Pyaar the feeling of love (part-19)

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Recap: after marriage rituals. Some family moments and arjun’s revenge game.

Part – 19
( Continuation from last seen )
Lak: WHAT???????????????
Arj: ha. As I said tit-for-tat. Laado do you have any problem dear?
Ragini went to him and sat beside him on bed side hugging him. And gave a teasing smile to lakshya.
Rag: no bhaiya. I have no problem. I will support you.
Arj: that’s like my sister.
Lakshya was speechless. He was out of words, he dint know what to do. Anjali sensed this and took a lead

Anju: Arjun are you out of your mind. For god’s sake, they are NEWLY MARRIED couple, plz give them their own space.
Arj: so what? they have their whole life to enjoy. Isn’t it lucky? Remember? This is your own dialog. You know laado your husband, he used to irritate me to hell when I and anju were newly married. Whenever we were alone, he used to become kabab me haddi. He even joined us in our honeymoon trip.
Ragini and Anjali burst out laughing. Lakshya made a puppy face. While Arjun gave a cocky smirk.

Lak: jiju, little did I know that you would take revenge like this, I would have never done all those. Not even in my worst night mares. I am soooo sorry. Now plz jiju give us some privacy. Plz…..
Arj: ok ok. Don’t make such innocent puppy face which don’t suit you.
He got up to, Anjali also followed him. he went little far but stopped and turned back calling ragini
Arj: laado……..
Anju: Arjun this is it. If you are not coming now, then forget about sleeping on bed. You will be sleeping on sofa for whole one month. And I am very much serious about it.
Arjun gulped and nodded in negative. He held Anjali’s hand and started going out of the room but they herd some noise from kitchen. and all looked at each other.
Anju: what was that?
Lak: lets see.
All moved towards the kitchen without making noise. On the way they observed all light lights were switched off. Even
the kitchen lights were off.
Arj: I think it’s some thief
Anju: or may…..may be ghost.
Hearing the word ghost ragini closed her eyes tightly and held onto lakshya’s hand tightly. Lakshya saw that and caressed her hand on his arms, assuring her he is with her.
Lak: di what nonsense are you taking. And jiju how can any thief enter inside when there is security.

Arj: then who can it be?
Lak: I think I know…………
Arj/anj/lak(together but slowly): papa/dad
Ragini looked on confused
Rag: but I myself gave him ice-cream in the evening.
Arj: common lets see
They all went to kitchen and switched on the lights. And they were right, it was dp
After some time ap woke up due to some noise and came outside and found janki who came to fill water. They looked at each other. Just then they herd the sound someone laughing. And they followed.

@ mm garden
Dp: lak slowly. If purna woke up then we are so gone.
Arj: dad when you are scared of her so much, then why do you do such things?
Dp: I am not scared of anyone. But you know having ice-cream in midnight have its own fun.
Ap: accha ji?????
DP: lucky you imitate her so well. But don’t try these tricks on me. I am not scared of her.
AP: Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari……..
Everybody gulped down and looked at her. they saw AP and janki standing there keeping their hands on their waist.
DP:P…..PUR…… purna………
AP: you are not scared of me right? Then why are you stammering?
DP: wo..wo……..
(I think today their luck is not on their side. Poor them……why? Read further)
Kai: ta-ta-da

Kailash came with another bowl of ice-cream to all of them. Bichara only then he noticed the two ladies standing there, as though they were ready to strangle him. he gulped and looked towards others as though asking to help him only to get death glares from them. He came out to check as he too herd the sound from kitchen. but they all end up in the garden enjoying their midnight treat.
Kai: jan……. janu.
Jan: kailash this was not expected by you.

Kai: janu. Plz believe me. It was not my idea. It… was DP’s. I swear.
Then the draggers of the ladies shifted to DP
AP: so………would you like to give the explanation durga Prasad ji? Dint you had your ice-cream in the evening?
Sensing the situation raglak and arjali decided to escape. Anjali took the tray kept there and ragini took the tray from kailash, and looked towards AP and janki
Anju/rag: we will keep it inside.
And without waiting for their reply they went inside. By this time Arjun and lakshya were thinking the ways to escape. Just then they herd ragini and Anjali calling them.
Anju: Arjun……
Rag: lakshya……………
They both looked at each other and gave a victorious grin and ran inside. Leaving their fathers with theirs mothers who were ready to eat them up. Dp and kailash were waiting for their turn as they thought that even their names would be called. But bad luck. They were struck

Arjun and lakshya ran inside and saw their wives standing near the stairs. They went to them and kissed their cheeks and chirped a thanks. Ragini and Anjali looked at each other embarrassed and then gave a glare to their husbands. But Arjun and lakshya looked at each other and turned back to their wives with a sheepy smile and said toghther.
Arj/lak: arey wife he to itna to chalta he.
Saying this they both picked up their wives in bridal style and wished good night to each other and went to their respective rooms.
Next morning
@ dining table
Anjal-arjun, ragini-lakshya came down for breakfast. They saw kailash and DP are eating bread making innocent faces, while dada, dadi, ap, janki are enjoying their punishment eating aaluparatha . Arjali and raglak came to them and wished them good morning.
Ap: so how was the ice-cream treat?
Nobody dared to speak.
Jan: yesterday you people managed to escape but not next time. From now onwards no ice-cream at night times. Did you all get thet?
They all nodded their heads.

