Pyaar-the feeling of love (swaragini) part-13


Jaan is back with another part.
i completed my 1st practicals and i had a gap for the next one. so i thought to give an update.

Really, thank you all sooooo much. i seriously did not expect that you people will like previous part. i am so glad for your positive response. thanks a ton for that.
by my pov i think no body is at fault. coz we just cant help, loving sombody is not a mistake. love just happens. it just cant be planned. same happened with aditi. but when we know its too late and that person belongs to someone else, we should back off. we may find it difficult, just like hell. but who knows, may be destiny may have some thing better than this for us. right???.
we must try to find some thing positive in every thing. even if its difficult, lets just give a try. there is nothing wrong in trying. thats my opinion. plz share yours too.

RECAP : Aditi’s entry. ragini consoling aditi. raglak engagement.


Next morning
all were very busy with wedding preparations, as they had less time.
all elders were looking after the arrangements at home and youngsters took the responsibility of shopping.
swasan, arjali, riya, aayush, raglak went to mall for shopping.

but our lucky was really disappointed, you know why? coz once after their marriage was fixed he did not even got a single minute to spend with ragini. when ever he tries to find some time to spend with her, some or the other will disturb them. poor him.
he thought that he may get some time in car. but to his misfortune there came riya. when he was about to sit next to ragini, rita came there
riya: lucky, oh! sorry sorry… jijaji…… you will have whole life to spend with her. but now let me spend some time with my besty. it has been so long we met each other. what say ragini?
rag : arey! is it a question to ask, you are always welcomed. lakshya you come with sanky in another car. come in riya.
laksh who was expecting ragini to support him was very much disappointed. looks like lucky’s luck did not work. so he came with swasan and ayu bearing their hell lot of teasing.

first they went to select shervani for laksh.
everybody were busy and confused what to select. laksh taking it as chance dragged ragini from there and went out of that shop.
rag : what is this lakshya? what will they think id they dont find us there.
lak : like seriously ragu? i am just trying to talk to you from yesterday, but you are soo busy that you cant make out some time for me?
rag : lakshya, we can spend time after marriage also. but now we have very less time. so we should not waste time. come lets go.
lak : no ways! i want to spend some time with you and thats it.
rag : crossing her arms near her chest. oh ok then
laksh’s face lit up hearing this. but he dint knew what would be coming next.
rag : i will tell bhaiyya to postpone the wedding. then we will have lot of time to spend with each other. we can get married after 4 years.
lak : what is this ragini you are wasting time standing here. come lats go. i need to select my dress. we have very less time.

ragini opened her mouth in ‘o’ and then gave him you-are-impossible look.
while going back they collided with some lady which turns out to be aditi.
rag : hi…
aditi : hi ragini. you here?
rag : wo our marriage is fixed. so we came for shopping.
aditi : wow thats a great news. congrats and wish you a very very happy married life in adv form my side.
rag : why are you not attending my wedding?
aditi : no……wo… wo… i have got some important work so i am going back to London. sorry.
rag : you cant lie to me. can you?
aditi lowered her head.

rag : dont worry i will not force you. i can understand. but next time you come to India, you have to meet me for sure. is that ok?
aditi : hugged her. thank you. and i will surely meet you next time i come here.
rag : but i want my wedding gift now.
aditi : sure, ok tell me what do you want?
rag : i want you to meet my bahiyya and sort out every thing. plz its good for all. i know he is holding himself responsible for your condition. plz do this for me.
arjun and anjali who came in search for raglak herd this.
anj : plz aditi.
she nodded and arjun, anjali and aditi went to cafeteria while raglak joinned others.

