Pyaar the feeling of love (part-18)

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It starts with ragini lighting the diyas at the home temple. She did aartih and distributed Prasad to all.
Ragini knows that all are worried for her, so for her family’s sake she is hiding her fear and presenting the fake smile. But they too are her family and they know her very well. So they are acting as though they don’t know anything and are trying to cheer her up.
Ap: ragu today is your first rasoi. Lets see can you impress us with your cooking.
Anju: ha ragu. By the way do you know cooking coz as far as I have seen you never cooked. Soooo?

Jan: arey anju, laado knows to cook but we never allowed her to cook that’s all.
Anju & ap: so lets see
Dp: arey purna you don’t worry, my ragu is all rounder.
Dadi: ha ha you all can discuss later, laado lets go I will help you.
Lak: paro darling, I think its ragu’s first rasoi not yours. So let her cook na. by the way you are not spending time with me after my engagement. Not fair ha.
Dadaji came in between them and put his hand on dadi’s shoulder
Dada: lakshya beta I think you are talking to my wife. So call her dadi.
Lak: what dadu how many times should I tell you that she is my paro, my gf first and then dadi and all. So I will call her paro only. What say paro
Dadi: ha lucky.
Dadu: lucky?(surprised and shocked)
Dadi: when he can call me paro, cant I call him lucky?

Lak: by all means paro darling
Jan: these people will never stop. Chalo laado, its getting late lets go.

Janki and ragini goes to kitchen, janki helps her to take all necessary ingredients and walks out of the kitchen. She joins others in the garden area. They all have some happy moments by pulling each other’s leg. Having fun. Ragini see this from kitchen and feels blissed to have such a wonderful family. Suddenly there is some sound in kitchen which almost stopped her heartbeat. She closed her eyes tightly and said to herself.
Rag: no ragini he…… no more…..he is no more in my life. Ha. Plz shiv ji. Plz save me
By saying this she opened her one eye and turned around but she found no one, so she opened both her eyes and looked around only to find a cat going out from another window

Rag: phew. It just scared the hell out of me. Rago get started or else you will be able to make lunck not breakfast.
She gets busy in cooking and after good two hours she completed cooking.
Outside in garden
Lak: jiju when will she complete. Aah rats are running in my stomach.
Dp: oye bhukkad, don’t act as though you haven’t ate since ages.
Arj: what do you think, cooking is as simple as eating?
Dadu: have you ever tried cooking?

Kai: my laado is working so hard there and you are commenting on sitting here.
Lakshya was speechless. As though he lost words
Jan: arey arey, why are you people acting like this. 4 of you are attacking on this single bichara.
By that time ragini came and called everybody inside as all was ready.
All were at dining table. Ragini and Anjali server everybody. She made carrot halva, poori, chole and veg biriyani. All ate and ragini was waiting for their reaction.
Lak: wow I must say you are excellent cook ragini.
Dp: ha ragu food is too good.
Every praised her cooking and gave her gifts.
Arj: laado, anju you people to join us it late already. They too sit with everyone.
Ragini served herself and for Anjali. Ragini was about to eat but Anjali stopped her.
Anj: arey ragu stop. Lucky you feed her.

Lak: ok but why
Ap: arey its ritual.
Rag: ok we will do one thing today all husbands will feed their wives and all wives will feed their husbands.
Dadu: but this ritual is for newly wedded couple not for all
Lak: dadu, If you don’t want to feed my paro its ok I will feed her.
Dadu widened his eyes and before anyone could say anything he stuffed poori in dadi’s mouth. Every one burst out a laughter while dadi glared at dadu with mouth full of food.
Everybody completed their breakfast and had some family time. Whole day went like this with other rituals and family time. No body left ragini alone even for a single minute. After a tiring day everybody dispersed to their room at night to have the most necessary sleep.

In raglak room
Ragini came out of changing room after changing into her night cloths but she did not find lakshya there. She panicked a little but assured herself that everything is fine. She is about to go out to search him but saw something or rather someone in her room’s balcony, so she went there only to find lakshya sitting on swing chair and staring at the sky. She sighed in relief.
Rag: lakshya what are you doing here? You know how much I was worried?
Lak: (frowned his eyebrows) worried but why?
Ragini then realized what she blurted out. She mentally face palmed herself.
Rag: wo…..wo..i…..i…..
Lakshya knew that still she dint came out of that incident. He dragged her and made her sit on her lap. And embraced his arms around her. she felt secured in his arms and rested her head on his chest.
Lak: all is well dear. No need to worry. Remember I promised you that I will not let go nor I will not go away from you. Even if you want. Whatever may be the situation.
Rag: hmmm

Rag: what were you thinking?
Lak: about us
Rag: us?
Lak: ha. Remember how you used to talk to moon about your dream boy when you were in GH. How I used to watch you. You know how much I carved to sit like this, with you in my embrace. and watch the shining moon in the dark sky with my moon with me.
Saying this he kissed her cheeks. She closed her eyes feeling his touch. Every time he kiss her, she felt a new sensation in her whereas he felt a new desire in him. They sat like that with closed eyes enjoying the silence of night and cool breeze. Their moment was broken by the door knock.

Lakshya groaned which made ragini chuckle

Lak: what made you laugh now?
Rag: nothing. Go and see who is at the door
Lak: no let them stand there only or go away.
Rag: lakshya………
Lak: ok going.
Lakshya went uninterestedly and opened the door. He found Arjun grinning ear to ear and Anjali trying to drag him from there. Lakshya gave a confused look to him and asked him suspiciously
Lak: jiju what are you doing here at this time?
Arj: nothing. tit for tat. Settling the scores

Lak: (not understanding what he meant) what?
Arjun pushed him and walk inside and settled himself comfortable on sofa.
Arj: do you remember sale sab how you used to ruin my peaceful sleep, just to meet laado everyday.
Lak: (doubtfully) sooo?
Arj: so I am used to it. And I will stay here in your room till mid night. As I used to before.
Lakshya’s jaw dropped down in shock. Anjali palmed her forehead and ragini burst out laushing. While Arjun grinned ear to ear.

Precap: thief in mm’s kitchen. new entry to mm. till then miss me

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