind of practice for laksh to admire her, to listen to her feelings. without doing so he dint sleep for a day after that incident. he used to go to her house, when ragini was not there in her house, talked to all family members especially dadi and janki.

he used to enquire about ragini indirectly. but he told them not to inform about him to ragini. when dadi asked the reason he told that he so handsome that any girl see him will fall for him. he already many of them troubling him and he dont want any more. all laughed at his reason but still dint told anything to ragini. this was the only thing that ragini’s family hid it from her.

laksh and gadodias share a special bond.
now a days even ragini used to feel a strange feeling when she shared her feelings to moon at night. she felt as if there was some one was listening to her and replaying back to her.but she dint payed much heed to it. but we all know its laksh.
like days passed,now its almost 2 months that arjun noticed change in laksh behaviour. one fine day arjun and and anjali just braged into laksh’s room to confront him but dint found him. it was almost 12.30 when laksh came back home. he went to his room and was shocked to arjun and anjali.

lak: why are you both here at this time
anju: exactly where were you all this time, what great work you had at mid night 12.30
arj: anju plz…he turned to laksh, laksh dont dare to lie to me now, it has been months that you are behaving strangely,as mom and dad has gone to chacha ji’s house, we want to know each and every thing right now. he said in ordering tone which made laksh shiver a bit
laksh said every thing to them. silence prevailed for some time as soon as he completed. laksh was scared to hell for the first time to face them
the ice of that silence was broken by shriek of anjali.
anju: OMG! OMG! my brother has became majnu, i cant belive this!!!!!
laksh gave her a weird expression as he dint understood her meaning and he himself was not aware of his feelings
both of them observed his expression and looked at each others face then turned to laksh and said in union
arj&anju: now dont tell us that u dont love her
laksh shake his head in no

seeing him they both hit their heads with their palms.
arj: lucky u are not crazy just to go and stand near her house every night and visit her house often to enquire about her. ok just tell me is there any day that u dint see her.
lak: ya one day she went to bed early, before i go. u know what i came back home and tried to sleep but i was feeling restless then i climbed her window, reached her room only to see her. uff i never did any such things before not even for0 best best friends of mine, not even for di or ma but i did hell lot of circus just for her
arj: sooo he said smiling

anju; are duffer still u are not understanding
lak: no, he shaked his his head
anju: ok tell me if you have imagined your future with her or rather can you imagine your life with out her,or any other guy with her.
laksh gave a blank expression

anju: ok close your eyes. laksh did as she said. i know its a old trick but just do as i say. laksh nodded. imagine a beauitful place like river side decorated with red rose petals and white and purple pillers around and ya white and purple baloons. with a table and two chairs a perfect romantic candle light dinner. a small smile came on his face. now imagine couple there just like boy going on one knee and proposing a girl. and let that boy be you and girl be ragini. and you saying i love you to her. they could see wide smile on laksh’s face and they also smile
now imagine any other boy in your place proposing ragini. said arjun with a smirk on his face.suddenly laksh opened his eyes saying
lak:noooooo, ragini is only mine. only i can love her, only i can propose her.
arjun and anju gave a victorious smile

screen freezes on laksh’s paniced face and arjun&anjali’s smiling face.

Precap: completion of laksh’s flash back and raglak first face to face meet.
i know its quit boring and u all are waiting for raglak meet but sorry to disappoint you all

i will try uploading it tomorrow, but not sure. till then bless me and miss u all.
now plz go to the comment box and leave your reply. plz its a kind of energy for me to continue.

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