they were done with selecting for laksh and for all other men too. they were going towards the ladies section. then they saw arjali with aditi. they were coming back after sorting out their issues and consoling and apologizing to each other. now every thing were slowly falling to its place between the trio.
san : arey where you both and who is this? (except raglak and arjali no body knows about aditi)
arj : well she is my friend.
aditi smiled towards them. she hugged ragini and said
aditi : congrats once again. she broke the hug. shook hands with laksh and wished him too. and she left.
then they went to ladies section. to select dress for ragini and others.
after some time and with lot of confusion ragini selected one bridal lehenga and went towards trial room.laksh saw this and went there.
anj : ragu dont lock the door i will bring other lehengas also.
anjali left. ragini went inside and she was trying that dress. trying to tie her her blouse’s dori. laksh who was waiting thought this as right moment and was about to open the door but but but

just then anjali came with other dress and saw laksh
anj : lucky!!! laksh panicked and was trying to escape. but anjali held his ears.
anj : oh hello mr.romio just wait for some more time and then you can do what ever you want.
lak : ouch!!!! di……. its paining. leave me. ok i wil go. plz.
anjali left his ears and laksh just ran away from there as though he was held captive for years together. anjali was laughing seeing his antics.
rag : what happened babhi?
anj : nothing, you try these too and finalize. ok?
ragini nodded and went inside to try them.
after spending two and half hours in ladies show room, they were done with shopping and went back home.

mm was decorated beautifully. it was sangeeth and mehendi. and it was totally ladies function BOYS WERE NOT ALLOWED
hall of mm was like angel world, which was filled with beautiful ladies and pretty girls. musics were played but the hall was filled with the melodious voices of laughter which was more melodious that music. all the males were sent out of MM. but as usual laksh was trying to gain entry into mm but was unsuccessful. ayu, arjun and sanky were laughing on his condition. DP, kailash, dadaji went to invite guests.
ayu : lucky dont try too much. they wont let you in.
lak : shut up ayu. dont you want to see ladies function?
ayu : of course i want to, but how can go in they are not leaving us na.
lak : i have a plan.

san : what?
lak : arey dont you see in movies. we will get dressed like ladies and go.
he said with bright smile only to get death glares from them.
san : lucky i think you should watch less movies.
ayu : no you should watch movies properly. coz
arj : coz even in movies those who enter in as ladies also will get caught and will be in embarrassing situation.
san : they will get nice punishment also.
lak : with puppy face. sorry
arj : but i have a plan
lak : what?
arj: we can go to mine or laksh’s room through balcony and then we can see their function from upstairs.
all agreed and with lot of difficulty they climbed the pipe and reached arjun’s room. as they were going out, they saw anjali, swara and riya taking ragini down stairs.
all men were awestruck to see such beautiful ladies.
arj : woww…..!!!!
san : lucky i want to marry swara again with you and ragu…
ayu : i never knew that this chasmish can also look breath taking!!!(to riya)
laksh was not paying any heed towards then and was lost in ragini. he was walking towards her. sanky turned towards laksh to tell some thing and found him missing.
san : arjun where is lucky?

then they saw him going towards ragini and before anyone could see him they dragged him back. laksh came back to senses with this sudden jerk. he was blushing.
ayu : arey you will get us caught along with you. plz lucky.
lak : sorry.
all were enjoying the function singing and dancing while ragini was getting her mehendi done. after her all ladies one by one were getting their mehendi done with their hubby’s or love’s name written on it. well as the ladies were enjoying their time, our boys were enjoying watching the pretty ladies in the angel world.
ap : swara , go and call lakshya inside. its itme for rasam. he should find his name in laado’s mehendi.

swa : ji aunty.
all the boys panicked hearing this. and they rushed towards the balcony of arjun’s room. some how got down and rushed towards the garden area. swara who was searching them asked
swa : where were you all?
san : wo…wo…. leave that. why do you want to know. any how you will not let us inside na….
swa : you are so wiered sanky. ok laksh aunty is calling you.
lak : oh ok lets go.
ayu, san, arj : can we also come plzzzzzzzz……..
swa :she melted seeing their puppy face and said. ok anyhow the function has got almost over. i will tell aunty.
all of them inside. and all the boys acted just like they dont know anything.

PRECAP : some more fun and marriage.

till then miss me and bless me. love you all, TC. bye

thank you all for four positive response and support. plz i have a request. while commenting just mention the part, seen or a character which you liked the most. it will help me a lot to go on with my story. hope you will accept my request and hope i have not disappointed you all. thank you.

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