Pyaar the feeling of love (part-20)

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Sorry for the delay, but this is the first time I am writing such romantic part, so was tensed and confused. But to continue the story I have to write this. Sorry if it is bad.
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Part: 20
@MM evening
All gathered at the garden area as it was tea time. All were discussing something, just then lakshya and ragini joined them. And they stopped their discussions as soon as they saw them.
Lak: what’s the matter guys? Why you all stopped talking after seeing us
DP: nothing lakshya. We were simply gossiping that’s all.
Lakshya and ragini gave them doubtful look, but decided not to drag the matter.
Chandu(maid) brought tea and snacks and served them.
Dadi signaled dada ji to initiate the conversation. Dada ji cleared his throat to gather everybody’s attention
Dadu: laado……..its ok if you don’t want to go to Paris……..
DP: you can go to any place you want and, only if you want.
Lak: papa……
Rag: we will go papa
Lak: but ragu
Rag: lakshya I said we will go
Kai: so….where do you want to go?
Arj: laado, I have good plan. You dont want to go far, and also you both can enjoy.
Lak: ???????
Arj: farm house!!!!!
Rag: farm house?
Arg: yes. We have farmhouse at the out strike of delhi. Which papa gifted me and anju on our first anniversary.
Anju: wow Arjun, its really great. Ragu trust me its such a beautiful place, with out this traffic, pollution, workload, without any tension you can have a great time there. And trust me you will love that place.
Arj: you and lucky can go there and enjoy yourselves for a week. In case of any problem you can call me and we can reach there within 2 hours. If you are ok with it then I will arrange everything.
Rag: ok bahiyya. We will go , you can make arrangements
Anju: really ragini?
Rag: ha babhi, I want to move on from that incident.
Anju: (hugging her) you know ragu, I already made all arrangements, the only thing left is you need to pack your bags and start from here.
Ragu: so it was all preplanned
Lak: oh I see, is this what you people were discussing when we came here
All: yes
Jan: we knew lakshya will convince you, so we planned this.
Anju: arey what are you waiting for ragu? Come lets pack your bags, I will help you.
She dragged her along. While Arjun and lakshya moved behind them
Arj: anju, slowly. You were not this much excited even for our honeymoon.
Anjali glared at him and dragged ragini to her room along with her and started packing the bags.

After one hour everybody were near the car to sendoff raglak.
Arj: (in lakshya’s ear)by the way lucky, I said you can go for 1 week. But if you want you can extend your vacations, I will manage here.
Lak: thank you jiju.
Anju: what are you both discussing?
Arj: nothing I was just giving some tips for him
Anju: what tips?
Arj: arey you cant ask me that, did I ask you when you were giving tips to laado?
Anju: Arjun.
Every laughed out, while raglak and arjali were embarrassed.
Then raglak started their journey. Everybody bid them bye. The whole journey was silent, both dint spoke a word. Only some romantic numbers were playing, only to increase the awkwardness of the situation. Lakshya was happy and excited , ragini was happy but nervous.
They reached the farmhouse. The caretaker came and gave them the keys.
Care-taker: welcome sir. Arjun sir called me and informed everything.
Lakshya nodded
Caretaker: sir, Arjun sir have appointed two guards, they will be outside. And maid will be coming in the afternoon………
He informed every details and left from there.
They entered inside, it was big beautiful house, surrounded by greenery all around the house.
They proceeded towards their room, the house was cleaned and everything was perfectly arranged. As they entered their room they were shocked, surprised and happy to see the arrangements. Coz the room was decorated exactly in the same way how their room in MM was decorated on their wedding night. Same combination of red and white. Same curtains, ribbons, roses, candles, everything was same. Then they looked towards each other, resulting in the passionate eyelock. Eyelock which spoke many things which they were not saying aloud. Passion, love, desire for each other.
Everything. Their eyelock was broken by the ring of phone.

