Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-10


hiii……..its me jaan back with another part. thank you all for your great support. i never thought that i too will write a ff and people will read my stupid story. but seriously you people made it true, see we reached 10th part of this story. thanks a lot. i dont till how long i can continue this story, but i hope you people will continue supporting me till the end. all this really means a lot to me. thank you all once again

recap: laksh confess that he loves ragini, dadi to support him. project completed and party at sanky’s house. ragini realises that she is in love with lakshya. lakshya is on cloud 9 knowing ragini loves him.

a new day, new hope, new feeling,new happiness, every thing is new. every morning we welcome a new day of our life, but we dont know what dose it has for us. for some it may bring new hope, happiness, success and for some it make their life worst. it brings some people close while it part others. but still we will welcome a new day with positivity. now lets see what this new day has brought for raglak
janki was doing arthi, kailash,dadaji,dadi were standing with thier eyes closed,praying. janki was done with aarthi, she turned to them giving them prasad, then laksh came there

lak: wow, what a perfect timing. great! now maa give me my part of prasad.
dadaji: bhukkad. first close your eyes, stand straight and pray to the god.
lak: cant i do that after eating prasad?
dadi: ji you keep quit. laksh beta first pray to god and eat prasad,shiv ji will make your wish will true.
lak: my paro’s wish is my command.
dadaji: stop calling her that.
ragini enters from back in red anarkali suit.
rag: looks like someone is jelous? ha..
dadaji: why wil i be jelous?
jan: but when did she said that, you are jelous papaji?
dadaji: wo….
dadi: now enough of this, laado come you too pray to shiv ji and have prasad.
she make her stand next to laksh, laksh look at her lovingly while she lower her gaze. they prey to god closing their eyes, janki smiles at them, while dadaji say to dadi
dadaji: wont they look good together. just like made for each other.
dadi smiles. kailash listen to this, then he too looks at them and smiles. then he thinks to talk to janki about this tonight.
after some time, all are having juice sitting in the living area of gm.
lak: i came to tell you to be ready by 4. i will come and pic you all.
kai; but the party starts at 8 right
lak: yes papa, but their is a small celebration within the family members before the party, since you are also my family, i want you all to be present.
jan: ok beta we wil come for sure.
lak: ok i am leaving now. there are hell lot work to do. see you all in evening
ragini was lost in her dream world, she was thinking how well laksh take care of her family.
dadi: chal laaod now go get ready.

mm was being decorated for the party
in arjali room
arj: anju i am tell u na, red looks good for party, wear this green at home and red at party.
anj: no arjun, red looks soo bright and attractive. it just drags every ones attention, i will feel uncomfortable.
arj: so what? you are the birth day girl, and you will be the center of attraction.
anj: but arjun…
arj: plz anju, i promise i wont let you feel uncomfortable. i will be with you always,plz
just then ap and dp enters
ap: anju its not good to deny him. he brought it for you with so much of love. plz were at least for him beta.
anj: ok
arjun happily hugs her
arj: thank you sweet heart.
dp: and anju how can you think only you will be the center of attraction when my purna will be there
ap blushes hearing this

ap: ji aap bhi na
arj: looks like someone is getting more romantic day by day.
dp: of course i wiil be. how can i not when i have a beautiful wife.
saying this he winks at ap. ap goes from there blushing while every one laughs

@GM evening
every one are ready and laksh is also there to take them, all are sitting on sofa and talking.
lak: paro how much time will your laado take to get ready yaar.
dadi: let her take her own time, after all she is meeting your family for the first time. she will have to look great.
jan: are my laado is looking like an angel.
every one turn and see ragini, they were awestruck

she was wearing dark purple colored party gown. with black borders and designs(sorry i am bad at this). she was wearing matching accessories with purple stones and white pearls combinations. laksh was mesmerised to see her.she came there. she felt laksh’s gaze on her and her cheeks turned red. kailash observes this. dadi saw laksh and to bring him back to earth
dadi: laksh i think we are getting late.

