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Sumo and Shr are best friends for life they both hate love unlike their friends khush_adi and ayesha_rohit who are in love with eachother sumo hate love BCZ she thinks that it’s was the reason behind her parents separation Shr don’t believed in love but in real he was in love with sumo from years but never told her as he think that she will break her friendship with him….but one day the party was going in shr’s house and sumo by chance read the letter Shr brought for her on her 18th bday it’s was 6 years before she gets shocked BCZ it was the day her parents got separated Shr made her believe that he don’t live her anymore n it was just an attraction but sumo told her that she don’t want to talk to him or want to meet him fr some days but destiny brought them back again as Shr felt ill at that night n sumo couldn’t resists herself for taking care of him she spend whole night with him while he was unconscious he next day get to know that she was with him n it made him happy…..later the friends decides to arrange a party at khush and adi farmhouse n SHRAMAN comes there but got shocked to see eachother she ignores Shr which made him really angry n he makes her believe that he don’t love her anymore sumo’s some how don’t able to believe. Him but the friends decides to get them together so they took pretty (sumo younger sis) help n de us to reconcile their parents so the friends sent them to Paris all family…where as before the trip Shr apologizes to sumo n she forgives him for theirfriendship sake he also gives her a locket of “S” n they share some friends funny moments together n Shr later went to Paris to give sumo a surprise n all the friends also went to Paris for surprising them both the. Ayesh and rohit engagment took place in Paris and Priya (sumo mother) and kartik (sumo father) so how reconcile again….but after that they all fixed SHRAMAN alliance which left them shocked both of them….the misunderstanding didn’t get cleared bw them as on the engagment day sumo misunderstands Shr n thinks that he was behind all the plan n he is in love with me still….they got engaged somehow but just after the engagment sumo gets to know the truth that Shr was innocent And Shr didn’t talk to her he get sad BCZ she didn’t trust him…..sumo felt bad…n she tries to apologize…..but Shr meets with an accident and sumo donates her blood to him in hospital Shr tells sumo that the reason behind his ignorance these days towards her is that he loves her he still do it will never ever end but the reaction of sumo was unbelieveable she just tells him that she knows n he gets shocked she cares for him in his injury cause he got hurt on shoulder n foot and she starts developing soft corner for him BCZ she realizes her mistake…..later she finds out that rohit was behind all this the boy who frst harass PREETI then BCZ Shr saves PREETI he did that to Shr sumo makes a sketch of him and put him behind the bars later Shr knows all this n he gets shocked that sumo did all this but sumo didn’t listen to him and they share a friendly bond later khush and ayesh makes sumo realizes her mistakes n sumo gets to know that it was always her who was wrong not Shr he did nothin wrong to loving her it was her mistake she behave badly n she goes to the sleepy Shr n admits while he consoles her….they share a good conversation then next day the plaster of Shr gets off n all gets happy sumo too n they plans to go to a party…while sumo thinks abt her love to shr Shr don’t seems to be agree…….but then Shr tells her that he is goin to London for some important work and will comeback after two months….and they all will go to India she requests him to stay for two more days…..he gets agrees but finds sumo’s behaviour a little strange……..sumo on the other way thinks the same abt her ……….later sumo comes to his room and finds him shirtless he comes closer to her…..and they share some romantic moments……still Shr have to make her believe that she loves him…..but she only says before goin outed the room “but u forgot to mention one thing! That I also will get every right on u after the marriage! EVERY RIGHT!” And these words were enough to make Shr believe that she loves him she didn’t said it clearly but he can sense it…… was revield that it was khush and Ayesha’s plan to made sumo realize her love for Shr and they are succeeding…………