Lak: hello
Arj: so, sale sab did you like my surprise?
Lak: jiju I loved it. You are the best.
Arj: ok ok don’t butter me up. I am not going to disturb you anymore, just keep my sister happy.
Lak: thank you jiju.
Arj: enjoy both of you. Bye
Lak: bye
He looked towards ragini. She was still looking at the arrangements. He back hugged her. she jerked him and said looking around
Rag: wo, I need to get freshen.
Saying this she ran inside with her bag. Lakshya smiled at her, took his bag and went to another room.
After some time he came out wearing red tee shirt and black lower. He was going to their room, then he saw ragini going down. She was wearing red and black sari, with gold ornaments. She was looking breath taking.
Lak: ragu…
Rag: hmmm?
Lak: where are you going?
Rag: I am hungry, so going to prepare dinner.
Lak: no need
Rag: why? Are you not hungry?
Lak: I have ordered dinner from outside, it may come any time.
Just then they herd the door bell.

Lak: I think it came.
After dinned they were sitting in living room and watching tv. Ragini was watching the movie while lakshya was watching her.
Lak: ragu lets sleep na…
Rag: I don’t want to sleep today.
Lak:(with wide eyes) what???
Rag: ha. I want to see this movie. Its really nice. You go and sleep if you want.
Lak: oh. I thought something else.
Rag: what you thought?
Lak: you will come to know later.
Ragini dint understood what he said, so she continued watching the movie. Lakshya dragged her towards him, she fell on him such that they both are in sitting position only but ragini is leaning on to him with her back resting on his chest.
Lak: by the way, why are you wearing sari now?
Rag: babhi told me to wear.
Lak: oh, and what else did your babhi told you?
Ragini blushed remembering what and all she said.
Rag: why should I tell you?
Lak: (huskily)so you wont tell me?
Ragini shivered listening to his voice. She felt goosebumps. Lakshya removed her hairs to one side and traced her neck with his finger. Then he placed his lips there. Again sending shivers to her. ragini pushed him lightly and said getting up
Rag: I am sleepy, I am going to sleep.
Lakshya dragged her before she could move causing her to land on his lap. He embraced her in his arms and said while nuzzling his face in her neck
Lak; but you said you don’t want to sleep.
Rag: n…no. I will watch it some other time.
Lak: but still you cant sleep.
Rag: why?
Lak: you don’t know why?
Rag: (nodded in negative) ummhmm
He kissed her neck sensually and tightened his grip on her. while she gasped
Lak: don’t worry, I will teach you.
Saying this he kissed her again making her moan
Rag: lakshya……….
Lak: hmmm
rag: let me go
lak: no. not today.
Saying this he lifted her in his arms and went to their room. All the while they were staring into each other’s eyes. Once they were in their room he put her down and latched the door.
He tuned towards her, his eyes was filled with desire and passion. he stepped towards her. she gulped visibly by looking into his eyes, and stepped backwards. Until she hit the window. She tried to move but he locked her in between his arms.
Lak: hmmmm, tell me na ragu.
She looked down and stared at the ground. Her face was pink making her looking more beautiful. He lifted her face holding her chin.
Lak: don’t blush like this. I may not be able to control. First of all these decorations are making me go mad, and now you, I may………….
Ragini stopped him from saying further by keeping her hand on his mouth. He kissed her hand, took it in his hands
Both raglak are sitting on the bed. Ragini with her sari only, no ornaments. Whereas lakshya was only in his lower. Lakshya was about to unpin her sari but ragini held it and nodded in negative
Lak: ragini, its all right, its only me.
Saying this he leaned towards her and kissed her lips passionately, distracting her. in this process he unpinned her sari. He was kissing her neck sensually and madly making her moan his name loudly And the screen goes blur. They consummated their marriage.

Percap: don’t know…….till then miss me.

Sorry if it is not up to the expectations. But cant write more than this. I never thought I would be writing such things, Ahh I don’t know what to say. Love you all, take care.
And plz do comment, I took so much time to write. and this was the most difficult part to write. I was blank but managed to write something. So plz tell me how it is. Really hats off to all those who write romantic stories. I seriously don’t know how you people write so good.

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