Pyaar dosti hai a SHRAMAN ff part 32 (Ek duje ke vaaste) Marie is back!

Hello! Anyone here? OH shit *hides* don’t kill me for disappearing all so sudden without even telling anyone. Let’s start out chapter first. I’ll tell you all everything in the end. Promise.

Shr is about to go when sumo holds his hand.

Sumo: wait!

Shr looks back and see sumo in tears.

Shr: why are you crying!?

He looks at their hands and then at her.

S: you said everything so easily huh? Won’t you listen to me?!

Shr is silent.

Sumo comes forward and now she was face to face with Shr.

S: you are very bad!!

Shr in confusion: huh?

S: YES YOU ARE! You know that I was in deep depression from the day we fought for real! They day when I found the letter……….I got scared….

A tear slipped from sumo’s eye.

Shr: what are you–

S cuts him: let me finish ok! *wipes her tear away* after so many days I finally got the courage to say all this so let me finish!! *she looks at him* at first I was happy when I read your letter but then I got scared when I found your letter that day….you know why? Cause I was afraid of love……I thought that you’ll leave me like dad did to mom.

Shr shook his head and wiped the tears coming from sumo’s eyes continuously.

S: and after that day I decided to stay away from you cause I got scared if my feelings……I thought that if I’ll fell Inlove with you and you left me then I will die…cause I just can’t afford another heartbreaking shock in my life…but….

Shr smiles: you knew that I can never do that……

Sumo nods.

S slowly: I knew….and after spending every moment with you in India and in…Paris i got closer to you but there were times when I doubt on you I…..

shr: shhhhhh….. It’s ok…

S: it’s not…the marriage proposal was not your fault but I thought that it was and I blamed you for it…. *shr shakes his head rapidly* but after facing every problem with you…..I got to know that this idiot, stupid, flirt Shr is everything to me… *shr eyes widen in shock and he smiles*

S: and I am deeply, madly and truly Inlove with you……..

“And the world stopped spinning”

“No sound can be heard except their heartbeats and breaths”

“The only thing which they could see was eachother”

“She smiled looking in his eyes while he did the same”

Shr asked unbelievably: you what?

S bit her lower lip: I LOVE YOU…..

Shr held sumo in his arms and started spinning her all around.

S happily: Hahha ahhhh Shr!!

Shr: OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I can’t believe!!

S: well you have too! *smiles*

Shr made her stand on her feet and held her both hands.

Shr: please say once more….

S shyly: I love yo–

But before she could finish he kissed her….. Sumo closed her eyes and enjoy the kiss of the love of her life now…..Shr too did the same and both moved apart after they were out of the breaths.

Shr: I love you too!!

“WOOOHO!!!! Ahahahaaaaa!!!!!!” shraman turned back and saw their Gang who were laughing and cheering happily with endless excitement.

K: OMG MAN! That’s so cool you both are finally-

Adi: Officially together!

Khushi glared at him for interrupting her in between but like Adi cared.

A: rohit!!!! Finally they are together!!!!!!!!!! *she shook rohit’s shoulder and he laughed while hugging her.* our engagement didn’t go in waste! *rohit glares at her and Ayesha bits her lower lips*

Rohit: our engagement was only for us! I love you and you know it! I got engaged to you cause I want to be with you! Ayesha! You are my-

*ayesha kept her hand on rohit’s mouth in order to make him shush and he giggled*

A: I know……..

*rohit kissed her Palm and both jumped when khush clapped loudly*

Rohit and Ayesha: WHAT?!

K: sorry to interrupt your lovey dovey moment but tonight’s stars are our SHRAMAN!

All nodded and shraman blushed hard.

S: it’s not-

Shr: give me and my to be wife all the attention ok! *he proudly places his arms on sumo’s shoulders and she shyly smiled*

K: yeah yeah! *rolled her eyes*


Everyone laughed and cheered while shr kissed sumo’s cheeks

Shr: wait until we go to India and I’ll make you mine and then no one will able to take you away from me except death. *he whispered huskily in her left ear and she blushed hard*

S: Shr stop……. *shyly*

Shr: oooohhhh why? Am I making you nervous? *teased*

S: shut up!

Shr: make me *sumo looked down and bits her lips*

S: yeah right *said sarcastically*

Shr: ooohhhh someone is blushing huh huh? *he poked sumo’s shoulder continuously and she laughed*

S: shut up Shr! *she rubbed her cheeks to get rid of the blush* is m not blushing!

Shr: yeah right *he mocked sumo and she rolled her eyes*

K: can we plzzzz go inside now? We are freezing man!!!!