Ap: now have your breakfasts and come to living room, we need to discuss something.
Saying this ap, janki left from there.
Seeing them going, they all sighed in relief
Lak: good morning paro.
Dadi: good morning lucky
Arj: wow great. Today dadu is not reacting.

Dadu: why would I react when I know she loves me more than anybody.
Lak: arey dadu common. We all know you love her and she loves you. No need to be jealous.
Arj: and you do all such silly things to get her attention.
Dadu: what ever
And he also goes from there.
Anju: dadi. You are really lucky. Look dadu is so possessive about you. I wonder what is your ex-boyfriend or someone comeback now.
Dadi widens her eyes in shock and then nods her head in disbelief and she too goes from there. While they laugh heartily.
Lak: arey what happened to you people?
Dp: coz of you people we are struck and now we should eat this bread while others are enjoying those delicious parathas.
Kai: laado, anju you could have called us also na, like you called these two.
Arj: ha so that all will be get caught together.
Dp: why not? When can eat ice-cream together then why not bread?
Lak: we will eat together, not those boring breads but these tasty parathas.
Kai: ha so that we get caught again.
Arj: oh common papa. In that case we will manage
Dp: like yesterday?
Lak/arj: exactly!!!
Later in living hall
Dadu: lakshya laado, we all know in which circumstances your marriage happened
Dadi: and all were tensed and worried about that. But now as everything is going good we have decided something
Arj: arey dadi. Do think this as any suspense movie. Tell us what the matter is.
DP: we have decided to send raglak to honeymoon to Paris.
Lak: REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

While lakshya was so excited about the news ragini was worried. Worried for them. In between so many people, friend and relatives that man kidnaped her. he could have done anything only if she was not saved at the nick of moment. Even he threatened her. “I will kill lakshya”. Shiver ran through her spines. No she cannot take risk. Even though everybody is saying that he is dead, even her mind is saying that he is no more. Somewhere in the corner of her heart, she feels he may comeback. He may try to harm them again. Those dark eyes and those threats and his dangerous voice is something which she cannot forget easily. At least not so soon. She was literally shivering.
Lakshya saw her and panicked.
Lak: ragini what happened? Are you alright?

He hugged her but she separated herself from him. she grabbed his collar.
Rag: no….no i……I don’t want to go anywhere. He…….he will come back. He will harm us. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose you lakshya. We are not going anywhere.
Saying this she ran to her room. Lakshya followed her.

@raglak room
Lakshya came to room closed the door. He saw her standing facing the window and crying. She was like a scared kitten. Lakshya knew how sensitive his girl was. This was something she never thought even in her worst night mare. But it happened in real. Somebody was obsessed with her and even kidnaped her on the very day of her marriage. This was not something which she can digest easily. Not even for him, but he should be strong and make her forget those horrible moments of their life. he should divert her and never let her think about those moments again.

Lak: ragini………..
Saying this he went to her. she hugged him as soon as she saw him
Rag: sorry lakshya. You were so excited. But I spoiled it all. Sorry.
She cried
Lak: sshhh…. Baccha don’t cry, plz.
Rag: I know lakshya, I know that he is dead. But somewhere I my heart I still feel that he may comeback. What is he again try to harm us, harm u. i…I ………
Lak: shhh. Ragini enough don’t cry. I know you are concerned about us. You are scared. I can understand.

He made her sit on bet and himself sat facing her. he held her shoulder in one hand and her cheek in other.
Lak: I know you are scared. But our love is not that weak baccha. Nobody can separate us. Remember dadi was saying that pairs are made in heaven. Even our pair was also made in heaven by your shivji himself. And now we are married, we are tied together in a knot forever. Till eternity. Don’t you believe shiv ji? Don’t you believe our love?
She nodded.

Lak: then you should move on. Forget those incidents. Be strong for me, for us, for our family. Even if he come back, I am there with you. I will protect you. We will fight together. True love never fails and ours is one. And that is why we are together today. And we will be together always.
Don’t let those memories effect out present and future. We will make new memories together so thet we can cherish them later. Just like dadu and paro. Hmmm. Now common give me your million dollar smile.
She smiled amid her tears
Lak: that’s like my girl
Rag: I’m sorry. I spoiled every thing
Lak: don’t be. I can understand.
Saying this he kissed her fore head. Then he sucked her tears. He looked into her eyes intensely. And leaned towards her capturing her lips into his. He kissed her passionately. She too responded back. After some time she tried to break the kiss, but he pulled he more closer. Later when he found that she was struggling to breath, he parted. Both were panting. She was not able to meet the intensity in his, so she hid her face in his chest and wrapped her arms around him. he too held her protectively in his embrace.

Recap: raglak honey moon. Till then miss me.

I know I am late again but my college has started and I am not getting time. I am trying to upload from past 4 days, but not possible. Sorry.
In the last part shrilatha asked who is playing arjin and Anjali. I really never thought but for you people to imagine, you can take rv and ishani from MATSH.
I thought of endinf this ff in2-3 parts , but nikky wants me to continue, and even I am finding less no of ffs on raglak and ragsan. So I thought of continuing it but I cant promise till 50 episodes. But I will try as far as possible.

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