pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 4 ( ek duje ke vaaste)


Hy guys!! 😀
Maria here wid prt 4 of my ff……i m really thankful to all u commented on my ff
N guys guess wat 19 june 2016 I write m Frst ever ff…..n now it’s been 1 month…..n in dis one month I got a great supporting n helpful family lyk u …….thank u soo much fr supporting me guys….!!
Acha bhee is se pehle Mai sentii ho jao…let’s end amply bak bak….n strt…
Hope u lyk it….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Prev: shraman bet shr won n ask fr kiss…
————–PART 4—————-

Adish looks at shr n he them a wat?? Look n goes to his room…
Khush luks at adi in anger——

After 10 min:
—–khushi n adi goes to garden where sumo is sitting thinking abt bet——
Sumo to herself: how can they reconcile so soon yr……it’s Impossible….
Khush frm behind: evrything is possible dear…. 😉
Sumo: hey cm sit…. No yr I didn’t mean lyk that I really want dat u tooatch up but I bet wid shr….n now c I lose….uff I have to give him a kiss now….. 🙁
Khush: u don’t need to….. (Sumo luks at her in surprise) yes I want to tell u smthing…….shr cheated…. (Sumo is shocked) yes dear…he cheated infact he is d one who arranged a date fr us taake we toe get reconcile…..I was wondering dat shr can do dis much fr us….hahah now I knw the reason bet lagai thi usne….. 😀
Sumo in anger: thank u so much Khush dear….bt now u c kiss chahiay na is ko Mai Batai ho kiss kya hoti hai….. (She smirks)

Adish cms out inside frm garden……
Khush : ab shr ki khair nai…..she luks at adish…

10 min ago:
Khush n adi argues abt telling sumo truth…
Adi: nai yr u can’t do dis shr helped us….to reconcile…..
K: dats bczz he made a bet wid sumo yrr…..he did all dis to win d bet Dats all no ne cheated…,,I will tell her…..

Shr cms to sumo who is now standing near dining table cutting an apple…..
Shr: n let me kiss u (he sings a song fr one direction ‘kiss u”)
……Sumo is angry cause she knw dat he is singing just to remind her………
Shr cms to her n says:
Shr: haven’t u forgot anything..????
S nods no…n busy in cutting apple…she ignores him…
—–shr gets angry—–
Shr: we made a bet i won where is my price a kiss….?? Remember na??
S: yes bt i will not kiss u …..
Shr: excuse me can I knw d reason…??
S: cause u cheated….(shr seems shocked) hahaha I knw evrything just go away before I slap u…
Shr: oo hello just bczz I cheated dat doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a reward….
S:acha ji?????
Shr: he gives her example of student dat when they ask eaChOther in exams n gets position they get a reward (trophy also)…
S: oo hello poochna koi cheating nai hoti….
Shr: bs sb help koi nai meri nazar Mai hoti hai….
——shr also gives her so many examples n tricks her—–
Sumo WS confused n finally said: Han whoever cheats gets a reward fr sure……..
Shr screams: yes!!!!!!! 😀
S: kya????? (She realizes) no u cheated again no……I didn’t meant to say this
Shr: no no…no u said…..
S: shut up… (Shr glares at her) shr…..look yr I m yr bestie u r my besti……so best frnds don’t do dis na….I mean it’s fr adi-Khush n rohit-ayesh..cause they r in relation ship bt we..??
Shr: tumhe Sochna tha u though that I will lose?? Now wat u lose dear…..I just break ur ego dear ……..u should think dat anybody can win…no I did so much fr this bet…
Sumo: sorry na yr……..plz kuch or mangle….
—–shr looks on——

Precap: their will be a game (truth n dare) 😉 😉

(Guys thank u soooo soo much fr supporting me bcz of all u my sweet little family n silent reader who read my ff n support me silently I am able to complete one ff, some OS n reach here…..math I u soo much fr tolerating my bak bak ……n reading n loving my ff which is nt dat good as all urs….. Aftr becoming a part of d family I feel lyk I m comple….thank u thank u sooooo much !!……….lots of tight hugs n lots of kisses frm me to all…!!!! Muahhhhhhhhhh!!!)

So guys how WS d ep ????? 😀
If u lyk it itto sa Bhi then plzz cmmnt n silent readers (don’t stay silent) u tooo cmmnt I m waiting 😉
Wat do u think will shr chage his mind??
N r u exited fr truth dare game ?? Who luks this game?? Tell me via cmmnts…… 😀
Ok guy now tym to tell u all smthing their will be a major twist in upcoming ep……
N guys before posting nxt chappy I will post promo Frst fr details ok…….
So excited fr d promo??

Till then by by !! 🙂 🙂
LOVE U ALL…!! <3

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  1. WeirdSister

    Nice epi maria….post soon…waiting eagerly..

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot fr ur cmmnt weird sis…!! 😀

  2. Prettypreeti

    Maro truth and dare I m choosing dare just joking wow yaar kitna aacha epi tha maza as gya aise likhti rehna and yes to u a lot of kisses and hugs
    Love u sweety

    1. Marie

      Hahah thank u so much fr ur cmmnt n fr ur ans my dear…!! 🙂 🙂 aww thank u also fr these kisses n hugs preeto….!
      Love u too dear..!! <3

  3. Wow I loved it… I think shravu will Change his mind…..

    1. Marie

      Thank u so much n thanks a lot fr ur ans yrrr….!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Nikita

    Excited for the promo.. Kya likha h yaar.. Just loved it… Sumo.. Aww I feel sorry fr her.. Post soon the promo n the episode.. Love you marie dii..!!

