Ney guys ..I am new here ……I am big fan of swasan …..I love them like hell … I thought to write their love story in my style .
So here is the chapter ,
Swara : tanu , tanu ..
Tanu comes running
Swara : what yaar always late .
Tanu : sry year ..teacher was putting blade in class …so ….
Swara : its OK ….so come let’s go home now ….
Tanu : but …
Swara : what ?
Tanu : why don’t we head to ice cream parlour .
Swara : sure .
Tanu : love u Swara .
They both hug …..
Swara : come let’s go …..
They enter the ice cream parlor .

@ice cream parlor
It was crowded but sat in a four seat table
Swatan takes seat and starts reading the menu card …
They start fighting ….

At that time …
Ragsan enters .
They look around …..they don’t find a seat .
But saw a two chairs vacant on swatan place …
They head towards them …
Swatan stops their fight .
Ragini : can we sit here ….hope u don’t mind
Swatan looks at each other .
Swara smiling : sure .
Tanu : no prob .
Ragini : thanks sanky come it …
Sanskar turns his face …
Swara gets memerised seeing him .
Sanskar also gets memerised .
Sanky sits opposite Swara .
Swara : tanu I will go and order .
Tanu nods
Sanskar : I will order and rags
Ragini : OK sweetheart .
Sanskar leaves .

Ragini : so u both r studying school
Tanu : yes di
Ragini : which standard
Tanu : 12th
Ragini : oh last year in school
Tanu smiles ..
Ragini : what’s ur name
Tanu : tanu singhania
Ragini : hers
Tanu : Swara kapoor .
Ragini : oh ! Wait is her mom name mishti kapoor and father name shekhar kapoor
Tanu : yes how do u know ?
Ragini : she is our professor .and her father is the chairman
Tanu : oh ! So u r from AIIMS
ragini : correct
Tanu : which year .?
Ragini : first year … was our first day .
Tanu : oh i ..see …can I ask u one thing …hope if u don’t mind
Ragini : sure
Tanu : is he ur boyfriend or …
Ragini : lover …we both love each other from childhood …….our parents knows it .
Tanu : oh how sweet ……
Ragini : ya indeed .
Tanu : nice talking with u di
Ragini : me too tanu

Swara : double choco chips , caramel and one regular of tanu (the ice cream parlor owner and them r very good friends as they often visit)
Staff : OK Swara ..
Swara : how much
Staff : Swara no formalitities
Swara : OK di but next time …
Staff : OK ….u wait there ..OK
Swara : OK .
Sanskar ; one double choco chips caramel ,and strawberry starta
Staff : oh sure sir ….here is ur bill ..
Sanskar pays the bill
Staff : plz wait there sir ..
Sanskar : OK
Swara was standing ..
Sanskar comes …..
Sanskar : hi
Swara : hi ….
Sanky : what’s ur name
Swara : Swara … Swara kapoor
Sanky : really ! Mishti mam daughter right
Swara : how do u know
Sanky : when I entered ..I saw ur both faces were same …and now ur surname ..I just guessed it .
Swara : oh ..that’s unique .so u r from AIIMS
Sanky : yes …..and ur father is the chairman right
Swara : correct Mr
Sanky : sanskar ..sanskar maheshwari
Swara : OK Mr sanskar maheshwari ….
Sanky : which class r u in ?
Swara : 12th
Sanky : last year of school life huh ?
Swara : ya …at last free ….
Sanky : I thought u r a bright student ….
Swara : indeed in pranks and fun …
Sanky : u r dramebazz ..
Swara : kind of ….mr attitude …
Sanky : y ..r u calling me like that ..
Swara : simply ..because u have attiduous smile ….
Sanky : good guess ….but mishti ma’am is an amazing teacher and u r her daughter
Swara : doesn’t sink right ? Listen Mr sanskar
Sanky : call me sanky
Swara : OK sanky …….it is not law that children should be like their parents … I think u got it …by the way I am not very dull student ..
I get 95%

Sanky : that’s great …..percentage …
Swara : I know sanky …..can I ask u one thing
Sanky : sure dramebazz
Swara : sanky !
Sanky : OK OK sry …Swara ask me
Swara : is she ur girlfriend or
Sanky : she is my lover ….
Swara gets sad ..don’t know y : does ur parents know this
Sanky : ya they know us …they even support us …..ha ha
Swara : nice ..I guess understanding parents
Sanky : indeed they r …
Swara changes the topic : which year
Sanky : first year …and today was our first day …
Swara : oh u r fresher
Sanky : ya …
Swara : good next year I will be in same collage …
Sanky : oh oh if dramebazz come …the collage will also turn
Swara : sanky !!!!!
Sanky holds his ears
Sanky : sorry mam ….
Swara laughs …
Sanky gets without his knowledge …..

Precap : swasan unusual meeting ……….raglak first meeting
Hope u all like this part…
Tell me should I continue or not …….
I am a very big fan of dolly ….this is an inspiration from will u be forever mine by dollly …..
That is and plz comment

Credit to: Riya

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