Now continue from that………
——————-PART 30——————
Sumo comes to her room……
Sits on the bed
S: whenever I saw khush and adi or rohit or Ayesha kiss I say “gross!!” “Yuck” but they love eachother they are finances! N now Shr and me also…..
(Her eyes widen as she remembers his earlier actions in room)
What if he demanded a kiss someday!??!!!!!!
Would I able to resists him??!!!! N the bet!! Omg I forgot it was a kiss!!! Aahhh why m I thinking abt this right now !! Why this Shr is effecting so much on me!!! Why???!!!
Shr: because u are in love!
Sumo gets shock stands up n looks at him…
Shr: no I mean there’s a movie name “u are in love” wanna watch??
S: u??!!!!! Umm what are u doing here????
Shr: I was here since two min when u said that m effecting on u
S feels embarrassment
S: Shr I told to knock!!!
Shr: U also didn’t na!
S: so that means that u are goin to do the same
Shr: of course!!
Shr: what the??!! Why are u here any work???
Shr: not important…….
S: then……
Shr cuts her: I was asking somthing abt the bet…..
N sumo eyes widen: what???!! Umm what bet I don’t know any bet…is there a bet??
Shr serious: don’t over react…..
S: ummm m not…..
Shr starts to come closer to her….
S: what are u…..
Shr: u don’t remember any bet right??
He comes this close to her that She falls on the bed n he’s on top of her…..
S: Shr……
Shr: so lets make u remember….
S: Shr leave me……
She starts to push him but he blocks her way by his both hands and blocks her way of her legs by his legs…..
Shr: don’t u dare to move or push me while m talking got it???
S sees a smirk on his face: what are u gonna do….???
Shr: what do u think……
S: Shr Plzz…..
Shr: every time I listened to u….every time u were being stubborn!
S: Shr shut up!
Shr: make me!
S blushes: ahhhh Plzz go if so one sees us in this position then….
Shr: then what???
S: yr they will think……
Shr: what they will think???
S: they will think that………
Shr: that???
S: that…..
Shr: hmm???
S pushes him….
S: nothing!!!
Shr: sumo!!!!!
S: Hahahahha Shr u are a fool look m here!
Shr: sumo ki bacchi!!
They starts to run Shr after sumo….
S: Catch me if u can!!
Shr: will definately do that sumo!!!
S: Hahahah Qutub minar!!!!
Shr: sumo!!!!!
They laugh and run….
Atlast Shr catches sumo he holds her hand from behind n pulls her closer wraps his hand around her waist…..
They share a cute eyelock n lost in eachother
S: don’t go to London………
Shr: will comeback after one month……..
S: it’s a long time……
She gets sad….
S: whome will I fight with……
Shr makes her look at him…..
Shr: it’s just 60 days…..after that u Will be mine forever….u can fight with me forever then…..
He laughs while she hits him…..
S: it’s not funny!! (Makes a pout face)
Shr: Hahahha it is ……….u know why???
Shr open the clip in her hair which cause her hair to open……
Shr runs….
Shr: Hahahahah
S: Shr?!!!!! My clip!!! Give it back!
Shr: Hahahah I won’t!!
S: Shr !! U devil!!! Give it back!!
Shr: Hahahah no way madam!!!!
S: badtameez yes way!!!!!
They laugh!!
S: hah. ……enough Shr I m tired……
Shr: m not……
S falls on the bed with a thud….
S: bs yr…..m hot….got please turn on the AC
Shr: have u gone crazy…??? It’s December u will catch cold….no way….
S: Shr?!!! Plzzzz!!!!
Shr: no never!!
S: ahhhhh she takes the remote n tuts off stands I front of AC
S: hahhhhhh peace!!!
Shr: sumo!!!!
S: shut up Shr let me feel the peace u go away!!
Shr: sumo get away m turning it off !!
He turns off the AC
S: Shr!!!!!
Shr: what Shr!! Chup!
Sumo gets chup
Shr: Han good girl…!!
Sumo makes a pouts face
Shr: Aray yr listen to me if u will catch cold then I won’t be there to look after u ok this is the frst tym I m going so far and for long tym and I know u always need me whenever u are ill……I don’t want u to get sick…
Sumo nods
Shr: good girl…..TOMMOROW night we all are going ok so we will all enjoy TOMMOROW whole day the friends ok??
Sumo nods silently….
Shr: we will go to beach
(I don’t know whether there are beaches in Paris or not??but let’s pretend there are)
S: ok……
Shr: now smile
Sumo smiles
Shr: Acha I m goin to tell others u take care….
S: ok….
Shr: and don’t u worry…!! I will be back soon..!
S: Ahan

