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pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 3 ( ek duje ke vaaste)


Hello guys!! :
D maria here wid anothr prt ……!
Thank u sooo much to all fr cmmntinh n loving my ff..! 🙂 🙂
Bada wala hug frm me guys!! 😀 hope u lyk dis prt also…!

PART 3——-

Next day at adi’s place shraman n adish (khushi n adi) were present adish were downstairs while shraman were On d upstairs…….
Suddnly adish got into huge fight…
K:really u r scolding me?? Did u see urself wat did u do a week ago….
A: wat?? We watched a romantic movie now u have also a prob with dat?!
K: hahah romantic movie fast n furious is romantic movie huh?? Frm which angle titanic is romantic movie duffer…..
A: oh wow now u r scolding me…do u knw wat question did u ask me after movie?? wat a sily ques!
K: i just ask how much u love me?? Wats wrong wid dat…?
A: n i ans u jitne stars hain utna….or uske baad tumne kya poocha tha??
K: i just askeed ke stars geeno….wats wrong wid dat agar fast n furious ko romantic movie kaho ge toh shakkk to ho ga na???
A: har baat mai mazak u will never get change……
K: u also…!!
(both goes out frm d house fighting wid eachothr)

Here shraman ws watching d whole convo frm upstairs….
S: ooh god..!! Wat a fight 😮 they wont reconcile till two years….
Shr: two days…… 😉
(sumo luks at him in confusion) huh??
Shr: they will reconcile in two days……
Sumo strts laugh: i m talking abt two years 730 days n u two days….?? 😀
Shr: yes…….
(sumo gets serious )
Ok then fyn i’ll give u two nai three days watch ur self they wont patch up……
Shr: o really?? challenging me huh??
Both: bet on….
Sumo: today is 13 june 5:15 pm ri8 after three days same place same time bs 1 min before we’ll present here ok??
Shr: done…
Sumo: whoever wins d bet gets a reward also n my reward is……….ur yort.. 😉
Shr: u lyk my yort dis much…??
Sumo: yes….
Shr: y didnt u tell me before..???
Sumo: so wat aise bol rai ho jaise mujhe dedete….
Shr rolls his eyes…..
Shr: n now tym fr my reward…
Sumo: u wont win dear….but phir bhi go ahead ask anything….
Shr: soch lo….
Sumo: bolo…!!
Shr: i want a kiss (sumo rolls her eyes) ok….
Shr: i want a kiss (he points towards his lips ) here…… 😉
(sumo shocked)
S: have u gone crazy….??
Shr: ok then u lose d bet……
Sumo: no…no!!! Okyy i will give u a kiss bt pehle jeet to ja… (she laughs)
I knw u will lose shr….. (she shows him toung n leaves)
—–shr smiles——-

both were standing in same place same tym 1 min before….
Sumo: hahaha shr u r our….they didnt patchup….
Shr: not yet 30 sec hain…..
S: ufffff……..
Su: shr tum har jao gai
—-she strts countdown—
10…9…8…7 ( smiles)
Shr: tum har gai ho…..(they both look at d door adish were cming talking laughing wid eachothr n were abt to enter in d house)
Shr strts countdown…….
Su: no……..plz…..
5…4…3….(he smiles) 2…. n…..( adish enter in d house..sumo left shocked as she lose d bet) 1………
Shr luks at sumo who is very angry…..
Shr: i win..!!
Sumo: shut up….
(she goes downstairs to adish)
Both seems very happy…..
Both: look we patched up…..
Sumo: congo (angrily) bt cant u enter in d house a sec late…..
…..Both luk at eachothr in confusion…..
Sumo: i lose……. (she strts go)
Adi: i think she has gone crazyy wid happiness ( he laughs)
Khush: watever just bczzz of shr we patch up thanks to him where i he??
—-sumo stops as she hears the name of shr——

—-she gets shocked n c him wid much anger—–
Screen freezes…!!

Precap: sumo: yr tu mera bestie hai apni besti se kiss mange ga wo bhi……
Shr: bet lagane se pehle sochna tha……

So guys how ws d ep ???
Hope u lyked it…..
Plzzzz agr itooooo sa bhi toh cmmnt cause i really meed it n silent readers dont stay silent…plzzz u too cmmnt….
So guyss…as u all knw shr has win d bet so he must gets a kiss…..
N i want to ask all..

