Pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 25 “Mario back surprise! ” ( ek duje ke vaaste )

Hyyyyyy guys!!!!!
How r u all!!?? ❤️
Well thank u so so so much to each n everyone fr the best ever wishes….well abt my health m still didn’t recover yet… still want ur prayers…
N yeah Beas DI…..
M Marie or Maria or Mario ???
N I m little bit ok now….. 🙂
N yeah I did t stop writing.??
—————————–PART 24—————————–

Continue from prev part…….
Sumo gets shocked n tearly eyed….
Shr sees her n gets confused….
Shr: what happened…??!! Sumo!
S: Han?? Ur….ur hand….
Shr sees: ooh crap….
S: can I get a first aid box plzzz…
(Staff brings….)
Shr: there is no need of this…..
S: shut up Shr….(Shr sees her crying so he don’t says much)
They go into a room……sits on a sofa…..n sumo starts bandage shr’s hand…..
Shr was continuously weeping…..Shr sees this n gets melted…..
He makes her look at him…..
Shr: y r u crying??
S: can’t u SE how much I m hurt……u..why did u do did….. ?
Shr: Awww I was also hurt by ur reaction sumo……
S: u called me sumo……..(she gets happy) u…u r not angry….??
Shr: I can’t be angry with u sumo……cause I love u….
S: I love u too……..
Shr: really ??!
S: yes..!!
(He kiss her)
Shr: the bet is over……..u gave me my reward…..(he smiles) (sumo smiles too)
He hugs….her n hugs him too tightly…..!!❤️

A voice breaks her dream…….
Sumo..!! Sumo!!!!! Sumo!!!!!!
S comes to reality…..
N it’s the same Shr is still angry…..
Shr: is ur bandage done???
Sumo looks around trying to figure wat just happened….
Shr: wat happened to u…???
S: ummmm nothing (realizes that it’s her dream nothing more)
(She sadly Luks at Shr)
Shr: wat…??? Let’s go
S: hmmmmmm
They go……..

In car:
Sumo was continuously thinking abt her dream…..
S: wat happened with me…??? A dream abt Shr…?? I have gone nuts….
She Luks at Shr…..
S: hufffff…..why is he so angry…!! Ooh god….
They stop at petrol pump station….
Shr: get off…..
S: ok….
They both get off…….
Shr gets busy in his car….while sumo goes near cafeteria…..she sees it….
And again starts imagine herself with Shr……
But again her dream get broke when she a car driving towards Shr with full speed….
She turns back n shouts “Shr!!!!!!!!!!!!”
It was too late
Sumo runs towards Shr…..while he is on the road injured….
S shouts: help!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody help!!!!!! Call the ambulance!!!!!!
She sees the man who was in the car….
It was non other that Rahul……..
He smile n drives off……
Sumo gets shock….but still cares for Shr…….

Shr is on the stretcher……ha is takes towards the OT
S: Shr nothing will happen I promise….
She holds his hand tightly……….
Doctors: now u have to wait outside…….
S: no…no.nooooooo!!!!!!! She sits n cries hard……..
S: plzz plzz plzz God save him plz plz plz I beg u plzzzzzzzz
She get up as the doc comes to her….
D: patient is in a critical state
Sumo gets shocked…..
S: wat??!!!!
D: yes due to lose of blood….
S: so wat r u waiting for than he needs blood!!!!
D: yes we can’t find his blood group
S: wat??!!!!!
D: yes so we ordered but they will the blood bags…but it will take tym…n
S: n…????
D: n we don’t have much tym….he needs blood immediately
S: ooohhhhh my god!!!! Wait wait wait!! His blood group is o- na
D: yes
S: so is mine u can take my blood group!
D: No no no we can’t u r gal n it will effect on ur health also….
S: hey doc!! I don’t know I will give him my blood at any cost..!!!! I just want him to be saved that’s all!!!!! (She insists n doc gets agree)

Sumo is giving her blood n feels dizzy…….
D: are u ok..?
S: yes I m!!

