Pyaar-the feeling of love (swaragini) part-14

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My possessive wife : intro-prologue

Link to the previous part:part-13
Recap: shopping, mehendi and sangeeth.
Part: 14
[Note: I know many of you will not read it, if I write it at the end. So I included it here. LOL. (sorry if it sounds rude)
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Swara and the boys enter the hall
Ap : swara I told you to bring only lakshya.
Arj : mom its not fair, how can you allow only lucky?
San : plz aunty, any how the function almost got over, plz plz plzzzzzzzz
Ap: ok. Get in.
They went in. ragini was sitting on a special chair. She was surrounded by Swara, Anjali, riya and her other friends. Lakshya was sitting holding her both hands, he was also surrounded by Arjun, sanskar, ayush .
San: lucky common yaar. How much time will you take?
Lak : yaar, I’m not understanding anything. These designs are are looking like map to some treasure.
Riya: so I think you don’t love ragoo
Lak : WHAT!!!!
Riya: ha. Its said that if you are not able to find your name then your love is fake
Ayu : oh hello! Cut the crap. We all know lucky loves ragoo
Boys in union : ha
Lak :I got it!!!
Swa: really, show me
Lakshya shows her and wins
Lak : so madam what were you saying? Ha?
Riya: so what? If I dint say like that, you would have took ages to find. So you should thank me.
All boys glare at her, while all girls chuckle.
Ap: OK OK now its enough. Lets have dinner and sleep we should get up early.
All disperse except ragini, lakshya, Arjun,Anjali,swara, sanskar,riya, aayush
Arj : anju why dint you apply mehendi on your hand?
Anj : I should feed ragini and others na, if I also apply mehendi how will all have their dinner? So I will apply after dinner
San : its ok di. you apply mahendi now only, we will feed you all.
Anj : sounds good
Anj : ok
Designer starts applying mehendi on anjali’s hand
All boys came with food plate. Arjun starts feeding Anjali, sanky starts feeding swara, lakshya starts feeding ragini. But riya was looking at them with a pout on her face.
Ayu : uhm uhm.(faking a caugh) can I feed you
Riya smiles and nods.
Ayu: by the way, I did not know that chasmish can also look this beautiful.
Riya opened her mouth to say something but aayush stuffed her mouth with food and chuckled, earning a glare from her.
All had their dinner nd were chitchatting, but suddenly the power went off. All were little panicked. Arjun and sanskar went to check where as lakshya and aayush went to bring candles.
Ragini felt somebody hugging her from back, she thought it to be lakshya but she uncomfortable so she broke the hug.
Rag : lakshya what are you doing
After few seconds felt a small peck on her cheeks and a chit on her hand. By that time lakshya and aayush came back with candles. Ragini was confused. She thought to ask lakshya ask later. Then power came back. Again all got busy.
After some time, all guests were gone, elders were in their rooms and youngsters were sitting in garden playing truth or dare. All were enjoying a lot except ragini. She felt somebody’s stare on her and was feeling uncomfortable and was confused about the recent incidents. She looked at chit
‘you are looking like an angel. You are only mine beautiful’
She was confused. why would lakshya do that, coz lakshya will tell her directly writing chits and letters were not his cup of tea. Her trance was broken when she hard all of them shouting
Yeah!! Sanky, its your turn.
Arj : truth or dare?
San : truth
Arj : so sanky, at this particular moment what are you feeling?
San : I am feeling like I am dreaming!!!!
All: what!!???
San : haa. Coz in reality lovers will face many problems. Like see how Arjun bhai struggled to make anju di accept her love for him. How much me and shona struggled make our parents agree for our relationship. But in case of lakshya, its just going like a fairy tale. Like he loved ragini, she too accepted his love and their families too!!! And he just proposed her like very few days ago and tomorrow they are getting married. Its just like I am dreaming all these.
Suddenly he shouts ‘aahhh’. Yes somebody pinched him and somebody is none other than swara.
Swa: so now will you believe that you are not dreaming?
San : ha meri maa, leave me.
