Pyaar dosti hai a SHRAMAN ff part 28 ( ek duje ke vaaste )


Hello guys!!!
Yo know me…???
I m Maria ur friend kam sis….????
Abhi bhi yaad Nai aaya wait m Maria PDH ki writer???
Hahaha remember ab Chalo thank god!
Acha Acha sorry sorry……I m so sorry!
I was absent fr so many days..didn’t comment replied ur comments
But what to do yr guys I m hell busy yrr!!!!!
I only posted this ep fr u guys….trust me I didn’t have so much time even to write an OS but I wrote this fr u all……
Hope u all like it n will forgive me….

——————PART 27——————-
Continue from prev part…..
Sumo sits besides a sleepy shr…..
She cresses his face…….
S: I m sorry Shr……I hurt u a lot…..
(She cries)
Shr wakes up…..
S rubs her tears……immediately
Shr:hey u here on this time and why r u crying??? Is everything alright?????
S nods…..
Shr: hey……Plzzz tell me yrr what happened…??
S: why didn’t u sleep yet???
Shr: for I ask the same????
S: I won’t ans…..
Shr: hahah Acha now tell me what happened why were u crying….
S: actually………..
Tears again starts to roll down from her face……
Shr gets shocked…..
S: I m sorry Shr…..I m sorry…….
Shr don’t get another option so he hugs her tightly……..sumo finds peace in his arms….the warmth….she feels it the safest place for her…….
She too hugs him tightly….
S: I m so sorry Shr…..I’ve realized now…that how much I’ve hunted u…n u …u never said a word….I’ve said so many things to u…..didn’t trust but u were always there for u….i m so bad Shr…..i m so bad…..!!!!!!!
Shr breaks the hug n makes her look at him….
Shr: who said u r bad??? Huh??? Bad people don’t risk their lives in order to save others….
Sumo gets shock….confuse……
S: Matlab???
Shr: Matlab wohi ho tum samajh rahi ho……
S: I…..I….
Shr: I’ve got to know every thing sumo…..that u donated ur blood….
Sumo gets shocked……
S: how did….u……
Shr: know???

When Rahul get caught n sumo went to police station…
Khush came to Shr….n told him everything
He get shocked……..

S: this khush!!!
Shr: hahaha don’t curse that bechari yr she is too sweet!!
S: hawwww!!! Uski favor!!! And what abt me?!!
Shr: u r a theekhi mirchi????
S: Shr!!!!!
Shr: Hahahhaha Acha Acha sorry…! U r my princess
S: hadh hai!!!
Shr: Kia so u want me to call u by ur real name???
S: what u mean by real name….??
Shr: yr churail!
S: Hawww!!!! So mean!!!
She hits him on back…
Shr: ouch!!!! Sumo u r hurting me
S: don’t so drama you’ve only hurt on shoulder n foot…liar
Shr: lawyer!!!!!!
S: shut up!!!!
Shr: I can’t!!!!!
(He shoes her his broken arm….n signs towards his shirt)
Shr: but if u want to….?????????
S: besharam!!!!!!!!!!
Shr: Hahahah joking!!!!!
S: badtameez !
Shr: hahah thank u so much for praising me so much
S: chup chap SE sleep ab!!!
Shr: yr u woke me up…..
S: Acha na sorry… sleep……
Shr: ok I m miss…….
(He cups her face)
Shr: but promise me u won’t ever say that u hurt me, u r bad…again…..ok
S nods innocently……
Shr: good girl…….
Sumo gets up…..
S: good night….
Shr: good night……
Shr puts bedsheet on him n goes……..

Sumo is sleeping peacefully…..
When two people shouts !!
Sumo gets up immediately
S: earthquake earthquake !!!!!!!!!
The person laughs!!!
Hahahah yes guys they are our curtails Ayesha and khush!!
S: u two!!!!!!!
Ayesh and khush looks at eachother
Both: yes!!!!!!! We two!!!!!!!!
S: ahhhh u both yr Plzz go…I want to sleep…!!!
K: ohh no no no we can’t let u sleep
S: hmm why??!!!
A: yr shr’s plaster is opening today finally!!
S: OMG!!!how can I forgot!!!
K: Nai Nai u sleep ok
A: Han let’s go khush
They starts to go but sumo holds their hands
S: oyyyy u two wait for me!!
K A: so what we r doing??!!!!!!!
the trio laughs…..

