Pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff promo (ek duje ke vaaste)


Hello guys !!
Maria here……! 🙂 🙂
M here wid a promo…

M little bit fyn now 🙂
Thank u sooo sooo sooo much to all fr ur sweet wishes….. 🙂 🙂

So here is d promo…
Hope u lyk it….!

Shr is standing in his room after a convo with sumo…..
—he slams d door in anger—–
He says that u r wrong abt love….u r only disturbed wid ur parents separation……one day u will definately realize it….n I will wait fr that day…..
Ayesh Who is just standing outside listens all this….(she goes to Khush n tell her abt it)
K: really…
A: yes..!
K: that means there is still hope….

Preeti strts her drama according to plan….
When sumo reaches her home she finds tickets of paris “it’s a trip of whole family kartik n Priya r included”
—-sumo gets shocked after preeti tells her how she convinced them—-
Sumo cms to her room…..
(She is still thinking abt shr….his words)

(She opens it n takes out many pics of her n shr…..)
In one pic….they luked at EACHOTHR in funny expression….
(She laughs slightly)

S: I dont think I will be able to lose u… to hate u…..cause our bond is so strong we r besties……..

Sumo is packing her bags…..shr cms there…
He ask her abt nt telling him that she is going….
Bt she says it’s nt a big deal she is going only fr 1 month…n further she needs to spend smtym with her family…..
Shr ask…fr a chance of getting back her FRND…n sumo agrees fr the sake of their FRND ship….
Later he teases her n they both have a cut fight…

Both in mind:”Hah!! Finally got my bestie back after so much drama”

Acha guys I reconcile them I don’t want to make it a boring drama ! By showing their fight cause in serial they r already far frm EACHOTHR….

Sumo is in plane she luks outside d window…
—-she smiles remembering abt shr—–
Shr thinks: kitna ajeeb hai ye insaan kab phi acha kabhi angry young man bt finally have my bestie back…..
(She remembers everything)

Sumo is in paris wid family…..
All r enjoying…they also visit Eiffel Tower n click selfies there…

Sm boys strt teasing Priya bt kartik cms on tym n saves her…..

Sumo while walking busy on mob when she get a call of shr…
(He sends her smthing)
She gets shocked……
S: wat d…………..

So guys how was it plzz tell me…
Hahah so much suspense na???
Nandini dekho phir suspense 🙂 😀

I knw u all have Many ques………
Socho socho….. ;p ;p
N wait……
So much drama in paris …….
N more drama is on the way…..

Just posted a promo before posting my both 10 ep n 10 OS…….cause both r sooo especial fr me……
So r u excited fr 10 ep n OS…?

Till then by by….!
Love u all…!

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Wow wow maro its very nice kitna aacha and yup yeh tumhara suspense hmesha mar deta hai
    Rattoon ki neend udha deta hai
    Very bad
    Loved it
    Keep writing

    1. Marie

      Hello my dear….!!!
      How r u..??
      Yr missed u so much where were u..?
      Hehehe thank u
      Thank u so so much fr ur cmmnt yr….
      Haha ep Mai suspense Bhi khul Jana hai… 😉
      Love u dear…..

    2. Prettypreeti

      Di was busy in studying paper chal rhe the I miss u more then u missed me
      Now u r fine that’s gud
      Take care

      1. Marie

        Ooh acha…..I will pray fr ur best result….
        U too take care mt dear….
        Hahaha Maine us se Bhi ziada miss Kia… 😀

    3. Prettypreeti

      No maro I misz u much more

      1. Marie

        Hahahah I give up !!
        Tu jeeti Mai haari 😀
        Bt Han Maine Bhi kuch kam miss nai Kia toh ye Bilkul Bhi mat samajhna 😉
        Maine sirf apni choto si behen ki khushi ke liay give up Kia 🙂 🙂

    4. Prettypreeti

      Ty for giving up and I know u missed me a lot bye di gud night

      1. Marie

        Heheh gud gud 😉 😉 “happy frndship day” my love…!!