lak: (coming back to senses,slowly say to dadi)i think she is testing my patience, see how she is blushing, are i am falling in love with her again.
dadi: so shall we go(loudly)
dadi,dadaji, janki, kailah went in one car with driver. ragini and laksh were in other. all thanks to dadi and dadaji.
in car laksh was staring at ragini more than concentrating on the road. ragini felt uncomfortable in that thick silence. so to break that she turned on fm. but to her luck it palyed a romantic number so she changed the station but it played again romantic number. she felt so embarassed and she turned it off. laksh laughed out loud.

they reached mm
raglak along with gadodias enter the mansion but janki felt a strange feeling. they were decending. preparations were on full swing. ap was instructing the workers while she was carrying flowers for decorating the entrance. but as soon as she saw raglak entering together she gave her best ever smile. but, as she saw the people behind them flowers in her hand fell down gathering everybody’s attention towards her. her eyes formed layers of tears. she turned behind to see her husband, durga prasad maheshwari, who had tears flowing continuesly. ‘jaanu’ he gasped. raglak and arjali looked at them confused. janki could not hold it more, she ran to dp and hugged him tight. he to held her tight in the brotherly hug. ‘bhiyya’ cried janki seeing his brother after 23 years.(you guys guessed it right janki is dp’s sister).dp closed his eyes letting his tears flow in happiness. he heard his dearest, lovely sister calling him bhiyya after so many years.

janki you forgot me, complained ap, babhi said janki hugging ap. all gadodias came down to the living area. dp hugged kailsh and wispered sorry. kai: do you think this is needed anymore. lets start afresh.
dp came to janki held her hand in his one hand and cupped her cheeks in other. both smiled through tears.
dp: why did you leave me jaanu? do you know how much i searched you in entire kolkata. i just could not stay there without you then i came to delhi. i know i was angry on you but why did you leave me.
jan: you were the one who told me to go out of your life. she complained
dp: i said and you left? wasnt that your responsibility to convince me. how could you think that i can leave without you.
ap: only i know, how you brother regretted for sending you out, how he spent sleepless nights , how he was carving just to get one glimpse of you.
jan : sorry bhiyya
kai : even your sister was not less dp. from the day she got to know you are in delhi till today she is searching for you. see finally she succeeded.
dp: now i will never let you go away from me even for a min.
arjun interrupted their conversation,
arj: can any one tell me what is happening here. how janki maa knows you?
anj: are bhuddu have some sence, she is calling dad as baiyya so she is his sister you fool.
arjun make a innocent face everbody laugh at him.
kai: purna wont you introduce your family?
ap : kyu nahi bhai sab.
she came towards arjali and hug them both side wise and tell ‘this is my daughter mrs.anjali arjun mehra and this is my pyaare damad mr.arjun mehra.janki looks at dp, he smiles at her. then she came to laksh and ragini and side hugged them as she did for arjali and said ‘this is my son mr. lakshya maheshwari and this is my hone wali bahu to be mrs. ragini lakshya maheshwari.
all of them simled wide but our raglak opened their eyes wide in shock as she announces officially ragini as her to be dil.
then kailash came towards janki and wispered see both our wishes came true. then he said to all

kai: so let me introduce my family, he held janki by her sholders and said she s my lovely wife mrs.janki kailash gadodia. dp’s eyes filled to hear that. he came to his parents and said they are my parents mr and mrs deandayal gadodia. and then came to raglak and said she is my princess ms. ragini kailash gadodia and to be mrs. ragini lakshya maheshwari and my damad, sorry! to be damad mr. lakshya maheshwari.
ragini could not take this sudden shock her knees fell week she was about to slip but laksh held her.
rag : dadi i think you are right i sleep too much. see i am dreaming with my eyes open
laksh pinch her hand, she shouts while he winks at her and say see its not dream. ragini pouts at him while everybody laughs.
then anjili asks janki,