They goes to shr’s room
Shr sees sumo and starts doing drama
Shr: ahhh my hands ahhh my shoulder
S: tobaaaaa hai Shr!!! Plzzz don’t do drama ur plaster is finally getting off
Shr: sacchi
S: Awww Acha???
Shr hmmmm
She hits his shoulder…..
Shr: ouch!!! Sumo!!!
Sumo laughs all laughs too
S: badtameez u didn’t tell me last night
Shr: u were in tension babes I had to solve that na n this was a surprise or Wese bhi u should remember na ke it’s been one month
S: yrrr so sorry I forgot I m so sorry
Shr: Oyyy chup drama queen don’t worry yr I know u had a prob…koi baat Nai
S: Awww really???
Shr: yeahhhhh
S: Hahahah then it’s good!!
Shr: ohhhh bheee I didn’t forgive u frst u have to give me treat
S: Ufff Hahahaha Okiiii
The group cheers!!
S: where do u want to go???
Shr: oki so lunch??
All: done!!
S: Shr ke theek hone ki khushi Mai!!!

Sumo is getting ready in her room
She sees the locket in her neck
S think: hah…..when he gave me that…it was only for friendship but has somthing more…..hahaha I though that nothing should do in Paris n big drama happened in Paris…..god…..hahaha he confessed…………………
(She smiles)
S: sumo what are u thinking arayyyy don’t think of him….why m I thinking of him??
Heart: love…….
S: Nai Nai….I can’t sumo no u can’t love him…..
She smiles……..
S: no no I can’t….
She remembers how jealous she was when she saw the gal flirting with Shr..
S: I was jealous???? Why ????
S: m I in love with him….???

She Luks at the mirror and thinks…..
—————–SCREEN FREEZES—————–

Precap: will think ???.

Oki guys done here….
So how was it liked it or not???
Somthing big will come up stay tuned
??It’s not what u r thinking..??
Will post not ep not so soon as I m hell busy
So till next tym by by
Love u all!!!!

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  1. SarahKhan

    Hey Marie. I really enjoyed this! Shraman are too cute honestly. By the wat, please start being a little regular if possible, because it feels so good reading your ff! Post the next part soon! God bless!

    1. Marie

      Hey Sara aww thank u so much for this much appreciations towards this episode I am really happy that u like this one hope u will like the next part also ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yr I can’t be regular I hardly get tym to post so to be regular is impossible but will try my best and these frays toh m hell busy but will try to post next part as soon as possible

  2. Loved it to the core ?
    I was waiting for the next part ….and you posted it ?
    Please post the next one soon

    1. Marie

      Aiii thank u so much Mira ???? I m really happy u liked it will try to post next one ASAP ‘????
      Love u toooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Mariaaaaaaaa !!!!!! Oh thnk God that u r backkkk !!!!! I am veryyy happppyyyyy??????? I think its party time … No ??? Hahaha
    Well !!!!! I just lovved this one ??????? Fantabulous one … Happy finally sumo realized … Huhhhh she is tooo lazy .. Haha ???
    Thnx for posting it ..

    Take much wala care ????

    1. Marie

      Awww yr it was so Gud to be back yr but what to do m again busy or wo bhi hell busy done even getting tym to post BCZ the not chap is still not ready?????Hahahha party will give a good wali party when I will be completely and pakka wala back?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????
      Hahahahaha thank u thank u I m really happy that u like this one hope u like the other parts also!
      Hahah she is too lazy like me?????
      Aww ur most welcome
      U too!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sssuuupppeeerrrrbbb

    1. Marie

      Thank u so much!!!!!!!??????

  5. hey maria
    it was damm cute one…
    just too good, superb, awesome one.
    I just love the episode.
    please try to post next one soon.
    & take care

    1. Marie

      Hey reema aww thank h so much for such a cute,lovely,and sweet comment my dear???????❤️I will try to post next one as soo as possible
      Love u too!!!!
      U too take care’?❤️

  6. prettypreeti

    Hayeeee meri maro laut aayi sukhar hai mujhe toh LGA tha gum gyi hey twitter pei u r maria I followed u me Harpuneet see it.okkk
    Lovely epi.
    Just above of everything.
    Now post soon

    1. Marie

      Yo my preetooooooooo kesi hai yr long tym no see?? Hahahha I think this line is for me lol??????? ok I will check I think I also followe upped u on Twitter Nai toh I will do it❤️❤️
      Or my user name is not Maria Pagal it’s forever_dutta ke nam SE ???? Kis ko follow karke be thi hai ???????
      Thank u so much!!!!!!!
      Heheh I will post ASAP !!

  7. ?????
    Marie mujhet laga ki is part key hi confession ho jaayegi..abh shraman ki romance shuru kar dhi yaar..jaldu confession karne dhi sumo ko

    1. Marie

      Hey sona api!!!!! Hahahha Aray Itni bhi Kya jaldi hai?? Chalo no prob if u want her to confess I will do it Hahha kab Ye Nai pata?????? Hahahha SHRAMAN romance bhi ho jai ga yr Sabar ka phal is meet ha ??

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