Do u guys want a kiss part or i just skip it…….plzzz tell me i will go to d majority…… 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 plzzzz plzzz tell me through cmmnts…..

Till then by…..

  1. WeirdSister

    It was interesting maria…waiting…for d next epi…dunno they will hve kiss or no ???

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot weird sis!
      I will post nxt 1 soon 🙂
      N yeah I asked u guys want a kiss scene or no??

  2. I loved it yaar.. Post soon

    1. Marie

      Thanks yrrr…!!
      Will post soon 🙂

  3. Knock knock Mario
    Dekh lo Maine Khan tha na k shr will win
    Episode was ammmmmaaaaazzzziiiinnnggggg I loved it
    I love u
    Ya scene k bare m Jo ap be decide kiya go with it both will b enjoyed
    Acha wese kese ho ap????
    Praying na????
    Karachi kr halat thk hain yar?????
    Weather kesa h garmi garmi??????
    Mama kese chain??
    Lamba ho gaya???? Sorry
    Take care
    God bless u
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Opening door…………….
      Hahah ap ne Jo kaha tha Bilkul sahi tha shr won…!
      Thank u thank u soooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt 🙂
      Ok so Mai Jo karo phir ap kolo ka opinion kis liay mia ga hai huh???
      Mai theek ap kaisi ho??
      Apki mama siblings theek hain??
      Yeah ofcourse meri poori tu family ke liay m praying n ap ke liay toh yep yep 😀 ap dekh Lena result acha aai ga….inshallah!
      Karachi ke haalat theek hi hain..
      Bs garmi bht ho rai hai no raining…… 🙁 khair kya kar sakte hain Punjab ke haalat kaise hain ofcourse weather toh acha hi ho raha ho ga 🙂 🙂
      Nai nai i like lambe cmmnts Blake I love lambe cmmnts ! 😀
      U too take care!!
      Same wishes frm me tooo 🙂 🙂 n be happy
      Love u a lot se Bhi ziada!! Muahhhh!

  4. Hahahahaha so sweet and lovely sharman are so sooooooo cute k kya kahun 🙂

    and yipee shr won i just wanted that 😉 and abt kiss see what will go nyc with ur story then decide 🙂

    love u shoooooooo muchh

    1. Marie

      Hahah thank u soooo much angel di…!!
      Yes me tooo happy dat shr won 🙂 😀
      N thanks a tone fr ur ans di……!! 😉 😉
      Love u most se Bhi ziada!!

  5. Yup I m OK wid kiss part n I like it very much n waiting fr nxt

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooo much fr ur and dear….!
      N thank u soo all much fr liking my ff ! 🙂 🙂
      I will try to post ASAP! 😉

  6. Main thk mama r siblings b thk
    R Punjab main to bhhhhhhhtttttt garmi h no rain so same pinch
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Glad to knw dat everyone is okayyy… 🙂 🙂
      Ooh god Punjab Mai Bhi haha same pinch hi hoi! 😀
      Love u lot lot

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep ?? … I luv it ? … yr apki marzi hy agr wo wala part dalna hy to daal den else I don’t wanna comment on it .. ur choice … anyways plzzzz plzzzz try to update very soon … will b waitin’ for the next part???

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u sooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt Fatima dear….!!! 🙂 🙂
      N thank u sooo much fr ur ans dear…!!! 😀
      I will try to post ASAP..!! 😉

  8. Prettypreeti

    Hey maro yaar so nice epi waise iska idea promo se pata chal hi gya that lekin ff pr kr zada maza aaya keep writing precap seems to be very very interesting I can just say waiting and waiting for next epi post asap please
    Coming towards ur ques I have no idea yeh tum PR depend krta hai mujhe San kuch manjoor hai no problem Jo socha hai WO likh dena mai toh comment krne pohach hi jaogi
    Love u and ur ff and os

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u soo much preeto dear…!!! Fr such a lovely cmmnt!! 🙂 🙂
      Hahah dear I will try to post ASAP!! 🙂 🙂
      Chalo koi bat nai yrrr hahah n thanks a tone fr ur ans dear..!
      Thank u so much fr liking my ff n OS !
      Love u most se Bhi ziada ! 😉 😉

