Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-4

hi guys..missed me…? thank you all for positive comments and having patience to read my story
sorry for making you all wait but i posted it yesterday night i dont know why it dint get posted so i am typing it again
recap: laksh’s entry, his family and their bonding

every one were sleeping in their room but laksh was in his own thoughts of course it was about ragini. he thinks something and went from there. he goes to arjun’s room and knock the door, poor arjun who was sleeping peacefully with his lovely wife in his embrace got disturbed again. arjun got up went to open the door and saw laksh smiling at him sheepily he frowns and ask him
arj: you stupid, dumb head why the hell are you after my sleep……before he could continue laksh hugs him and murmers sorry, arjun widened his eyes pushed him and went to his wife and hugged her
arj: anju i think your brother have gone crazy, he is thinking me as ladoo, plz save me…….
anju: stop it arjun jokes apart, laksh whats the matter
arj: what!……. you think this as joke, are its the matter of your husband and his life
anjali glared draggers at him which made him keep quit
anju: laksh what is the matter is every thing all right. she asked him with concern
lak: di i want your help and tells something which is muted
anju: laksh are u sure i mean…
arj: laksh what if your your plan fails, i cant see my laado in any pain, u know right that….
lak: dont worry jiju your to be sister will have to accept me bcoz we are destined to be together,i am sure about it, and how can you think i will hurt her she is my life , no more than that. you always say that true love always wins dont you trust my love for her. my love for her is true and soo pure that we cant be without each other even if we ourselfs want to be. and dont worry i have a back up plan also.
he smirks and tells his plan for which both of them readily aggry for it and arjun says
arj: laksh even though i had money, property and every thing i felt a void in my life, i dint had a family. though mom and dad treat me as their own son i dint felt until ragini came in your life and my life, ya this is another thing that she dont know who i am, but she is more than my own sister to me, and her family is mine too.she this orphan a family. in this whole world if i love more than any thing is my family, specially my laado and of course my wify. plz take good care of her. you know what i mean right…..he had a thin layer of tear in his eyes
lak: jiju dont worry, i do know the importance her in your life. and one more thing, i am going to tell about ragini to ma and papa. i dont want them to get to know about this by some one else then it hurts them as well as me…
arj: i am with you
anju: me too and hugs him.
lak: ok good di and jiju. sorry for disturbance, he winks at them and goes from there

next morning a new start of their life for laksh as well as ragini
at ragini’s home
she was sleeping peace fully without any disturbance as it was sunday her dadima also dint woke her up

at mm
laksh came to the main hall all ready to tell his parents about his love. he knew that his parents were very friendly and supportive but he had no idea how would they react to this matter. he saw her ma doing aarthi. he waited for her to complete while he prayed to god
lak:(in mind) hey shiv ji i know i am not in good terms with you but you will have to help me at least for ragini
ap: are laksh today is sunday but you got ready in early morning, are u going some where
lak:first bless me ma from today a new and important phase of my life will begin.
ap was confused but still bless him
ap: may you achieve all the success and happiness
then dp came there, he was really in happy mood
dp: purna today the meeting with foreign delicates got cancelled and you know what they aggried to deal with us just by looking at the ppt sent to them by arjun. then he saw arjun and anjali comming down he went them hugged arjun and said
dp: i am really proud of you my son, thank you and congrats
arj: not fair dad, you call me son and also thank me….he complained
laksh understood why he did this and went to him
lak: congrats jiju and then him and said slowly thank you
arj: i told you, any thing for my sister
lak:by the way when you did this
arj: yesterday night after you went.
they both broke the hug

ap: bhagwan ka lak lak shukkar hai, chalo we all will have break fast together
lak; maaa i want to tell u all some thing important before that
they all setelled on sofa dp and ap together anjali and arjun on their left laksh on their right
they were very curious silence prevailed for some minits then laksh broke the silence
lak:ma , papa i love a girl, i love her since 4 years and i want to marry her
then that happened which the trio dint even expect….
ap: what!… you already selected a bahu for me, how is she, whats her name
she asked all her curiosity at its peek, which was followed by dp
dp: where is she, did she came with you, when are you guys getting married
lakah, arjun, anjali widened their eyes while their jaws touched the ground. they dint expected this
ap: is she out side, call her in, no will bring her, she was about to get up but laksh held her hand
lak: maa relax, thank you soo much for accepting but……..she dont know that i love her, she dint even saw me
now it was dp and ap’s tuen to get shocked.
dp: what are you saying laksh
laksh started to tell his love story.
flash back before four years………
it was maha shiv ratri, ap was all ready to go to temple
ap:anjali beta make it fast we are getting late
anju: coming ma…..
lak: ma i will drop you
ap: no beta we may get late, dont worry we will manage, anyhow driver is there na
lak: i am not asking, i am telling you. first of all you are fasting without listening to me and now …….huh i dont know why u people belive all this stupid things.hw said angrily
ap: laksh (ap shouted) if you dont belive in that it doesn’t mean even we should not belive. every body will their own feelings and beliefs. now as your are not only droping us u r also coming inside the temple and ask for forgiveness from shiv ji and this is my order
they went to temple laksh did as ap said justfor her happiness but deep down in his heart he felt a kind of peace and new hope but did he ever know that shiv ji too much kind enough that just his one visit, one sorry he made him meet his love.
ap and anju were doing pooja while laksh started waking out he saw hundred of diyas lighted he went see them or rather some thing dragged him
while going saw some thing to which he became awestruck
there were some people lighting diyas but his eyes was struck to one girl, yes she was our ragini, HIS ragini she was lighting diyas praying some thing to shiv ji. she was surrounded by diyas. she aws waring purple and pink lehenga, with matching jew of purple stones and white perls,and was wearing matching bangles her hairs were set open which were dancing to the melody of the wind, while some were teasing her by kissing her face coz of which laksh was jelous. she was constantly putting them behind her ears. the glowing light of diyas added extra glow to her already glowing face. which increaded her beauty to exstream level which gave laksh a heart attack. laksh placed his hands on his heart which was no more his. unknowingly he was waking towards her but stopped seeing her approaching towards him. he close his eyes when she walked passing him and felt her fragrance and sound of her anklet was making him more crazy. he thanked shiv ji for such a priceless gift and felt sorry for saying such stupid things about him. he saw her going and suddenly his expressions changes on seeing her getting unconsious. ragini was felling that her head was spinning as she dint had even a drop of water from morning, as she was fasting. she closed her eyes and was about to fall but laksh held her and picked her in his arms. screen freezes on the face of unconsious ragini in laksh’s arm and laksh admiring her.

so done guys. uff… i am really thank full to all of you for you your love towards me. but as i hav seen the numbers of comments are decreasing from episode to episode. i think you all finding it not interesting. tell me if so. i will quickly wrap it up i dont want u people to get bored. sorry for not meeting your expectations. SORRY
and sorry for but i cannot reply to people individually as i am really busy. i really want thank u people from the bottom of my heart. thank you all for your patience

percap: continuation of laksh’s story. till then bless me and miss me. love you all, TC

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