Pyaar-the feeling of love(swaragini) part-1

Hi everyone………
i am Jaan, i am new here
hoping that you people will accept me i am writing a fanfic
i was a silent reader till now,reading all your wonder full FFs
now i am trying one on my own
plz support me and plz plz forgive my errors
and let me clear this that the main female lead will be ragini and i wil leave it to you people to choose the male lead
so the character sketch wil be given in next part

Her P.O.V
like other girls even i am waiting for the love of my life, my prince charming. well i know that i am not that beautiful but i am not that bad too
i am not perfect like they show in a tv serials adarsh bahu. i am not the one who always sacrifise things for others happyness but i am not selfish either. i live in my own dream world. on a whole i am not a cindrella but he is my prince charming. but dont know who is he and i still wait for him every day, every minit. i am not saying that he must be perfect gentlemen but he should be perfect for me. just like they say love does not need perfection. i dont know what my destiny has planned for me but i hope that shiv ji will always do the best for me, coz i trust him more than anything and i am sure that he will make me meet my love of my life…………….let me hope for the best.
well let me sleep now else dadi ma will screw me up if i dont get up early in the morning.
good night my love waiting for u

her thoughts were disterbed by a voice
dadi: Laado are u still awake(angrily)
rag: no dadima i am sleeping now. dont worry i wil get up early in morning. good night
she switch off the lights……….
lets see will the new day brings her close to her love
well who could be the one whome shiv ji has planned for this lovely innocent dreamy girl.

so….. how was this. let me know through your comments
sorry guys i cant be regular but i will try my best to upload ONLY if u guys like


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.