Pyaar the feeling of love (part-23)

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Now I have a question. Whose character you liked the most. I know many will say ragini or lakshya but apart from them mention any other character from the ff and plz do mention the reason too. Its just to know more how you people are taking this ff and to keep myself connected to you all. Me being an introvert don’t know how to start a conversation. So I am doing all these circus.

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Part: 23

Soon the party was over, everybody left to their respective places. All the while ragini tried to talk to riya but again all thanks to lakshya that she was not able to do so.
When they were in their room she tried to talk to him but hard luck she was not successful again. Why??? Because when she was about to talk to him, stupid phone of his disturbed them. And now she is waiting for him past half an hour, sitting inside their room. He is in balcony busy with his phone call. After a long tiring day our sleeping beauty was in full on sleepy mode, but talking to lakshya was as important as her sleep. So she was waiting. 45min passed but no sign of him ending his conversation. She fell asleep waiting for him on bed in sleeping position itself.
Arjun came to their room and saw her sleeping, he looked around to find lakshya and saw him in balcony. He was about to go to ragini. Just then lakshya came back by calling her name.
Lak: ragu…….
But stopped when Arjun signed him to keep quit. Arjun made her laydown properly and gave a look to lakshya.
Lak: jiju I will talk to you later. I need to go to office now. Plz take care of ragu. And plz don’t let her go out of the house. Till I’m back
Arj: but at this time……
He was cut off by lakshya
Lak: plz jiju it’s important.
Without waiting for his reply lakshya hurried out the room. Arjun sighed and covered ragini with quilt, he closed all the windows and balcony door. He gave a glance to her room as if checking everything once again and went to his own room, not before pecking her forehead and wishing her goodnight.
@Arjali ’s room
He walked into his room and found his wife sleeping. He went and stood near window thinking something deeply. But his trance was broken when he felt somebody’s hand around his torso. Obviously who else can it be? His lovely wife Anjali.
Arj: dint you sleep till now?
She nodded in no.
Anju: what’s wrong Arjun?
Arj: that’s what the problem is. I really don’t know what’s wrong. But I am damn sure that something is wrong. But what? And that stupid brother of yours is not telling me anything.
Anju: Arjun plz calm down first.
Arj: how can I anju? You know very well that what this family means to me and specially laado. You, laado and lucky are very special to me. Don’t you know that?
Anju: I know Arjun but…
Arj: you know anju, how lucky used share everything with me. Every tiny secret of his. May it be something silly or something serious he used to tell me every damn thing. He was and is more than just brother in law to me. But now he is keeping secrets form his jiju now. It really hurts. I think, now I am no more important to him.
Anju: Arjun, plz don’t say that. Even you know that what you are for lucky. He trust you more than anybody else. More than himself.
Arj: then why the hell he is not telling me anything. Past few days, there are lots of changes in his behavior. He is no more behaving like lucky but the business man lakshya Maheshwari. I really appreciate his growth in business but, he suddenly acting all rude and arrogant, like possessive lover, ruthless businessman. Its just not right. Something is bothering him, and he is just putting on a mask like he is very strong enough to fight it alone. But we know that, it is not our lucky. He will really fall week when it comes to the matter of his loved ones, specially laado. And he do something stupid for which he will regret later. He will just become impulsive. Even laado is worried for him and we all can see that. By all this changes I can just conclude one thing that its something relate to laado. And trust me anju, I will not be able to forgive myself if something happens to lucky or laado. I will fall down in my own eyes that I was not able to protect them.
Anju: plz Arjun don’t say that. You was, is and always will be the best husband, best brother, best son, best SIL, best BIL, a very good friend. And most importantly a very good human with golden heart. You just accepted janki ma and her family as your own. And ragu as you sister while you treat her more like a daughter. It really need a strong personality to accept some outsiders as our own people. Its you who took care of this family till lucky took up his responsibility. You are a successful business man. You could have felt jealous for lucky’s growth but you are happy for him and you are supporting him. that shows your love toward him. and you know lucky just worships you, You are his role model. And if he is not telling you anything that doesn’t mean that he no more cares for you. That means he is trying to fight himself and he needs some time. and I am sure lucky will tell you everything sooner or later. You just need to give him some space and trust him. let him handle the situation.
Arj: but anju, what that matter goes out of control.
Anju: don’t you trust lucky?
Arj: I completely trust him. but…
Anju: enough. As of now that is what needed. Just trust him and let him handle everything. For now let us sleep. Its been a really tiring day.
@2 am. Raglak room
