Pyaar dosti hai a SHRAMAN ff part 29 (new year gift)

Hello all Maria here
Who?? Aray Marie/Mario/maro/Marie bheee?????
Hahahha recognized Hahha that’s good ok ok sorry I know I was suddenly disappear and not being active from a month I guess but what to do man I m hell busy as I told u and I will be busy till April…..
Anyways new update is here hope u all like it ???
But before that I think I should give a summary to u guys as u all forget the story till now ?????

Sumo and Shr are best friends for life they both hate love unlike their friends khush_adi and ayesha_rohit who are in love with eachother sumo hate love BCZ she thinks that it’s was the reason behind her parents separation Shr don’t believed in love but in real he was in love with sumo from years but never told her as he think that she will break her friendship with him….but one day the party was going in shr’s house and sumo by chance read the letter Shr brought for her on her 18th bday it’s was 6 years before she gets shocked BCZ it was the day her parents got separated Shr made her believe that he don’t live her anymore n it was just an attraction but sumo told her that she don’t want to talk to him or want to meet him fr some days but destiny brought them back again as Shr felt ill at that night n sumo couldn’t resists herself for taking care of him she spend whole night with him while he was unconscious he next day get to know that she was with him n it made him happy…..later the friends decides to arrange a party at khush and adi farmhouse n SHRAMAN comes there but got shocked to see eachother she ignores Shr which made him really angry n he makes her believe that he don’t love her anymore sumo some how don’t able to believe. Him but the friends decides to get them together so they took pretty (sumo younger sis) help n de us to reconcile their parents so the friends sent them to Paris all family…where as before the trip Shr apologizes to sumo n she forgives him for theirfriendship sake he also gives her a locket of “S” n they share some friends funny moments together n Shr later went to Paris to give sumo a surprise n all the friends also went to Paris for surprising them both the.

Ayesh and rohit engagment took place in Paris and Priya (sumo mother) and kartik (sumo father) so how reconcile again….but after that they all fixed SHRAMAN alliance which left them shocked both of them….the misunderstanding didn’t get cleared bw them as on the engagment day sumo misunderstands Shr n thinks that he was behind all the plan n he is in love with me still….they got engaged somehow but just after the engagment sumo gets to know the truth that Shr was innocent And Shr didn’t talk to her he get sad BCZ she didn’t trust him…..sumo felt bad…n she tries to apologize…..but Shr meets with an accident and sumo donates her blood to him in hospital Shr tells sumo that the reason behind his ignorance these days towards her is that he loves her he still do it will never ever end but the reaction of sumo was unbelieveable she just tells him that she knows n he gets shocked she cares for him in his injury cause he got hurt on shoulder n foot and she starts developing soft corner for him BCZ she realizes her mistake…..later she finds out that rohit was behind all this the boy who frst harass PREETI then BCZ Shr saves PREETI he did that to Shr sumo makes a sketch of him and put him behind the bars later Shr knows all this n he gets shocked that sumo did all this but sumo didn’t listen to him and they share a friendly bond later khush and ayesh makes sumo realizes her mistakes n sumo gets to know that it was always her who was wrong not Shr he did nothin wrong to loving her it was her mistake she behave badly n she goes to the sleepy Shr n admits while he consoles her….they share a good conversation then next day the plaster of Shr gets off n all gets happy sumo too n they plans to go to a party…while sumo thinks abt her love to shr Shr don’t seems to be agree…….