Shr in OT sumo is watching him from outside….
S: doc is the operation complete…??
D: yes he is out of danger now….!
Sumo gets happy but again feels dizzy…..
Doc: miss saman u r weak I think u should do rest….
S: no no m ok……wait let me call family…then I will… 🙂
D nods
Sumo thinks who to call then she sees preeti num n thinks to call her only
Tring tring
Preeti picks up
P: DI…..
S: come to city hospital now….
P: DI!!?? wat happened r..r u ok…????
S: no Shr….he…..(she faints)
P: DI!!! Hello?!!!! Hello??!!! DI??!
Preeti goes to hospital……

Sumo is lying on bed,preeti come n gets shock
P: DI! Wat happened to her???!!
Doc tells her everything
P: how is Shr malhotra now…??
D: he is out of danger so is miss suman…..
P: thank god….
(She sits near sumo)
P: DI…..(she cries)
S: don’t worry…..I will be ok….
P: but he hoa kese…??!!
S: Rahul……
P: wat….
(Sumo tells her the story preeti gets shocked)
P: he is so mean…
S: I won’t Leave him…n Han don’t tell anything abt Shr…..
P: but…..
S: no he will again do smthing warna….
P: ok u say…Acha DI r u angry with ur friends…??
S turns her face sideways…: no…..
P: DI dont lie I know u r….
S: then y r u asking….?
P: plzz DI don’t do that na they r guilty specially khush
Sumo starts crying
S: I know they r I…i…just….don’t know wat to do……

Khush comes…..
K: just forgive us all…..
All enters in room…..
Sumo gets shocked to see them…she Luks at preeti

it was shown that preeti called group…when she was on the way to hospital….
Adi: m so so so sorry yr…..
Ayesh: I know wat we did was totally wrong
Rohit: yes..plz forgive us…..
Khush makes a puppy face….
S: or khush tum he much Nai Kehna
K: no just puppy face ??
(All laughs)
They all hug sumo…….
S thinks:
“Hope everything will be alright soon”


Precap: sumo goes to Shr……but Shr don’t even looks at her……

Ok so m done now!
Hah how was it guys???
Sorry if I bored u……
But I have a hint….
Smthing big will come in next ep so stay tuned!
And yeah next ep will be on 1 November (neeto ki birthday)
Jab tak ke liay by by
Love u all!!!

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  1. oii, di!! maine kuch kaha tha kya!!!!!! I told u to take rest na! phir v aisa karte hai! I am vry naraz ha! mera b’day gaya bhar me, police station k piche wale kabad me! ap fully rest lo, wohi mera b’day gift hoga nd yeah phirse Niki mam ki pic… maine pehle v kaha tha mai confuse ho jati hu :P… nd bhalei maine jo v kaha, mujhe bara maja aya :P, Shravu ko kya ho gaya??? itna gussa kiu karta hai, me hoti to man jati ab tak. Woooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sumo ka dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kya tha di, kya tha, kya batao apko!!! iska mtlb she really loves Shravu!!! mar dala wala epi… pst aftr u r completly fine, I wont mind waise v sabse toh mang kar liya hai :P.
    luv u di, take care, get well soon- Neeti

    1. Marie

      Awwww neeto….sho sho sorryyyyyyyyy my jaan yrrrr Mai Kia karoon actually I m so bored at my home no work to do na so socha ke yahi likh loon bed par lete lete yrrr I will be alright Teri bday tak Isi liay fikar not ok! Hahahhahaha yr confuse na hi Meri jaan bs ye samajh ke Nikki MAAM is not on TU ok???
      Hahahahahha wo Shr hai Shr…..he is angry young man darling hahah omgggggggggggggggggggggggg u like sumo ka dreams this much hahahahah I did t knew that Hahahahahha when did I say she loves Shr??????? hahahahaha ji Nai beta ji I will definately right somthing fr u Aisa kese ho sakta hai Meri Jan ka bday ho n DI us ke liay kuch na liken Hahahah no way I will write n Han again Bol rai hoon fikar not Meri jaan 1 November tak I will be completely fyn!
      Love u too darling
      I will take care u too !!!! N thanks fr ur sweet wishes!!!! ❤️
      Ur API Maria!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Maria !!!!
    Frst of all tell me how is ur health now ??
    Hopefully it would be better than previous one .. GET WELL SOON yar …
    I m not feeling good after knowing u r sick .. just take gooooooooood wali care r boht saaaaaara rest .. ok ?
    Nd this ep … ahammmm ahammmm .. yar pehly to me sumo k dream k bary me baat krun gi .. lol it was cute dream yar ..
    Hope it was real .. bt no worries ..
    Nd the whole ep was just BOMB yar … Everytime u give us a surprise with BOMB .. just ammmmmmmaaazzzzzzzzzzinnnnnngggggggggggg one dear ..
    Take good care ..