  2. Ufaaq

    Mario what the hell is this u should take rest and u r doing these thing posting promo epi os apna khayal tltakho r khud PR rahm khao love
    Suspense yo h I want it to end suspense but aft3 ur recovery don’t post until u say that u r completely fine otherwise I will beat u got that
    Pagal apna khayal nae h bilqul
    Promo was ammmaaazzIiinnnggg but still I shouldn’t write it till ur recovery
    Api is very very angry on love
    Take alot of care

    1. Marie

      Hahahaahah awwww di ……………u care toooo much…
      No worrie m fyn now….it’s a little bit flu….nothing more 😀
      Hehehe Ajao I want u to beat me…kyun ke us ke liay apko karachi aana pade ga 😀 Isi banane Mai apse mil Bhi loon gi… 😉 😉
      So I give u full permission to beat me… 😀 😀
      API…API api..! Hahahahah don’t get worry…..I m feeling so good to have such a sweet caring sis lyk u….haha plzz don’t get worry…
      Hawwwww API plz don’t get angry na…ary I can write….itni sahi hoon Mai abhi….
      Oky I won’t post nxt chappy until I get totally better….
      Ab Khush…??? Now smile plzz 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I will take care thanks a tone fr ur concern… 🙂
      Love u most most most…

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Yr very nice promo … wid full of suspence .. waitingggggggg eaaaaaaaaagerly .. can’t wait moreeee .. plzzzz update sooooooon ..
    Take care .

    1. Marie

      Hy Fatima…!!
      How r u dear..?
      Haha thank u sweeto…
      I will try to post ASAP 🙂 🙂
      Yes I will bt u tooo take care…
      Love ya…. 🙂

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    I guess ufaq di is right, so thanks a lot dear for posting it. And yes again suspense. I am excited for it. Pist tabhi karan when u feel good and better. Lots of love di. Take care. Excited for os as well.ughh. am excited!!!!

    1. Marie

      Hello my love…..okyyyy yr now I give up hahahahhah I will only post nxt part when I will get better now happy..??
      Well thank u so SO so much fr ur cmmnt dear… 🙂
      Haha Oky glad to knw dat u r also excited fr this…. 😉
      Love u soooooooooooo much my dear….
      Take care!

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Great???? love u too dear take care?

      2. Marie

        Love u 3,4,5,6,7,8,9……..infinite…. ;(

      3. Nandini aka Nandu

        Aww…. Even u r 18494752628292902 and infinite times sweet my dear. Love u too????take care.

      4. Marie

        Awww ty fr loving me this much u knw my love… 😉 😉
        Take care sweeto…..
        N happy friendship day sweetheart.. 😀

      5. Nandini aka Nandu

        Ofcourse I know how much u love me??????????? same to u dear happy friendships day dear. May allah bless u!???????

      6. Marie

        Awww my Nandu u r sooo sweet my love..!
        M soo soo sooo happy to have such a sweet sisoooo lyk u..!
        Btw Nandu u r frm india..?? N ur real name is nadini na..?? 😀

  5. Nikita

    Ye kya hota hai?
    Jao katti…
    I won’t talk to you!
    Aisa suspense kaun deta hai..
    But the promo was amazing…
    Accha okay fine, I forgive you….
    But ab, aapko ye episode jaldi post karna padega..
    Chalo bohot zyada padhane ke liye sorry..
    Okay bye..
    Par ab jaldi post karna..
    And most of all,
    Apna khayal rakhna..
    Okay bye
    Lots of love

    1. Marie

      Thank u
      Thank u
      Soooooooooooo much fr such an amzing cmmnt…
      Hahah okyyy I will try to post ASAP… 🙂 🙂
      Chalo thank u ji mujhe maaf Karne ke liay….
      Yr Kia karoon thoda suspense toh rakh a hi pade ga na 😀
      Haha okyyy dear I will take care oh mu self…
      Thanks fr caring….
      Love u soooo sooo much…
      Take care….
      Frm ur sis…

  6. Ruchi

    Hey My suspence Queen.…
    How r u??
    Missed u guys so much se bhi zyada…
    Sorry yr tumhare cmmnt ka rply nhi kr paayi…
    Actually phn doosra tha mere paas tab aur usme jo browser tha usse cmmnt post nhi ho rhe the…
    Full on suspence promo,
    waiting eagerly for the nxt epi nd the os also…
    take care… 🙂
    £ots of £ove
    Ruchi… 😉

    1. Marie

      Hyyyy my cutoooooo si di….
      M thoda thoda fyn……n app…???
      I toooooo miss u bht bht bht…………ziada…….!!!!!
      Ooohoooo no prob
      Now u cmmnted na….
      M super duper happy to c ur cmmnt di…
      How r studies going all well…???
      Hahah thank u di,,..
      I will try to post nxt chappy ASAP….. 🙂 🙂
      U toooo take care…
      Love u tooooooooo….!!!!!!!!