  9. Khushi

    Hey Maria what’s up….
    U know u always surprise me….jab bhi main sochti Hun ki yr this is the best iss se acha kya hoga…u always come up with some more good stuff nd I think nhi yr iss se bhi acha ho sakta hai…..wah yr tu best hai aise hi tujhe OS queen nhi kehte beta

    U r phenomenal amazing awesome and more more good u meri JAAN

    And now coming to the ques well I want a kiss but they don’t love each other na??
    So kiss will be uncomfortable no???
    But u do whatever u want I trust u tu Jo bhi karegi sahi hi hoga infact best hoga…keep it up dear God bless love u soo much se bhi soo much zayada

    1. Khushi

      And I won’t say sorry for the long comment coz I know u also love long comments just like me??
      Love u yr

      1. Marie

        Eehehheh Bilkul dashing kaha dear…!!!!
        Love u more more more !!!!!!!

    2. Marie

      Hy Khush bss nothing tum Batao..!
      Hahah thank u sooo sooo much fr such an amazing cmmnt n lots of tareeef yr…..!! 😀 tere cmmnt ka mujhe bht intezaar rehta hai yr …..!! 🙂 🙂
      Hahahah mujhe OS queen kehte hain so kehte hain Lekin beta hi ap Bhi OS queen ff queen masti queen hain 😀

      Love u toooo much se Bhi ziada meri bestie!! 🙂 muaahhhhhhh

      Ok thank u soooo much fr ur valuable and dear or Jo tumhara ques hai us ka ans jald hi miljai ga 😉 😉
      N god bless u too stay happy always smile 🙂 n make everyone happy….!! 🙂

  10. OK…mera Sara confusing clear ho gaya…vo bhi..before shravan won the bet☺☺
    And about the question..I will say to skip it..and I’m sure..that u r gng to do that only..I felt so..don’t confidence on ur ff..will come true or not?!???????
    Love u dear..and love ur ff too..

    1. Marie

      Hahh m glad ke apka sar confusion khatam ho Gaya 🙂 🙂
      Ok di thank u sooo much fr ur valuable ans !!
      Haha thank u soooo much fr loving my ff di 😉
      Love u toooo tooooo !!! 🙂

  11. ‘ uhuuu shraman are so cute Maria baby,…. I mean u perfectly explain their bond…. really excited to see wht happens….. bt as i feel shravan will skip it after seeing suman uncomfortable…..? m I yet Maria dear….?

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt dear…!! 🙂
      Hahhahah I will nt tell u yet dat if u r ri8 or nt…. ;). ;p
      Bt phir Bhi thank us so much sweetoooo

  12. LovelyLady

    hi matia darling…
    its ur di……. sry fr late cmmnt…… hw r u sweetuuuu….. no raining??? awwwww
    yaha bahut barish ho rhi h…. yaha aa jaoo
    … u wll surely enjoyyyyy…..
    cmmg to the epi…. it was fabbbb….. sabka ff pdh kr mai apna ff miss kr rhi hu….. i wll surely try to post tmmrrww……
    n abt d kiss …. do what u want…. bt actually i want a kiss….. sry mt bolna ki di aap besharam. typ ho…. maine aise hi kh diya… n actually mai hu 😉 keep wrtng dear…. i was jst joking…. abt that kiss… do whatever u want…..

    1. Marie

      Hey di!!! 😀
      No no no don’t say sorry di lateness matter nai karti cmmnt matter karta hai 😉
      M good how abt u?? How is ur health now??
      Hahah yahan poori country Mai BAARISHOAN ho rai hai bss karachi uffff hahah Mai WAHAN zroor Aaon gi future Mai mujhe ap sb se Bhi toh Milan hai na!! 🙂 🙂 bt abhi thoda mushqil hai meri taraf se ap rain Mai enjoy karo or us waqt mujhe APNE saath imagine zaroor Karna samjhoooooo Maine karlia enjoy 😉
      Sooo sooo soo happy to knw ke ap apna ff ka ep post karo gi di yay!!!!!!! Bs ab or intezaar nai hota….
      Hhaha don’t worry I won’t call u dat cause m also ur type… 😀
      Thank u soooo much fr ur valuable ans di!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Lots of luv
      Ur choti behen ;(

      1. LovelyLady

        yaarrr mai to pareshan hu post krne k liye bt kuch na kuch ho ja rha h….. mujhe do char dino me hostel shift hona h …… uske liye puri packing n shoping krni h……
        ab to lgya h ki hostel jakr hi post kr paungi…… i m really sryyyyy……..
        n ya i wll imgn u wd me in rain…… i too wanna meeet u alll……….
        lots of love
        tumhari bri bhn..