Shr kisses her forehead…..
Shr: I won’t leave u ever…….
He goes….
While sumo was loses in his words….

Shr comes to sumo room n finds her getting ready in front of the mirror
Shr: Aray wow I thought u will be sleeping
S: no I can’t I have to enjoy this last day in paris..
Shr: sumo….we will enjoy !!
He smile and she smiles too…..

All friends gather in pairs
Ay: let’s eats popcorn rohit!
She grabs rohit n takes him with her…..
K: ok we will all go in water then
The remaining four goes into water
SHRAMAN are enjoying in water they just walking while khush and adi starts to run after eachother SHRAMAN laughs…..,
K: adi ke bacche!!!! How did u splash water on me!!!?????
A: Hahahhaha khush become a fish!!!
K: shut up!!!!
She Runs after him…..
Shravan laughs n suddenly someone splashes water on him too
Shr: yr!!?!!
He looks n Ofcourse it’s the devil sumo…..
Sumo laughs….
S: I told u I wanna have fun here
Shr: like seriously!!!!???
S: hahah yes
She nods
S: yes Shr darling like seriously
Shr: hahhhhh ok then!
He also splashes water on her
S: ahhhh Shr!!!’
Shr: Hahahha tit for tat darling!!!!
He shows her tounge n she runs after him……
S: Shr!!!! Stop u devil!!!
Shr: hahaha u strted it!!!! Devilness!!!
S: there is no word like that!!!
Shr: well now there is!!!!
S: ahhhhhh u are crazy!!!!
Shr: and u are crazier!!!!
S: hawwwww Ruko!!!! I will teach u a good wala lesson !!
Shr: catch me if u can!!
They run for a long tym
At last they fall down n Shr on top of sumo…..
They share a cute eyelock……
Shr: u wanna teach me a lesson right??
S just watches him…
Shr looks at her lips…..
Shr comes closer to her more n more while sumo closes her eyes
Shr stops n looks at her…..
He comes near her ear instead of kiss her
Shr: looks like someone wants a kiss huh???
Sumo suddenly opens her eyes in shock….
Shr laughs n run…,,
S: ahhhh shut up !!!!!
She feels embarrassed
S: ohhhhh God Shr!!!!!!!
She runs after him……
Sumo:Shr stop u!!
Shr: Hahha sumo I toh caught u easily but u won’t be able to I promise haha
S: ahhhhh Shr!!!

The group sees them and laughs hard
Shr: Hahahah looks like a hungry cat is running after a mouse to eat him!
S: hahhhhhhh I promise I will kill u when I will catch u! Shr!!!!!!

Sumo is sitting on the wall Infront of the beach
Sumo thinks:
” it’s changed a lot here…….”
She watches as khush runs behind Adi while ayesh and rohit enjoys their ice cream
Sumo smiles
“Hahhh…..*sighs* it’s really really changed a lot here…..rohit-Ayesha got engaged….mom and dad becomes one once again….and the most important me and Shr….has became friends again…..friends????? Really??? Is it somthing more just a friendship….BCZ we both faced so many things in these months…..the frst day when I found his love letter till now…it really changed a lot for us….we cant be like a friendly type with eachother…..umm somtimes…but not mostly…it always ends or starts with a flirtious ways probably by Shr….or and on embarrassment or romance type of embarrassment ahhh what m I thinking???! My have ad will blew up if I keep thinking abt him….but somthing has changed in me…he came closer to ….so many times..I’m a flirty way being in a mood of Romantic way I can say…as he loves me but I just let it go…not react that much and as far as I know if I was an sumo then I will slap him hard…on his actions the way he blocks my ways with his hands….the way he falls on me…they ways he demands a kiss…..the desire the passion which I can see shouts that I am only his….”

Shr comes there running and sits with her…..
Shr: hahh yo!!
He raises his hand for a high 5 but *no response*
Shr wonder that she is sad BCZ sumo won’t be able to caught him earlier and he just ran away……
He looks down then at sumo….
Shr: ahh sumo oyyyeee sumo!! Aray sorry na baba
Sumo looks at him finally *quite* as she didn’t know that when he came here
S: shr When did u came??
Shr: what???!!! I am here 5 min ago! Oh hello u are this busy in ur thoughts that u are not paying attentions to the world also Hain??!!!!!!
S thinks:
“I was only thinking abt u….”
Shr: hey is everything ok… it I ran away…???
S: no!
She looks down lost in her thoughts
Shr feels strange
Shr: umm. What happened yr u sound so quite….I mean it’s good
(He laughs a bit)
Shr: but m not liking it…….
He looks down too then Both looks at eachother….
Shr: what happened…??
S: Nop just thinking abt the days I spent here it was really memorable for me……
Smiles a bit…..
Shr: yeah………for me too……
He smiles too…
S:I was thinking that how many parents reconcile….hah I hated love BCZ I thought my parents separated BCZ of it but now I know it’s only love which brings two people close………
Shr: hmm u are right…….
They both get silent for a moment enjoying the fresh air around them……
Shr: are u in love???
Sumo looks at him quite shock:
“Am I?? Am I really in love…….in love….with……shravan…..???”


Precap: very last day in Paris and something is going to happen very soon! Be ready!

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