Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-2

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Part-2 – ladoo’s family

ladoo get up…. hey bagvan what to do with this girl……….
ladoo u r getting late for college, did u forgot u said have palace-ment today…..
dadi’s voice disturbed rags sleep…..
she replayed in her sleepy tone that is placement dadima ………..
but then she realised and got up with a jerk
rags:hey shiv ji its already 6.45 i should reach there by 8 . oh god dadima cant u wake me up little early…..she said rushing to the washroom
dadi: what din’t i wake u up ladoo i am shouting from 1 hr and u r saying that i dint wake u up…….
janki your see what ur daughter is saying…….
said dadi waking to the kitchen where janki was preparing breakfast.
janki: maa you know her na… sleep is her only week point.
dadi : haa, i dont know what will she do after getting married.i think her husband only should wake her up hey bagwaaan……
by the way where is kailash
janki: ma he is getting ready even he got up late.
dadi: like father like daughter….hmm what r u doing for breakfast
janki: your laodd’s fav alo paratha
dadi; hmmm
kailash: what is this ma morning only u started ur lectures for me and my ladoo
he said in a complaining tone
dadi: then what r u expecting me to do, to do ur aarthi. are learn to handle ur responsibility ur laado is no more a kid so that she can do what ever she wants to. at her age i already gave birth to u. and u r still pampering her like a kid. i am telling u kailash dont pamper her soo much then what wil she do in her inlaws…..said dadi in worrying tone.
kailash: dont worry ma…he was trailed off by another voice. his father,what do u think that the only daughter of kailash gadodia and janki gadodia, and the only grand daughter of parvathi gadodia and deendayal gadodia will get married to any ordinary guy, no ways i will bring her prince who will treat my ladoo as queen.hey na kailash said Dada ji supporting his son.
kai: are why not papa ji after all she is the apple of our eyes.
while they were discussing this there came ragini hurriedly rushing to her college bye ma,………
but she was trailed of by her dadi
dadi: are what bye i am not allowing u to even step out of the house without eating
ye lo ur mom has made ur fav she said while making the small chunks of parathas and feeding her
rag: nahi dadi i am getting late….
said ragini only to get glares from her dadi.
then she ate quitly while dadi feeded her lovingly. this was watched by dadaji and kailash who gave a teasing smile
later when she was about to leave again janki stopped her and made her eat dahi sahkkar. everybody wished her good luck while she waved them
bye smilingly and left for her college in her scooty.
as soon as she left dadaji and kailash started teasing dadi
dadaji: kailash i herd some one was giving lecture not pamper ladoo
said dada ji in a teasing tone.
kai: haa papaji……..i think that i should search for a guy who not only wake up my ladoo in morning but also feed her with his own hands added kailash
janki: are to kya hua,then start search now only. but khabardhar meri maa ko teas kita tho
said janki looking at the duo they had no option but to keep quit.
dadi: thats like my daughter said dadi side hugging her and ha kailash if the guy dont know how to feed my laado then also dont worry i will teach him or better i will stay with ny laado.
all laughed they had a good family time and finished their breakfast
then kailash went his work, dadi and dadaji left for temple to pray to shiv ji that let their laado gets successful
while janki got indulged in her house hold work

at evening all were settled in the main hall to tea waiting for their ladoo to come
then comes our ragini with million doller smile on her face with sweet box in her hand jumping in exitement saying that she got selected
all selebrated her success and dispersed to their respective rooms to doze off but for our laado its time to share this with her love.
(the one for whome she is waiting for)
precap: ragini sharing her happiness with her love may be the intro of oue laado’s hero

well sorry fr those who waited for the entry of our hero but i don’t want to hurry i am waiting for the story to take the perfect shape
and then i will introduce our hero plz wait for an other part or two. till then plz bare with me
do you guys want it be a love triangle or only one hero. plz answer me through ur comments
some of u may feel this as a silly story but thanks all of u for ur patience to read my story.
love u all…………
take care and bye……………

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