      1. Ruchi

        M also fine…
        Ahh studies… Left the institute as it was not good…
        Hw is studies going on??
        hey wese khushi kaha h aajkl?
        umm … Busy wid studies…??

      2. Marie

        Glad to knw dat u r fyn 🙂
        Ooohoooo left chalo no prob…… 🙂
        My studies r going well……..
        Hmm khushi….yeah she is very busy bcz of studies……
        She is missing everybody…..very badly…

  7. Haha..ya. U r full of suspense..
    Par mujhey lagta hai..shravan sumo ko ek selfie bheja hoga …jisey sumo samaj gayi he is in Paris…hahaha..??
    Funny Imagination na…?????
    I know..??
    Well..after all..shravu ka ek mahina kaisey katega sumo k bin..yaar☺☺☺

    1. Marie

      Heheh thanks
      Thanks a lot ji……Haah wat a tukka…..!! 😀 bt ye toh ep Mai hi pata chale ga ke hoa Kia hai…. 😉 😉
      Fr all dat u have to c upcoming ep…. 🙂
      Lots of luv……

  8. Amazing yaar

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot yr….

  9. marie di a superb promo no less than an epi. i cant imagine anything regarding d last por. post asap

    1. Marie

      Hello dear…!!
      How r u..??
      Well thank u so much fr ur cmmnt deotima 🙂 🙂
      Hahah no prob u will get to c in ep… 🙂
      I will try to post ASAP 🙂

  10. Hey maria baby
    Just read the last two parts and the p
    I would just say u rocked
    N phirse suspense
    U always get me into thinking yr…
    Hehe ?
    N ya obvio excited for the epi n ur OS
    Ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai????
    I kno both will be awesome
    Post soon
    N ya take care of urself n get completely well soon
    Love uh!?

    1. Marie

      Hello anamika di…!
      OMG soooooo happy to c ur cmmnt hah after a long tym…!!
      Well Meissen u so much se Bhi ziada… 😉
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Hahahahah so sorry fr putting u in suspense….bs khul jai ga ep Mai ye suspense Bhi 😉
      Hahah thank u so much fr ur excitement…. 😀
      Hah…yep I will take care….thanks fr caring di…
      I will try to post ASAP
      U too take care di..!
      Love u so much byyy

  11. Huh? phir se suspense, hamari mange puri karo, suspense rakhna band karo….( its Ishana style.. Are ishana frm ishqbazz) baise aaj main ishqbaaz nai dekh payi.. I was making pizza Na. Aur apke ff main der galti ho Gaya. Lekin promo kiu sidha epi de dete tym apkahi bachta. Mukhe baise nind ati nai lekin ab aur nahi ayegi…
    pyaar epi post kare binahi kabhi nahi sadness ?? – Neeti

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      U r so filmy neeti! Maine jitne bhi there comments late unme se mostly are filmy. Well, no offences dear. U r too cute lots of love???

      1. Marie

        Hhahahahah Nandu u said ri8 our chutkuuuuu si neeti is an emotional blackmailer also look I just posted my 10 part…..happy ho jao ab 😀

      2. Nandini aka Nandu

        She’s not chutkoo , our pagal gal is 13 only but pata nahi madam konsi class mai padti hain.??????

      3. Main bachpan se films and serials dekhkar bari Hui hu,itni to filmy hongi na…that too Hindi serials and films…
        I don’t like anything else…main cartoons bhi Hindi dekhti hoon…
        main class kabhi nahi bataongi?…
        aap guess karti raho..

    2. Marie

      HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH aawwwwww so SO so sorry yr…..!!!
      Haww no prob online dekhlena ishqbaaz hehe pizza mera pizza kahan hai…???? Mazak tha bhee mazak….
      Hmm yr ep thoda long hai Aaj hi finish Kia hai OS Bhi finish nai Kia tha… liay promo dena para.
      Hawwww chalo ek kaam karte hain Aj hi post kardeti hoon kaisa…???? 😀
      Ab toh smile karde meri pyaari si neeto….!!
      Love u my dear…!

