Pyaar-the feeling of love (Swaragini) part-3

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recap: ragini’s family, she gets job and her family celebrate her success…….

at ragini’s room
it was a small room which was painted in violet color, with a big photo of hung on the wall,while on other side there was a fimily photo with ragini was sitting on sofa in middle of her grand parents side hugging her dadima while janki was sitting next dadaji side hugging him and kailash was sitting on the floor pouting as he was left alone. a perfect family pic which showed their bonding……
she was in her night suit, a black pant and pink color top, with her hairs left open on one side of her sholder. standing near the window of her room looking at the moon, which was glowing as if even he was selebrating her success. well ragini was very happy for two reasons well one we know for getting job what can be the other reason…..lets here it from her
rag: today i am soooo happy, i got job so i am happy but do you know why i am sooo happy this is my another step close to my love,i can feel it she said looking at the moon with wide grin on her face which only increased her beauty. she continued

rag: you may think i am fool to tell such things to you about my love whom i don’t even know but you will have to agree that i din’t wasted my time in some stupid thing,waiting for unknown person once i get him she said dreamingly and i sure you will be jelous of him.
she went to bed after standing there for some time dreaming about her love and giving him a flying kiss as she usually dose.
but but but these things were watched by a pair of eyes well it was not her dadima this time…………..but a person standing out side her window clicking her pics without her knowledge. that was him…………..

person with long and perfect physic for which every girl would fall for,the moon light made him look more handsome and those black orbs which had magnet in them but to his fate they were always attracted towards the deep brown beautiful orbs which were none other than ragini’s. he had a smile or rather smirk suits perfect, yes the smirk of achieving some kind of success.wait… the success was of our ladoo’s but why is he smirking………
him:you are right dear, you have taken a step ahead towards your love. or rather you are just a step away from your love. don’t worry now its my turn take a step towards you and make you mrs Ragini lakshya maheshwari. i was just waiting for u to complete your studies. coz i know it was ur papa’s dream and i also know the importance of each and every person in ur life after all we are sole mates you know…….

he said and drove to his home smiling all the way thinking about his love,his ragini
he reached a big mansion,it was maheshwari mansion
as soon as he reached he slowly got down and went to main door got in closed the door without making noise and grinned widely as if a kid has completed his homework. but to his surprise sry sry shock, a hand came from left hand held his left ear and another hand from right held his right ear. he put both his hands on his mouth not to shout.
lak: di jiju, wo i did’nt went to see ragini.he said making puppy eyes.
di: for heaven sake lucky we know where wil you go every day at this time. you know ma came searching for u to give u milk as u dint had ur dinner properly.but i and ur jiju some hoe managed her saying that u went to night walk with ur jiju and poor him he almost got his breath struck when he was almost got caught hiding in wardrobe.
lakshya who was laughing holding is stomach trying to control his laugh after getting death glares from his jiju
jiju: stop it u idiot, i told u right she got appointed in our company M&M technical solutions. i was the one who selected her. you could hav seen her in office tomorrow but no u are always behind my peace full sleeps to meet ur love. he said with fake anger and complaining tone which now made his wife laugh . stop it anjali he said a bit irritated
anju: ok Mr. Arjun mehra she said in a typical police style.
then continued her laughing saying lucky u should hav seen his face. then all three burst into laughter
hearing to their laughing their mom came out , she came to them and said
mom: are what happened why are u guys laughing this much
all three of them stammered to answer her

lak: ma wo wo ….then he see some thing and burst out into laughter again while all three gets confused.
then he points towards kitchen and laughed more anju and arjun also joined him while leaving his mom shocked.
mom:ji what is this………she said covering her mouth with her hand then she also burst into laughter
arjun: papa this is really way too funny the great business man,the owner of M&M group of companies, Mr. durgaprasad maheshwari stealing ice cream from his own house hahaha………..
dp: nahi annapurna i…..i just came to drink water
this made them laugh even more
ap: first clean ur face properly then think of lying
dp: what where………mmmm purna wo wo i……i just ate one bowl then i herd them laughing and i came back he said with puppy eyes which made them say awww……so sweet….
dp: to divert the topic purna u forgot i hav meeting tomorrow, so lets go and sleep
dp and ap left t sleep so dose arjun and anjali
leaving lakshya to travel to his dream land…………
he went to his room and started thinking about his love storry

Precap: Lakshya Maheshwari’s LOVE story

so done with hero’s entry sorry to make u guys wait
it will be a raglak story
sorry to ragsan fans i wil come up with another ff after this which will be of ragsan, only if guys want me to
i am quit free till monday so i thought of updating it
i will try to update tomorrow as well
till then bless me and miss me
bye bye, love you guys…………..

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