All burst out laughing whereas sanskar pouts.
Now it was aayush’s turn
San: so truth or dare?
Ayu: hmm, truth
Swa: what is this? All are choosing truth only, its boring.
San: let it be swara. Everybody are too tired to do some stunts.
Turning towards aayush
San : so ayu do………… someone.
Ayu: WHAT!!!!
Swara: chuckling, so ayu loes what. Hahahaha
San: ayu, it you who chose truth. so you need to say only truth.
Ayu: ok. Yes I do love someone
Anju: wow!! Who is she? how does she look? do we know her?common tell us
Ayu: hey that was not the part of the truth
Swa: so what? do you think we will leave you without knowing complete truth? Ha
Ayu: aah ok. Well I know her from like five years now. But I started feeling for her from about 7-8 months. I dint knew whether it was love or just attraction. But now I am sure its love. I just feel like I am the most luckiest person when she is with me. I just cant express it in words.
Swa: are its too serious. Ayu is deeeeply in love with someone. So ayu what’s her name
Ayu: but no use shona coz she belongs to someone now. I know she don’t love me.
San: ok but at least say her name.
Ayu: I cant reveal her name. but yeah her name starts from ‘R’.
San: its ok ayu. If she is in your fate you will definitely get her.
Ayu: hmmmmmmm.
Anju: ok guys its time. Common get going and have nice sleep. We all should wake up early. Its my brother’s marriage tomorrow!!! Good night everybody. Arjun lets go, I’m too tired.
Everybody wished goodnight to each other and left for their respective rooms.
Lakshya was thinking something. Like he was trying to figure out something. He was connecting the dots.
Lak: ayu know her from 5 years, ragini and ayu were in same college. He said that I stated feeling for her from about 7-8 months and that’s when we started working together. her name starts from ‘R’ and she belongs to someone now. Does he ment to say that he is in love with MY Ragini. NOOO I need to talk to ragini now. Its not like I am doubting her. I do trust her but I need to talk to her.
Lakshya went to ragini’s room. She was coming out of washroom after changing into night dress. And ofcourse she was stressed from the recent incidents during mehendi.
As soon as she saw him she ran and hugged him. Now he was more confused and concerned by her moves. He hugged her back
Lak: ragoo what happened baccha?
Rag: lakshya how was I looking in todays function.
Lak: you always look beautiful. But today you looked like an angel.
Rag: you could have told me that.
Lak: by breaking the hug. ragoo I was so spell bound by your beauty that I was unable to take my eyes from you and words were not at all forming in my mind. Only I know how I controlled myself. So you are upset that I did not complement you?
She nodded in no
Rag: I am feeling like somebody is staking me. I am feeling somebody’s gaze on always, during function, when we were out in garden. Every time. I am just feeling uncomfortable.
Lak: ragoo its our marriage and you are the bride so its obvious that everyone will stare at you.
Rag: ha lakshya but… ok leave that. Now tell me why did you write me a chit?
Lak: what? Ragini you know me well writing letters and all are not my cup of tea. If I want to say anything I will tell you directly. After all you are my to be wife. Once its tomorrow you will be my legally wedded wife.
Rag: (now she was scared) la..lak..lakshya then who was that?
Lak: who was what ragini? Tell me correctly
Rag: lakshya when the power went off, th….then some…..somebody hugged me and gave me a ch….chit. and then ki..kissed my ch..cheeks.
Lak: what? And you are telling me now?
Rag: I thought it was you but I still had doubts so thought to ask you later.
She hugged him tightly
Rag: lakshya I’m scared. Who could do that? She started crying.
Lakshya was worried. He thought for a while and then said
Lak: its aayush
Rag: what (breaking the hug)
Lak: dint you heard what he said out there. Connect the dots ragini.
Rag: no lakshya. Aayush loves RIYA.
Lak: what!!!!
Precap: to be continued… till then miss me and bless me. And ha plz do drop your comments.

plz ignore my typos. sorry for being late. i was struck up with my exams and i also had some health issues. from now on i will try to be regular.

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