      1. Sorry ha Maine aap ka rply parha nahi…
        main choti si hoon sirf 10years ki (mujhe aaj kaoya kate ga kiu ki,
        jhoot bole kaoya kate,kiuki main 13years ki hoon).
        AP idhar ake pizza kha jao,Maine cake bhi banaya hain woh bhi ake kha jao hahahaha??
        love you too meri teddy bear jaisi behen

  12. First of all get well soon girl ? This was so cute. Loved it. Do post soon. ?

    1. Oh by the way wanted to ask you:
      What’s your age? Where are you from?

      1. Marie

        Ann…. My dear…m 14 years old n frm pakistan
        Well where r u frm..??
        N how old r u…?
        N most of all what’s ur real name..??
        U can give me ans if u don’t mind 🙂 🙂

    2. Marie

      Thank u so much my dear……m quite fyn now…..thank u so much fr caring…. :). 🙂
      Aww thanks yr m glad u lyked it….hahahah I just posted my next part…. 😉 😉

      1. I’m Zainab and I didn’t mind that at all. I was using that name because of a dare ? I’m 17 and from Pakistan too. *high five* I was impressed by your story so asked your age. You’re amazing. ??
        Gonna write my name in the next comments from now on :p

      2. Marie

        Hain’…???? Reallyyyyy 😀 OMG OMG OMG…..!!!!
        Hahaha wow…high5..!! 😀
        Ab jaldi se batado konsi city ho yr….!!! Karachi Lahore Islamabad….????? Where where m despretlyyyyy waiting to knw….!!
        Wow 17 phir toh ap meri API hoi zainab API 😉 😉
        Hahaha okkkkk….!!
        Love u api…!!

  13. Ariana

    When am I getting the epi? U cannot make me wait long!!! Come on Maria post asap. I’m dying. nd abt the promo…………………..obv BRILLIANT!!!!! just like u.
    love u

    1. Marie

      Hhaha Ariana di…!!
      Ap samjhoooo ke bs apko mil hi Gaya cause I posted it …..!!!! 😀 😀
      Awww thank u soooo much fr ur amazing cmmnt di…!!!
      Love u so much…!
      N “happy frndship day.” 🙂 😉

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Are she’s also 14. Heehee

      2. Marie

        Wat Nandu…???? Really Ariana is 14…???????

      3. Ariana

        Jee Maria I’m also 14. I tried saying u but u were overpowered with ur “small sis” words so I thought u can live with some wrong concept for a while. Sry yaar

  14. Wow… what a lovely update…….. I am eagerly waiting for the next part….
    Please post soon…………….

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot kaya…m glad to c ur cmmnt….n I will be very glad to c ur cmmnt on nxt prt also…
      I’ve just posted it 🙂
      Lots of luv

  15. Sumo

    finally .. Shravan d dramebaaz… ?
    Paris trip wooah.. m so excited .. thank god dey r again besties… waiting for the post..??

    1. Marie

      Hahaha yes he is baad wala daramebaaaz
      Yes di I made them besties gain cause serial Mai toh ap ko pata hi hai……
      Yeah Gald to knw that u r excited….!
      I just posted it…. 🙂 🙂
      Enjoy… 😉

  16. Ruchi

    Happy friendship day to my swt si sis nd to all my awsum frnds… 🙂
    £ots nd £ots of Love <3

    1. Marie

      Hello my pyaari si Ruchi di…!!
      “Happy frndship day to u tooooooo ”
      Love u infinite…!!
      Maria….. ;(

  17. Ufaaq

    It rained yesterday I Karachi?¿?
    Oh so love enjoyed it????
    R han thk ho gae ho????
    Tabiyat Thk haina apki????
    Taking medicine??¿
    Apne phr chappy post or CIA????
    Mar se dar nae lagta????
    Gandi bache
    Take care
    Love u most se b mostest

    1. Marie

      Yes API…it rained yesterday in fact abhi Bhi thori thori ho rai hai…
      Hahahah yes enjoy kyun ke after a long tym it rained….
      Yes yes API…m fyn now bs little bit flu
      Other wise all okyyy 😀 😀
      “Happy frndship day api” 😉
      Hahah yepppp I posted…
      Mar se darrr nai Lagta sahab pyaar se Lagta hai….!! HAHAHAHAHAH
      Hehehehehehehe gande bachi.? Hahaha
      Awww API ap aajao karachi phir jitna marzi mar Lena..!
      Love u 12345678910…….infinityyyyyyyy 😀
      U tooo take care…
      May god bless u n always keeps u happy 🙂

      1. Ufaaq

        Happy friend ship day love

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