Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-11

hii…back again. i know, i know, i am late but what to do i am struck with hell lot of works. end of semester you know. so i am really very busy. i cant be regular, but still i will try to upload as and when possible. so please bear with me. and thanks a ton for all your lovely response. since you all want me to continue i need some time to shape my story. so plz do support me.
now lets start……

recap: janki is dp’s sister, and their flashback. some family moments,laksh propose ragini and announcement of raglak engagement. complete and happy family.


After such a long day, which turned out to be the one of the most wonderful and luckiest day to the family, all dispersed to their rooms to sleep.
@arjali room
arjun’s happiness had no boundries.
arj: anju you know i am soooo happy. i got my family ma, papa, dadi,dadaji, mom(ap),dad(dp), lucky, my sister my rago, you, me, a completr family.finally my dream came true. then he looked at anjali, she had puppy face with pleading eyes.
arj : anju are you not happy?
anj : arjun plz for heaven’s sake, we all are happy but it looks like you you have gone crazy coz of happiness. you have said the same and i have listened to the same for almost 50 times. now i am very tired and i know you are also tired. lets sleep.
arj : oh! sorry. but you sleep, i will be back.
with this he turned to go but anjali held his hand.
anj: where are you going.

arj : i want to see laado and wish her good night.
anj: (almost shouting) NO..!!
arj : but why?
anj : wo.. i saw laksh going toward rago’s room, so dont disturb them.
arj : but……
anj : arjun for god’s sake lets sleep. ragini will be there with you forever. and you have your whole life to talk to her. to show her how much you care for her and what ever. for now lets sleep. now one more word and you will be out of room for one week. get me.

arjun gulped in fear listening to his wife’s threatening. he went to his side of bed and silently laid down. anjali smiled at him and switched off the light and laid down too. then dragged her closer into his embrace. and kissed her forehead wishing her good night.
arj : anju……
anj : hmm..
arj : now i can have peaceful nights you know
anj : looked at him. why so?
arj : coz your brother will not disturb me..
anj : hmm……….
they dozed off

@ragini’s room
laksh was standing out of her room, walking the length of the corridor
lak : are what kind of gf she is. today only i proposed her. and after that we dint even get a min to be with her alone. and she is sleeping peacefully spoiling my sleep. huh let me get in
he pushed the door and for his luck the door was open. he went in but dint find her. he was about to go to balcony but the door of washroom got open and ragini came out wearing orange top and black pant.ragini came to him.
lak : ragini how can you manage to look beautiful all the time. plz dont test my patience yaar.
ragini blushed to his comment.

rag : laksh, what are you doing here?
lak : wo i came to play tennis here.
rag : what??!!
lak : then what? what kind of quest is this, obviously i came to see you.
rag : but what if some body come here
lak : common ragu all are sleeping and more over our engagement is announced officially.
rag : but still.
lak : ok then come with me.
rag : where?
lak : just come.

laksh took her to teress. it was filled with moon light, complete silence and very peaceful atmosphere.
rag : was staring at the moon
lak : why are you silent. dont you speek to moon today.
rag : no today i want to speek to you. from now on i want to share my every emotion, every feeling, and every thing with you.
laksh smiled, back hugged her and kept his chin on her sholder. ragini shivered at his proximity. then he wishpered near her ears hushily
lak : and do you think i will give this rights to some body else?
rag : oh….so possessive
lak : obviously.
then were still in same positing just enjoying the moment.later
rag : laksh

lak : hmm…..
rag : can i ask you something?
lak : now you dont need permission for anything rago. you have the sole and complete rights on me and what ever is mine.
rag ; how do you know that i share my felings with moon? first how do you even know my family. coz as i hav seen it only you who is soo close to them after me.
laksh moved from there and sat on the swing. ragini came and sat next to him.
lak : rago i know your family past 4 and a half years.i…………..
he told every thing to her. how he saw her, how he fell for her, everything
ragini had no words to express. she just hugged him tight
rag : why laksh? why? she had tears in the eyes

laksh broke the hug, wiped her tears
lak : what happened ragini
rag : why do you love me soo much? i know i am not the most beautiful girl you have seen, or i am not so mahan. i just cant give you anything. i dont have anything special in me. then why do you love me so much.
lak : ragini, love does not need perfection. love does not see beauty, or what they hav or not. love just happens without any reason. and who said you cant give me anything, only you can give me what i want.
rag : what do you want?
lak : you. your love. and only for me.ONLY ME
rag : i love you laksh. I LOVE ONLY YOU.
lak : love you more.
then he hugged her tight, such that if he loosens his grip she may go away from him. ragini also hugged him on same passion. he then inhaled her scent to which she gasp. and clutch his shirt tightly. he smiles at her and place his lips on her neck sending cold shivers to her spines.he gave her wet kiss. he broke the hug cupped her face. ragini had her eyes closed. she just could not take it. it was the first time ever in her life, in his life.
rak : laksh….

she wispered. he knew she was not ready for these. he pecked her forehead and placed
her head on his chest. wrapped his arms around her. and closed his eyes. ragini felt very protective in his arms. she smiled with her eyes closed.

sorry friends i know its a small one and stupid. but i need some time. hope you under stand.

percap : a person is shown in some place. person – you belongs to me. i am coming back to you, my dear.

a girl is shown – i will not let you go away from me. you are mine. so who are they. whom are they talking about. what twists and turns they may bring.
so done with this small part. i am trying to bring in a twist. with two new entries. hope you like. till then bless me and miss me. and do drop your comments. TC, bye, love you all.

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