Lakshya came to his room and saw his love sleeping peacefully. And that’s it all his tiredness was all gone. He quickly changed and slept taking her in his embrace.
Lak: everything will be fine soon. I won’t let you go away from me and its my promise. A husband’s promise to his wife. You are mine. Just mine
He pecked her forehead before calling it as night.
@somewhere dark place
A big portrait of ragini is hanged. Numerous photos of her were spread on the floor
Man: and I wont let you go away from me. You are mine. Just mine.
He slept with those photos of ragini. And there in the corner of the room was lakshya ’s photo, which was cross marked with red ink.
(don’t forget mystery man is still alive 😉
Lakshya was sleeping holding ragini in his embrace just like how a child holds his teddy bear. Ragini was adoring him till she remembers the she wanted to speak to lakshya. Then she thought not to disturb him and was about getup but was pulled by lakshya.
When she was about to move, he just felt like somebody was snatching her from him. so he just pulled her back and woke up with a jerk calling her name. which made her worried.
Lak: ragini…….
But then he got back his life as he saw her in his embrace. Without thinking twice he kissed her, as though he is confirming that she is still there with him.
Rag: lakshya are you ok?
Lak: ha wifey. What will happen to me?
Rag: no. why did woke up with a jerk and this
She said bending her head in shyness.
Lak: it was just a bad dream ragu. I just felt somebody is snatching you from me.
Suddenly her facial expression changed as she was worried. Lakshya sensed that and to change the topic he said.
Lak: and don’t need to take your permission to kiss you. Coz you are all mine. Mine to care, mine love, mine to possess. Just mine. And what you thought that you can just escape from me?
Ragini furrowed her brows. And asked being clueless.
Rag: what did I do?
Lak: don’t act so innocent. You missed me giving my good night kiss, so I took it now.
Rag: oh hello! It was you, who was busy with your phone, with your so called office work. I dint even know when you came back and slept.
Lak: ha I know. My sleeping beauty don’t know anything else than sleeping. Sleepyhead
Ragini was about say something but he dint allow her to say anything.
Lak: ok now give me my morning kiss.
Saying so he kissed her again. She tried to protest but later gave up. He nuzzled into her crook of her neck as soon as he broke the kiss. But their morning romance was disturbed by the door knock.
Lak: (making an irritated face) ragu I know, this is your bhaiyya only. Enemy of my romance.
Ragini giggled at his cute acts.
Lak: so you are finding it funny
She nodded her head in no, as she tries to control her laugh.
Lak: laugh as much as you want. I will see you later.
Saying this he went to open the door. He found janki instead of Arjun.
Jan: lakshya, beta are you both fine? You both dint came down till now so I thought check you both. Are you both fine?
Lakshya glanced at the clock and found it to be 11 in the morning. His eyes widened.
Lak: ha ma we are fine. I worked till late night so I was not able to wake up early. And you know about your daughter. Sleepyhead.
Jan: thank god. I was scared. Ok both get ready soon and come down for breakfast.
Lak: ok ma.
He went inside the room closing the door. It was unusual, by chance if they are late it was Arjun who used to wake them up. But today he dint turned up.
@living room
Ragini came down. everybody were sitting there and Arjun was all set to leave for office.
Dadi: laado, is this the time to wake up? You are married now and you have some responsibility beta. Its good that you are married to lakshya, what if you were married to somebody else how you would have maintained……
Before she could complete Anjali closed her mouth.
Anju: dadi, don’t even talk about ragu with somebody else. If lakshya hears you are so gone.
Dadi: removing her hands. Ha ha I know.
Arj: its ok dadi, she is our princess. She…
He was about to continue but stopped as he saw lakshya coming down. lakshya found it wired even though it went unnoticed by everybody else. Anjali knew why he was doing this so she kept quite. Lakshya came to Arjun and was about to speak to him but Arjun ignored him.
Lak: jiju….
Arj: anju get my bag. I getting late.
Saying this he went to ragini and kissed her forehead
Arj: she is my princess, there is no need for her to change. Bye ragu take care.
Anjali came with his bag accompanied him till main door. He took the bag and said.
Arj: I know anju, he is hurt. But I am hurt too. I need to know everything before its too late.
Anju: I understand and I am with you.
He looked at his family who were enjoying their family time with dada ji and lakshya ‘s nok-jok.
Arj: I cant let anybody snatch this happiness from me.
He kissed her cheeks and bid her good bye.

Precap : Arjun and Anjali ignoring lakshya. Lakshya to share his problem with them.

So this was it. Hope you all liked it. Plz ignore my mistakes. I know in this part there was no much interest given to raglak. But for the story to continue it is necessary. My other ff will be on hold for some time. don’t know till when. But I will try my best to come back with it soon. coz I am finding it difficult to handle two ff ‘s at a time in by busy schedule. And I don’t want to spoil my story line, hope you all support me with this. And plz suggest me some nick names for the new entry(female) in my other ff my possessive wife.
Don’t forget drop your comments. Miss me till I’m back. TC.

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