    1. Marie

      Hey API !!???
      Ahhh health it’s not alright yet…..but inshallah next time when I will be writing then I will be fyn that’s all I can say…. 🙂
      Hahah yes yes I m better than previous one thank u so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Awwww API yrrrrr don’treeless bad Han….ok I will be alright soon’ Hahahah yes I will take care of my self…..who bhi bht saraaaa
      Hahahha ahaaaa u like this much well well we’ll thank u so so so much fr this much appreciation yr!!
      Hahahah ek din real ho ga tension not hahaha thank u I hope that u also like not ep which will be soon……
      Thank u !!!! ❤️
      I will so does u!!!!’ Love u soooooo much api????

  3. Tussi aaye.. ? MA nazar na lagay xD
    Hope you are well now.
    This was so amazing. I loved it. Sumo’s dreams are ??
    Aww her friends are so cute.
    Precap is very interesting. It’s difficult to wait until 1st par koi nae. I’ll wait for sure. Take care. Loads of love ?

    1. Marie

      Hahahahaha yes I came I don’t know ke is ko Punjabi Mai Kia kehte hain???? hahha but AP he jo kaha it ws sweet!! ❤️
      Hahaha not well but Han thora fyn…….but still needs to recover soon so plzz pray….
      Aww thank u so so so much for itni ziada tareef API m glad that u liked the ep!
      Hahah Han sumo ke frnds?
      Awww don’t worry API bs it’s coming…m so sorry for making u wait but Sab ka order hai ke frst I have to recover then will write…..??
      Love u tooooo API!!! ❤️

      1. Praying already 🙂

        Yeah do get well soon first and then be back. Take care. ?

  4. Angel20

    Tussi vapas agaye!! Are waah!! Lekin kya yaar aaram karne kaha tha!! Fir agayi…
    Chalo agayi to acha episode leke ayi!! I loved it! Specially sumo’s dream!!
    Aur Shr ka accident?? par sumo me bacha liya.. very good!!
    Ab shr usse naraz kyu hai??
    Thike ab aram karne aur neeto ke birthday pe post karna..
    Love you..
    Ab aur nahi likh Sakti train mai hu mom chilla rahi hai??

    1. Marie

      Hy api!!
      Heheheh yes Mai vapis aagai hahah yrrr Aram hi toh kar rahi hoon kab SE I was bored yrrr or ep likhna Mai kit I energy waste hoti hai hahah thank u thank u fr praising so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Glad that u liked it especially dream! Hahah wo next ep Mai pata chale gai why is he angry????
      Yeah I will post on that day! Thanks fr waiting API
      Love u toooooooo
      Aww no prob API!!
      Travel safe
      N take care of urself!????

  5. Marie…
    Bats hai..kitna acha lag raha hai..Teri ff padkqr…
    Bahut..bahut..bahut..zyadaa..khush hoon..??????
    And this part was too gud…aww..sumo realised her love …hope so..shrvo jaldi us bechari ko maaf kar dey..???????
    Now…we all will wait for neeti s birthday party..???

    1. Marie

      Hahahaha sona DI awwww That’s so sweet of u that u like reading my ff Hahahah well m really glad that u liked it n yeah thank u so much fr Duce a lovely comments!!!!
      Haha yes bs neeto bday is coming n on the way na❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Lots of luv!

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved it Marie keep it up.
    Really ur ff is rocking

    1. Marie

      Hey do thank u so much aww wow m really glad to hear that also ?????????bs keep loving like that always!