      2. Marie

        Awww wow hostel chalein di koi prob nai pehle packing wagaira kar lein us ke baad hi post Kardena we don’t want to trouble u wid anything 🙂 🙂 🙂 bs ap post Kardena ..!! M desperately waiting di…!!
        Aww thank u di !!!
        Love u more more…!!!

    2. Marie

      Hey di!!! 😀
      No no no don’t say sorry di lateness matter nai karti cmmnt matter karta hai 😉
      M good how abt u?? How is ur health now??
      Hahah yahan poori country Mai BAARISHOAN ho rai hai bss karachi uffff hahah Mai WAHAN zroor Aaon gi future Mai mujhe ap sb se Bhi toh Milan hai na!! 🙂 🙂 bt abhi thoda mushqil hai meri taraf se ap rain Mai enjoy karo or us waqt mujhe APNE saath imagine zaroor Karna samjhoooooo Maine karlia enjoy 😉
      Sooo sooo soo happy to knw ke ap apna ff ka ep post karo gi di yay!!!!!!! Bs ab or intezaar nai hota….
      Hhaha don’t worry I won’t call u dat cause m also ur type… 😀
      Thank u soooo much fr ur valuable ans di!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Lots of luv
      Ur choti behen 😉

  13. Kaisi baatein kar rahu hai maria dear it was awesome and yes we definetely want some unexpected romance between them.keep writing

    1. Marie

      Awwww thank u sooo much fr such a sweet cmmnt Nandu dear…!!! 🙂 🙂
      Hahahah romance Bhi aai ga dear…!! Zaroor aai ga 🙂 😀

      1. You can call me nandini. Nandu mai isliye likhti hun so u people recognize me. After new here,

      2. Marie

        Okkkkkk dear….!! 🙂 🙂

  14. Wow again a nice epi and write what u have decided about the kiss we dont mind we just wanna read the story and a huge hug from me to you love u may god bless u

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u soo much fr such a sweet cmmnt naina…!! 😉 😉
      N thanks a lot fr ur ans dear..!!
      A tight hug fr me toooo 😀
      N thanks a tone fr ur wishes!!
      Same frm me always be happy dear…!!

  15. Affaa

    Marieeeeeeeeeee kutti…..what an amazing episode I enjoyed full was outstanding…and how cute our shravan…about kiss vese I don’t like kiss hahaha if you need you can add…I mean I no need I just love you’re storyline that it…I don’t know what happened to this phone its no working it just gets stucked….
    Haa you give me heart attack by your comment I just 10 times your name to confirm whether it’s you thank you sooooo for lovely comment…I felt very while reading it and such a writer commented on my ff I’m blessed…
    And how are you..Allhamdullila I’m fine…here its climate is very cool come to kerala…I dying to see you guys…and miss you too…love you my sweet sis…take care…Asalamu alaikum….mmmmmmmmhhhhhh

    1. Marie

      Awwww thank u soo sooo sooo much fr itni sari tareeef di…!! Hahhah itni tareeef hazam nai hoti mujh se 😀 thank u so much fr ur ans di..!
      I m very happy to c ur cmmnt here !!
      Hahahah Mai writer uff itni tareeef di ap mujhe sugar karwao gi hahah apke ff pr toh cmmnt Karna padta hi tha wo wi acha wala thanks to u ke APNE mujhe is liaq samjha….warna mera ff apke ff ki jagah kuch Bhi nai hai…… 🙂
      I m fine alhamdullillah ……. Glad to knw dat u r fyn too 🙂 weather of karachi uffff bearish nai ho rai hai bss….. Me tooooo I really wanna meet u all n I miss u 3…4..5……infinityyyyy…..
      U tooo take care api…!
      Allah hafiz…

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