Now continue from that………

——————PART 28——————-
Continue from prev part
Sumo is still thinking abt her Love
Sumo suddenly some to her senses
S: no no no!! I think I have gone crazy I can’t love him aahhh ok ok I admit I like him…
Meanwhile Shr comes in room….
Shr: whome do u like??
Sumo get scared….
S: ahh what are u doing here badtameez don’t u have manners to come in my room without permission???
Shr: wait wait !! I think it’s not the frst tym
S looks away in embarrassment
Shr: are u ok?? And I asked somthing
S: what??
Shr: u didn’t ans whome do u like??
S: umm wo wo………..Tom cruise!!
Shr: what????!!!!!!
S: I Like him!!
Shr: so what??
S: so nothing! U just asked na!!
Shr: Han ok I forgot somthing we are goin back to India k…..
S: no!!!
Shr: what do u mean by no!!?
S: no I mean….I mean….I want to visit some places in Paris….
Shr: I think we visited all the places in Paris it’s been 3 months we have been in Paris sumo
S: Han but Plzzz I week more stay! Plzzzz
Shr: oooohkkk (confused) I will…..
S smiles
Shr: Acha u stay here I have to book my tickets
S: Matlab???!
Shr: Matlab u want to stay here na but I have my meeting in London I m goin there….
S: no!!!!!!! Yr u have to stay with us u can’t go!!!
Shr: ok ok but why are u shouting ?
S: wohhhhh yr plz stay na!!!
Shr: yr I can’t
S: no u have to !!!!
Shr: Aray don’t be stubborn sumo
S: Nai!!!! I don’t won’t u to go!!
Shr: ok but two day!!!
S: ummm k….. So book our tickets we will also go back to India after two days
Shr: u were saying Abhi that u will go after a week
S: I changed my mind!
Shr: sumo u k!??
S: no! I mean……yes!! Yes!! M ok..!! U go now!
(She pushes him outside of her door….)

Shr: Aray??!
S: go go book the tickets!!
(She closes the door on his face)
Shr: Hain??!!! What’s with her man??! Why is she acting strange!

In her room sumo breaths heavily….
S: aahhh what the hell is happening with me….I think I should do it before it’s too late…but whome should I discuss this with???? Khush – Ayesha? No way!!

In khush room……
K and a…
WHAT??!!!!!!! (Looks at eachother)
Is it true??!!!!
Shr: yes yr!
A: are u sure??
Shr: Han man I don’t know why is she acting so strange frst she said that she want to stay here for a week but when I say that m goin to London after two days she also changed her mind and said she will go to India after two days..! Is she ok I mean she sounded confused with her decisions what happened to her???
K: ummm I really don’t know u Ayesha?
A: no I also don’t know
Shr: Plzz ask her why is she acting so strange….
A and k: k we will!
Shr goes out ….

A: what u think khush what’s with her?
K: love is affecting her I guess!

K: why are u acting strange yr…..
S: Aray I m not!
A: Shr told us ! U acted strange n yes u r acting strange…u are not answering our questions properly sumo!
S: what should I do yr! What u want me to do!!
K: nothin frst toh calm down sumo!
S: I m
A: no u r not!
S: Aray!
K: no Aray!
S: ok I will tell u but don’t act so dramatically on that! Ok??!!
K & A: ok!
S: so it’s that m feeling strange I mean whenever I think abt Shr I feel butterflies in my stomach!
K: Hahahahha
S serious: no need to laugh
K: ahh hah sorry….hmm sorry….
S: ok so I don’t know when I see him from prev night my heart beats goes faster!
A: can I laugh??!
S: u want me to kill u?
K: Hahahah Ayesha u are gone!
S: Aray??? Solve my prob u two!!
K: ok so this is….
S: not love n don’t say love!!
K: no m not!
A looks at khush in shock….
A: so what this is…???
K: attraction u might like him….just that…
S: just that u sure…..
K: look m also not sure but when u starts to love him u will get to know by ur self darling!
S: but….
K: ooh I remember I have to go so where with Ayesha let’s go Ayesha!
A: but we were not goin…….
Khush grabs her n goes out….
S: m in love ?? No ? I like him?? I was jealous??!! God!!!!!!!!!!!

A: we were not goin anywhere why did u lie??!
K: shut up! So what we do we do then go to her say that she loves him!?
A: exactly why didn’t u tell her that she loves Shr?!
K: Aray can’t u see how ,Uth she is confused plus she won’t believe us at Anya closet let her realize by herself
A: so what we are goin to do?
K: baby we wo t let this best ever opportunity to go!
Khush smirks……

Sumo goes to Shr room…
S: Shr I was………..
She gets shocked and open mouth when she saw Shr shirtless
Shr looks back to to her…..
She turns her face sideways
Shr: Han bolo??!
S: I was….
Shr: wait…why are u looking here and there…???
S: no I was……YPU ARE SHIRTESS!!!!
Shr: so what???
He starts to come closer to her and she steps backwards
Shr: have u never saw me shirtless ? Before?
S: Han but things have changed?
Shr: what have changed?? *acting confused*
S: it’s…..
Shr: hmm???
S: It’s……it’s that u love me n I lo………
She stops n looks at him….