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow that dream was ??? i thought it was real. But Shravan ? And Areh shravu is angry with sumo

  8. Ufaaq

    mario ki baxhi ab tjhe pata h di to aa nae sktin marne to darna kis bt ka h haina??????
    ullo ki sar tu ruk mjhe aane de karavchi pehle tere mar lagaon gi
    tjhe ek bt aaaaaaaaaasamajh m nae ati k rest kr or aram se soo nae janaba one shot likh rae hain ff likh rae hain ku bht taqat agae h achanak kahin se super girl bn gae ho???
    tmhari mamaa se naw bt krni chahiye
    the epi was amammmmmmmmmzzzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnngggg
    awesome faantastc
    shr gussa gussa sumo dreaming wah g wah
    lekin tu ne ku likha tune kaha tha tu rest le gi mar khai ge????
    pagal shrafat se rest le spnal corddddddddd ne jo 15 saal tera sath dia h usi pr tars kha le
    api ki bt mano gi naw warna aj kal wese barraa gussa ata h mjhe so mar k liye ready ho ja
    thk ho ja phr 3 updates dena ek din m koi kuch nae kahe ga
    apna khayal rAKH
    aaaget well soon
    wth love
    love ki api

    1. Marie

      Lol API!!!!!!!!!!! Breath breath ?????? Hahahahahha itni beseti AAJ tak mama ne bhi Nai ki yrrrrr m toh was like ke ye API ko Kya hogaya hai re itni beseti hahaha???
      Hahahah ok okapi aaja of karachi m waiting thank god it’s effecting on u ab toh I will do these type of things more n more? Atleast u will come to Karachi then
      Hahahahah yrrr m bored in my room so I thought to rewrite this na or wait bhi the pain is in my spinal cord not in my hands or finger ok na
      Hahah thank god tareef toh ki I though ke pore comment npmai bs insult hi hai??
      Well well thank u thank u thank iu my sweeto API!!
      Hahahha no no Mai abhi mar Nai khao on gi frst let me recover then send me thappad ok na
      Hahahha I will post so much don’t worry wese bhi I have on
      Y these days to do fun us ke baad school life…….
      I will API bs u also take care of urself Ahan
      Yeah yeah I will
      U too
      Love u too
      Apki love!!!?????????????????????????

      1. Ufaaq

        pehli larki dekhi h jo besti p b hahahaha kr rae besharam
        bio prhti to pata hota spinal cord or hands ka kia connection hota h pagal
        take care

      2. Marie

        Lol I again feel like laughing so hard api!!???yr Kia karoon I really didn’t have a sis before that na no daanti beseti karti isi liay when u beseti me I feel like I got all the happiness hahahahaha
        Yr acha ho hoa Maine bio Nai li phir toh
        Bht acha hoa
        Hahahhaha I will take car api tension not!

      3. Ufaaq

        pr maine to prhi h love ur whole body depends on ur spinal cord even ur single movement of ur lil finger
        thats the reason u cant move from ur bed u cant move ur legs for walking spinal cor has the direct link with ur brain which gives msgs to ur body parts
        lovethe thing u r not taking seriously is very serious plzzzz taake it seriously i wish u have studied bio

      4. Marie

        Yo api!!!!!! Yr yr yr plzz plzz calm down!! Frst toh m able to move n walk now don’t worry I n having difficulty in this but I can……so plzz don’t worry….n abt that I know….Hahahah I m taking it seriously yr I m why u always think than m not…..n abt the movement I can what m saying is that I will again start to go to school from Monday onwards so don’t worry!!! ???

  9. Beas

    Oh God I just loved it. And so sorry I was confused ? between u and Maria and yesterday on her ff I wrote some nonsense. So sorry and yeah plz take care and climb the stairs with caution from now onwards. I m an experienced person. I fell nearly 4 times from the stairs and once my head got severely injured. So plz take care . That’s why I was thinking how can she go on vacation in this state as that Maria wrote. Bye ? waiting eagerly for 1 Nov. And again sorry.
    Beas and plz don’t call me di as I m younger than u?