anj: janki maa if you are my bua then why did you stay away from us
kai: because of me
every body looks at him
kai: i and dp were friends, i used to share every single thing with him, it was his marriage day with purna. it was the first time i saw janki there. though i visited his house many times, i knew he has a sister whose marriage is fixed with mr. mehra, i did not know it was janki.i fell for her at first site and so dose she. but when i proposed her she rejected me for her brothers sake, coz he was the one who fixed her marriage. only then i got to know that she was dp’s sister. i did’nt wanted to loose dp’s friendship. so i tried to move on. dp treat me as his own family and purna treats me as brother. every thing was fine we tried to move on. but once janki’s engagement was fixed i could not take it. i was shattered to see my love becoming someone else’s. i went away from there. cried my heart out in front of god in near by temple. same was with janki. even she came to same temple and saw me there. it was her engagement tonight, in the fear of loosing our love we took a drastic step. we got married in that temple and went home. dp could not take it. and …. his voice fumbled while crying. then dp took over

dp : i could not take it that my best friend cheated me, and my jaanu got married without me. when she asked me in every single decision, every small decision she took. even to select the cloths, earings, college every thing but she did not even informed me in such a big decision of her life, big decision of my life. i just could not take it. i threw her out of my house. but i was angry then. then i searched for her in whole city, i didnt find her. i got to know that she left the city with her family. listening to this my father got heart attack, he passed away. then i left this city and went to bangalore, with mr. mehra i started a new business but soon i lost him too in an accident. then with purna, anjali, arjun i came to delhi. setteled here. he completed and everybody had tears in their eyes. so laksh thought to divert their attention and use the oppertunity too.

he went from there and came back with a bunch of red roses in his hand. every body looked at him suspetiously. he knelt down in front of his love lady to propose her.
laksh: ragini i fell for you, the first time i saw you. it was only you who made me feel what the true love is. i want to see your smiling face when i wake up and i want to have you in my embrace while i go to sleep. i want to be with you, hugging you when you stare at the moon at night. i want to hold your hand when you do aarthi to shivji. i want to be with you when you tease dadaji,

when you steel pakoda made by maa,i want to make you laugh with my silly jokes, i want to be lend you my shoulders for you when you cry,i want to be the reason for your blush, i want to make you eat with my own hands.i want to be with you in every thick and thin of your life, i want to have children with you, i want to grow old with you.i want to have you behind me in every success of mine. i want to protect you and love you all my life and even beyond that.will you give me a chance, will you be my better half. will you be mrs.ragini lakshya maheshwari.

everybody adores this lovely couple. ragini has no word how to express her happiness, she had tears in her eyes. she nods her head and accepts the roses.laksh gets up and hugged her and say
lak: and i promise you i will be the reason behind to ruin your lipstick not your mascara.
ragini hides her face in his chest shying. while all laughs. while dp says
dp: like father, like son. this results in another round of laughter.
dadaji: at least now he will be away from my wife.
lak: what dadaji how can i be away from my paro. and he hugs dadi.
dadaji: hey dont call her that. she is my paro not yours.
every body says in union oo ho!…….and laugh

anjali: ok enough of all this now. its my birthday today and my poor cake is waiting for me she said pouting.
arjun : come on everybody lets go cut the cake.
every body had a great family time and lots and lots of fun. the party also went great. dp officially announces raglak engagement. after a week.

once the party was over gadodias were all set to leave, to go back to GH.
but dp hugged janki and said
dp: no you cant take her away from me again. i wont let her go.
jan: but bhiyya…..
ap: no buts and ifs. you will stay here and thats final.
kai: but i cannot live with out my wife.
dada,dadi: and without our daughter.
ap: so who told you to go, same applies for you. you all wil stay here. as one family.
kai: but how can i stay here? this is my wife’s maika, my daughter’s to be inlaw.
arj: papa you treat me as your son right? then cant you stay with your son. i too want to stay with my maa, papa,dadaji,dadi and my sister my ragu. plz dont snatch this family from me. plz.
janki went to him caressed his cheeks and said
jan: ok beta from today i will stay with my son.
ragini jumped in happiness and hugged arjun.
rag: do you know how much happy i am to have in my life bhiyya
arj: with tears in his eyes, plz can you call that once again
rag: bhiyya..
they both share a brotherly hug.

huh done with todays part. i know it was emotional part today.sorry if it was boring or not upto expectations.

precap : raglak on teress alone!!… till then bless me and miss me. bye love you all.
and plz do drop your comments.if you want me to continue or end it here.with them as a happy family

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