Pyaar dosti hai a SHRAMAN ff part 27 ( ek duje ke vaaste )


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———————–PART 26————————-
Sumo is talking to someone on the phone…..
S: yes inspector ok……catch him (Rahul) as soon as u can
Ins: yes madam we r trying….
S: ok so we will talk later abhi I have some impor work
Ins: madam don’t worry next tym when I call u I promise ke Rahul will behind the bars
S: Aisa hi ho toh acha hai akhir I Paid u a high income……
Ins: yes madam
S: ok by
Ins: by
S: suhana (the maid) is the breakfast ready???
Su: yes ma’am
S goes to kitchen….
N takes the tray….,

Sumo goes to Shr room
She enters
Shr is watching the news
News: police is still searching for the man named Rahul according to the sketch…(y shows the same sketch)
Shr gets shocked
This man looks like that….
Sumo comes n turns off the tv….
Shr: sumo!!! Why did u turn off!
S: BCZ u need rest
Shr: u!! Wait wait!! I know why did u turn off! The sketch it’s the same one !!
S: umm Plzzz lay down….
Shr: no way!! Give me the remote back!
S: no I won’t!
Shr: sumo what did u do!!
S: yr I just took police help just that
Shr: haha wth why yr atleast wait until my recovery!
S: hahah acha taake u will again beat him…huh
Shr: Han!
S: Han Isiliay I thought to handover him to police!
Shr: what do u think will Paris police able to find him?? No way he is too clever!
S: hahah the y will
Shr: they will not
S: they will!!!!
Shr: they will not!!!
S: I said they will!!!!
(Sumo mistakenly hits Shr foot which cause him to scream out in pain)
Shr: ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Sumo ki bacchi!!!!!!
S: oops sorry!!!!!!!
(Bits her tongue)
Shr: I won’t leave u bets ek baat let me recover bs!
S shows him tongue
S: Isiliay u r not recovering devil!!???
Shr: what u called me devil! ???
S: Hahahah Han cause u r!????
Shr: jao I curse ke u will not find Rahul!
S: Hahahah acha thank u!
(Suddenly she gets a call)
S: what really wait I’ll come in a moment!
Shr: what happened where r u going???
S: Hahahahah ur curse….(she laughs n goes)
Shr gets confused
Shr: mad girl!

Sumo enters
Ins comes
I: MAAM he is behind the bars I to,d u next tym when we will talk…he will be
S: very good inspector! Appreciate ur work
I: u can go…..
Sumo goes inside n stands in from of the bars……
Rahul looks behind from the bars….
R: tum???
S: yes me…..
Rahul can see the passion in her eyes….
S: yr Rahul u know what today I m very happy…..idk why…?? Do u know
He gets chup
S: what do u think u will do this type of thing….
she gets closer….
S:U will accident him….n I will leave u??? Hahahha no way Rahul no way!! I m suman khurana!! U took panga with wrong person!!! Last tym when u show me ur face its was ur biggest ever mistake!!
Rahul gets shocked….
S: u didn’t do right by hitting Shr…..he is in the pain just BCZ of u…n u will also bear the same pain now……
Saying this she smiles evilly…..
Rahul in shock: u loves him this much!!
S expression changes….
S: wth….no no…..hey don’t change the topic!! Acha hah!! Now u r behind the bars! N I promise I won’t leave u dear! N what did u do to my sis! Hah Rahul u r gone now so by by….
She smiles n leaves

Sumo comes out from police station……
She takes a deep breath……her words which she said earlier continously echoing in her mind…..
S: wth is happning to me??!!!! God!!!!
Isp comes to her….
S: thank u so much…..u helped us a lot
I: plz don’t thank us it’s our duty….to keep the criminals behind the bars….
S: ok so I’ll take a leave now..,..
I: if u need any help just tell us…,
S: I will thank u…..
(She sits in car n goes)

Sumo enters Shr room
Shr: Congo….Rahul is behind the bars now
S: Hahahha thank u thank u see I told u
Shr: hah but u didn’t wait for me to recover !!!
S: so us SE Kia Hota!??
Shr: kuch Nai I will also get my revenge from him na
S: oohhhhh plzz have mercy on ur condition !!
ShR: I will be ok!
S: Han Han on day
(She laughs…..while Shr gets mezmerized seeing her….)
S notices this n stops n Luks at him…..
S: Kia hoa hai???
Shr: nothing….
Just watching u…….
S: bs kar do…….
Shr: yr tell me one thing…..
S: hmm????
Shr: u know that I love u……but still u r acting as nothing happened…..what’s the reason r u not angry….?????
S: hmmmm so u want ans all of ur questions????
She goes n sits on bed besides him…..
S: look I know that everything that had happened should not have…but Shr we got engaged now… I have to accept everything….I couldn’t deny the fact…that u love me….I can’t just ran always from all of this…. So I have to accept it…..
Shr: I can break this engagement if u want me to…..
S: no need…….
Shr: I don’t understand……..
S: Shr…I don’t want to hurt my parents by breaking this relationship….
Shr sighs
S: atleast we can be friends for whole life Nai?
Shr: Han sure! Hahahahah I have to tolerate u whole life?!!!
S: Shr !!! Badtamezzzz
(They both laughs)
(Deep inside Shr was hurt…but a little happy that atleast sumo know now that he loves her)
S: Acha m going out…..u sleep ok…..
Shr: hmmm ok….

(Sumo goes out….enters in ner room)
Khush came from, behind along with Ayesha
S: hey what r u two doin here?
A: important thing
(Luks at khush)
K: listen to is carefully……
;conversation starts;

After a while………
K: I hope u understand……
Sumo is silent…..
K: sumo u r not angry right??
A: she can’t be cause this time we r right…..
Sumo Luks at them….
K: we r going now……see u soon….
Ayesha pats on sumo’s shoulder n goes…..
Sumo gets up n goes towards her dressing table…..
She looks herself I’m the mirror n finally her eyes stuck to.the same locket which Shr gave to before coming to Paris….
She touches it……N REMEBERS khush,Ayesha words

K: what is happening bw u two???
S: nothin
A: don’t lie…so thing happened in hospital….tell us
Sumo tells them that Shr confessed
K: woah so what did u said?
S: yrrrr I don’t love him!
A: stop lying!
S angrily looks at Ayesha
S: m saying the truth….
K: u r not angry at Shr right???
S: no…..I….
K: u have no right to be angry on him!
Sumo gets confused and shocked
A: do u know why???
K: cause he never said to u to love him back……!!
Sumo gets into deep thinking
A: sumo think did he ever said this….There was always ur fault…he loved u sick childhood…but never told u…BCZ of ur happiness….but when u found it…u got angry…again he became a victim…then u continously misunderstood him…never gave him a chance to say that he love u…..
Sumo gets sad…….
A: in short…..he is deeply hurt but never showed…….
K: I don’t think we need to tell u what u have to do now……
K: I hope u understand……
Sumo is silent…..
K: sumo u r not angry right??
A: she can’t be cause this time we r right…..
They goes……

Sumo to herself…
I never realized that i hurt Shr so much…..he never showed…..I didn’t only hurt Shr but also my friends……
She cries…..
Sometimes later…..
Sumo went Shr room……
She opened it……
Shr was sleeping peacefully like a child……..
Sumo got mezmerized seeing him…..
She enters goes towards the bed n dits near him……
Sumo watches Shr sleeping…….
She cresses his face
S: I m sorry Shr……I hurt u a lot…..
(She cries)

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