Shr raises him eyebrows…
Shr: u won’t complete ur sentence?
S: huh?
Shr smiles…..
Sumo realizes…..that she is too close to her now….
Shr finally blocks her way from his both hands…..
Shr: hmmm so where were we??
S: I want to go Shr….
Shr: sumo I m goin to London after two days fr two months…..and when I come back after two months we will be goin to marry u know that right?
S: hmmmm…..
Shr: u will be mine after that…..u know that?
S: I know that no need to recall me again n again….
Shr: exactly then stop blushing!
Sumo realizes that she was blushing so hard!
S: Shr??!!!!!
Shr: yes???
S: ahhhh!!! Kuch Nai!!!
She pushes him away…!! N goes but stops …..n turns backs…..
S: but u forgot to mention one thing! That I also will get every right on u after the marriage! EVERY RIGHT!
Shr: yes miss sumo yes! He smiles….as she goes out…..
Shr leans against the wall….

Both khush n Ayesha comes to Shr room……
K: Shr do u love sumo???
S: yes what’s new in this??
A: do u really want to make her yours?
K: u want her to love u like u love her???
Shr: are u two ok?
K: ans what I ask….
Shr: ok yes……
A: we have to tell u somthing
Both Looks at eachother then Shr…
Both: she loves u!
Shr: what…??!!!!
(And they explained him)
Shr: omg….
K: now everything is in ur hands Shr……make her confess by ur methods
A: yeah!
Shr smirks: will do that!

“God she loves me!!!”
Precap: Shr kisses her forehead…..
Shr: I won’t leave u ever…….
He goes…

Ok so m done with this ep hope u all like this one ??? can’t say abt the next ep as my exams have been starting from Monday onwards but I’ll try to post next part very soon hope the summary helped u guys ok so now happy year in advance from me to all!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️hope 2017 will be dpuble good for u all!!

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  1. Rukhsar

    What is this maro where the hell were u gone……aise koi gaib hota ha kya na ata na pata bas choomantar ho gai mery msgs ka b replt nahi kiya aur abhi to winter break ha na to tumy holidays nahi mily kya……i m missing u alot yarr itny mushkil so to itni achi frnd milli thi aur wo b chor k chaly gai ??????? khair wo sab choro…..lets talk about the epi it was sooo awesome finally our sumo loves shr waiting to see what happens next till then take care and try to post next part soon

  2. Ariana

    Maro finally girl!!! U decided to post. I had been waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting… n finally, like FINALLY U POSTED. great new year gift sissy
    it was such an adorable epi
    sooooooooooo cute
    bechari Sumo
    bam I can’t wait for nxt part
    post soooooooon tho ik u can’t make it here much
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  3. hey marie thank god u posted I was really waiting for this. & now when u posted I just loved it.
    its too good yaar. finally sumo is in love.
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  4. oh di I love your ff like hell
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    Amazing maria..
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    Omg !!!!! Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! Em veryyyyyy happyyyyy u r backkkkk !!!!! Bt again u r going to disappear so this khushi is limited 🙁 … bt no worries .. atleast u r backkk !!!! Nd this episode was as usual awwwwwwwwwwwwesome 🙂 … lovvvvvveddddd it …
    BEST OF LUCK FOR UR EXAMZ DUDE .. study hard nd shine like a star 😉
    Post when u be free ..

    Take care 🙂

  7. Marooo diii missed u sooo much and dare u disappeare again…lovely update. I wanna see now how shravu will make sumo confess her love.

  8. Nikita

    Mario!! Finallly yaar.. kitnaa latee….
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    And plzz post soon.. I’ll be dead waiting for another episode.. lovee yaa..

  9. Ruchi

    Hey Maria!!
    Sorry sissi as m very late…
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    m so excited to see how will Shravan make sumo confess her love for him…
    Epi was dhamakedaar …
    u nailed it…
    post soon…
    take care…
    Love you!!
    Ruchi …

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