Adi laughed and she glared at him.

K: make me warm Adi! *adi blushed while narrowing his eyes and khush laughed* now you get to now how it feels when someone laughs on you.

Adi: oh yeah? *he tickled khush and she laughed non stop.*

K: Adi no!!!!!! AD-ADI!!! HAHAHA ILL KILL YOU!! *khush wiggled and ran away followed by Adi.*

Ayesha: we are also going inside come soon you love birds!

She teased them and shraman blushed again. Shravan smiled and nodded.

S: shall we?

Shr: hmmmmm not before this.

Sumo got confuse and shravan smirks. He then started ticking her and she laughs.

S: no! Shr-SHR!! NO! PLEASE HAHA YAR! *she gets out of breath and Shr laughs* you know I’ll kill you! *she hit his shoulder and HE laughed*

Shr: you won’t! *he grinned* cause you love me!

S smiled: no way.

Shr: yeah way!

S stucked her tongue at him and he hugged her tightly.

Shr: thank you so much for giving me life time happiness!

Sumo smiled and nuzzled into his chest.

S: thank you for soming in my life and supporting me.

Shr smiled: your welcome my fiancé.

They both just enjoyed the sound of cold breeze and eachother breaths.

Shr: sumo…..

S: hmm?


S: I LOVE YOU TOO…… *he kissed her forehead*

Author’s note: (big one so prepare yourselves)

I know that I disappeared for like *counting* four months. Holy god! It’s a shock, big one. I know that and I can’t say sorry cause it’s a small word. I know you all missed me (if?) but I missed you all like hell! Some of TU friends are I touch with me on the social websites but guys its stucking here most of the time, that’s the reason I don’t come usually here. And I am really busy with my right now. I know that reading this all makes you all thinking just one think that maybe our Maria changed. No guys. I’m still your Marie, Maria, Maria, Mary! It’s just life made me so busy in it like so so so that I hardly got time to do ay other thing. But today, look, I posted this chapter only for you all. I was working on it for like ages. And I so many things happened in these four months. I’ve got admission in college means more burden but you all are still my number ones!

So guys, if you wanna stay in touch with me then you can give me your account names (comment them if you are on any social website, if you are comfortable) or else, you can private message me if you are a registered member 🙂

I’m looking forward to talk to everyone again. Missing those days like hell.

I should go now. *laughs* too much bakwas haha ok, LOVE YA ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Prettypreeti

    I don’t know from where to start..firstly I m still not knowing iss it a truth a reality or I m dreaming seriously where were u lost and just looking at ur profile pic making me realize that yess mu maru is back but I don’t think u r my same maru coz in author note u didn’t right ‘maru’..btwdo u remember ur preeto or forgetten pta nhi yaad hhon bhi ki nhi..but I still remember u with my whole love and will always remember u my dearie coz u r a very imp part of my life and this part can never be removed from my life but ppls pinch me so that I could realize that yes I m not in my dream world..btw how r u ???? r u fine? aunty kaise hai??
    now coming to the epi
    iss epi ko padhne ke liye mujhe pure 4 mahine wait krne padhe and at last it came with a beautiful start and end and with a very very beautiful writer..firstly the whole epi was amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fantabulous ut the stealing line which literally stole my heart was the last two lines coz I wanna listen it again and again..shraman is superb as always in ur ff I hope now u will not run and keep posting these fab epis and shower ur love on us.personllly I really liked this epi coz u r back with this wonderful amazing epi and obviously its another fantabulous epi of pyaar doati hai…I missed u infinity and do tell me did u miss me??ikr I m asking stupid question
    uncountable love from ur preetoooooooooooo
    and u r my dearie marooo…
    be with us
    keep posting

    1. Prettypreeti

      oh god pls typo mistakes ke liye maaf krna I hope u could understand my wording??????

  2. Ohh look who is back, after almost 4 months. Seriously… Well I thought you might be busy so not posting last episode. But you posted. And I am very happy for it.
    it’s really awesome one.
    I know I am commenting late sorry for that.
    This episode is just perfect. And totally perfectly ending. Your this ff is outstanding. And full of all emotions
    OK so keep writing dear. And you wrote very well so continue.
    And loads of love to you.

  3. You are very very very very late!!!!!!!!!!
    I was waiting like anything!!!”””
    but veryyyyyyyyyy nice chapter!!!!!!

  4. Fenil

    I have not read your previous chappies but this chappy was so awesome.

    Will try to read if i get time.

    Please continue writing and came up with new story.

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