    1. Marie

      Nikki…!!! So happy to c u back yr..!! Aww thank u soo much fr such a sweet cmmnt yr..!! Heheh me too feeling sad fr her..
      I will try to post ASAP !
      Love u too yr <3 🙂

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow marie love ur ff and we will be always there to supprt u

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u sooo much fr ur sweet cmmnt n thanxxxxx a lot fr supporting me di 😉 really glad to have a family lyk u !

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome awesome awesome ep ??? …

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u thank u thank u dear…!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Super good maria dear. And yes superduper excited for the promo. Keep writing. Lots and lots of lovee.

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u soo soo much fr ur cmmnt dear…!!
      I will post promo soon 🙂 🙂
      Love u tooo dear..!

  8. Knock knock love
    How r u??? Fine shyn???
    A cha so epi kesa tha ammm ammm bta dn …
    Sache m????
    R u sure????
    Hahahah OK OK the epi was mind blowing wow u wrote it in a very well way
    Acha han I think shr should not change his mind but postpone it
    But as u wish
    Truth and dare ahhhh I like it we cousins play it SB k raz bahar hahahah
    Anyway waiting for promo
    Kal result hai yar I m extremely nervous
    Anyway take care
    Love u tooooo much se b toooooo much
    With lots of love
    Aham ahm ab nam b btaon?????

    1. Marie

      Opening door…………………….
      Hello API
      M fyn ! 😀 how r u all good??
      Hhahaha thank u sooo soo much fr ur sweetyyyyy sa cmmnt n fr ur ans I don’t think ke kya Karna hai abhi tak….. We’ll c 😉
      Hahahh sahi kaha razz khulte hain sab ke…!!
      Haha I will post soon api
      Yes di m praying fr u dil se dekhlena bht acha aai ga 😉 😉
      Or Han Batana zaroooor okkkyyyyy
      U too take care api…!!
      I toooooo love u sooo soo much Bhi ziada…
      Hahahah ur wish Lekin mujhe pata hai ke ye pyaara sa pyaar apki taraf se hai 😉 😉

  9. Haha….shr…ney sumo ko using baath on mey FASA dhiya..loll..
    So sweet..
    Post the next part soon..really wana see truth and dare..☺☺??

    1. Marie

      Thank u soo much fr such a sweet cmmnts sona di…!! 🙂 🙂
      Haah I will post ASAP !! 😀

  10. Love u maro ……congrats for being a one month writer of our family and epi was really nice shr is really smart he always tricks sumo hahahahahaha

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u sooo soo much fr d lovely n sweet cmmnt dear…!! N thanks a tone fr congratulating me.!!!
      Love u toooo dear..!! 😀

  11. LovelyLady

    congratulatn maria….. in one mnth u jv bcm an omportant prt of this family…… which cnt be separated….
    i thnk tumne itne sare os likhe h … wo bhi itne km tym wo ek recrd h…..
    soooo proud off uuuuu…….
    sry fr late cmmnt…
    cmng to the epi….
    it was as usual masttttt….. n why u said that it is not that mch good as others…. bad grll….
    u hv ur own place wchich cnt be taken by any one……
    over excited fr epi…..n promo..
    post asap

    1. Marie

      Awww thann u so much fr such a sweet lovely cmmnt di i am really thankful to u cause sab se pe ap hi ne meri help ki thi…….. 🙂
      agt ap us waqt help na karti toh aj mujhe itni pyari family na mili hoti its all because of u…..
      Hahhaha thank u so much….!!
      M tooooo proud of u becz u r such a wonderful writer…..n thank u so much mujhe ff os ko itna pyaarcdene ke liay…..
      Even i m nt that worth….!
      Awww y sorry lateness doesnt matter pyaara sa cmmnt matters!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I will post asap…!
      N love u tooooo

  12. Hey Marie
    The epi was awsum…
    poor sumo…
    excited for truth nd dare game…
    So when we will get the nxt epi?

    1. Marie

      Hy ruchi dear? how r u ?? Thank u soo much fr such a lovely cmmnt yr???? m so happy to read ur cmmnt? n yeah i will post a promo today or maybe tommorow❤❤

  13. Khushi

    First of all so sorry yr….m late I know but was a lil busy with writing the next part of my ff so comment nhi kar payi…
    The part was dhamakedar kya mast likha hai
    Yr I will kill u Maria har baar itne suspense mein chod deti hai…mera kya hoga yeh socha toh kar mujhe neend hi nhi aati
    Yr bahut mast tha….no words for u meri jaan amazing fabulous…. Keep it up dear
    And han plz jaldi post karna yr nhi toh mujhe neend nhi aayegi….

    U nailed it baby love u muahh??

    1. Khushi

      P.S yeh bolna toh bhoop hi gyi…m super excited for the truth and dare game yr….jaldi post karna
      And this is from sumo di as well

      1. Marie

        HAHAHAHAHAH thank u jiii I will post soon……
        N thank u sooo soo sooo much fr sweet words sumo di..!!

    2. Marie

      Aray don’t say sorry yr……I can understand lateness doesn’t matters sweet n amazing cmmnt matters……. 🙂 🙂
      N thank u thank thank u so soooo much fr such a lovelyyyyyy sweetyyyy sa cmmnt dear….!! Hahhahah I will post soon dear…!!
      Awww so sorry yr…..suspense chod na Bhi zaroori hai na………
      Tu bht ziada tareeef karti hai yr m blushing……!!

      Thank u sooo much yrrr…..!!
      Love u tooooooo muahhhhhhh.!!!

  14. Affaa

    Marie kutti heyy…
    Soooooo sorry baby for being late…and thank you sooo for you baby for your Love thank you soo much for considering me as your di…
    Ok now coming to episode..hats off to you for writing so will…In little time you became mean part my life…I think I should study something from you really yaar outstanding Masha Allah…about game I’m soo excited..I love truth or dare game…I think he will change his mind…keep rocking like this…love you

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