    1. Marie

      Awwwwbeas no prob yrrr nota hai when two person with the American name stays in one family that happens?❤️
      Sod the worry dear Hahahahha koi Nai koi Nai haha yeah my dear I will take care from now on yeah…..what ,,????!!!! Ooohhhh God r u ok na I mean koi ziada Bari injury toh Nai aai na
      Yrrr plzz u also take care na mujhe Bol rahi ho. N khud!! Hahahhaha yeah no prob at all thanks fr waiting dear!!!
      Yr no sorry no thank u ok na??????????
      Ahhhaahahhasorry sprry I didn’t know that u r younger ??
      Lots of luv

  10. Sharmansangel

    Aap na some dikha Kar zameen par pata detection ho but I the future will be more brighter bus yaar zada likh nahi painge not well bye luv you???

    1. Marie

      Awwww thank u so much my Riyo darling!!!!?????? Kis hoa tujhe ????? Are bhee take care yr Pehle Mai ab TU yrrrrrr khayal rakha kar na plzzz take care ab kese ho???? Acha Riyo when’s ur bday come,??
      By love u tooooo
      Reply karna❤️

      1. Sharmansangel

        Better and 8th November

  11. Prettypreeti

    Marooo sorry little late.
    Aacha tu theek hai.
    Woh toh ho jayegi Maine Jo wish kiya hai.
    Haye I m sooooo superrr gladdd after reading it
    It was wonderfulllll.
    I just love it.
    U rote it beautifulllllllllllyyyyyyyyy
    No mistakeeees it was sooo coolll.
    Loved it.
    It was fab.
    OK nets ka bday gift.
    Ohhhh will waitttt.
    Teri aur khush ke next part on same date…….yipeeee
    Lotssss offff luvvvv seeee bhiiii zyaaddaaa luv.
    Take care

    1. Marie

      Ooohooooo Meri preeti sorry Nai bolne bheee kit I baat bolo
      Hahahah into tareef god!!!!!!????
      Yrrrr thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u so so so so much my jaan !!!!!!! I m really really happy that u like the ep!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Hahaha yeah neeto ka bday gift
      Yeah m also so happy that our posts will be on same day!!
      Aww love u toooo wo bhi so so so much SE bhi bht bht ziada darling
      U too take care!!

  12. Ariana

    Mario!!!! U r back ?
    Girl now I’m getting by back permanently for a while and happiness is all over!!! Missed u like hell during ur exams…in glad those ended. Btw how is ur health now? All good? I hope u go perfectly fit and fine like b4.
    Now coming to the epi, BAAAAAMMMMMMM. ? bomb exploded!
    Sumo literally admitted her love thou in her dreams but still she did!!! ???
    I’m all jhingalala. She dream thou ?? super awwwwweeeessssoooommmmeee
    But yaar accident!! Now that the precap is soooooo thrilling, I can’t wait for Neeti’s bday. Ohhh god make it a premature birth b4 date ? jk!!!
    Anyways I just hope the time passes by
    Can’t wait ?
    Love u × infinity ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Take care

    1. Marie

      Hey hey hey my Twinie!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      How r u darling!!!!!! Aawwwww ur I missed u also wo bhi like hell yr I was like Mai ep jaldi jaldi post karoon then aru SE baat karoonnnn!!!
      Hahahah yes they ended….yr m not perfectly fyn needs 3-4 days more……..after that I will go to school…..
      Hahahah omg omg itni tareef hahahahaha yr dream m really happy that u liked it!
      Hahahahah laga hai I have to make some mo dreams like that huh??????
      Hahahha yrrr I will try to post it but it’s not ready n still I have to recite an OS…..which is also not completed yet…….Hahahahahha but I promise it will be a long ep! Not too lekin bs normal
      Hahahhaha don’t worry 1 nov bs ye aayaaaaa????????
      Hahahhahaha I also can’t!!!
      Love u too darling!!!!!!!!!! Wo bhi bht bht bh bht bht SE bht bht ziada!!!!!!!
      U too take care

  13. WeirdSister

    It was amazing maria..
    Waiting waiting..
    Post really soon..
    Love u loads..
    Take care..
    Get well soon..

    1. Marie

      Hey niya thank u so much darling!!!
      Glad that u liked it!
      Love u too!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
      U ok take care
      Thank u !!!
      God bless u!!

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