Pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 24 “Mario back surprise! ” ( ek duje ke vaaste )

Hey guys!! ? how are u all?❤️
Well well well first toh tell me that did u miss me?? Yr I missed u all so much an it’s so good to be back yrr!!
Well u all must be thinking I told that I will come on 20 n how on 17?? Hahahha cause I fell from stairs 2 days ago n I m on bed right now….cause my tissues near spinal cord are damaged…well BCZ of all this I was not able to give my 2 exmas also….n I got spare tym as I m on bed taking rest….to write my ep… here it is!!
But first hy to all the new members who come here!!

Then I also explain a brief story that wat happened in past 22 ep cause u all must be forget the story ???
So here is the story:
Shr and sumo are best friends they have also a group of two boys adi n rohit and two gals Ayesha and khushi well adi n khush are finances whereas Ayesha n rohit are gf be n SHRAMAN are only bffs sumo hates live cause her parents did a love marriage n they got seperate so she don’t believe in love but Shr he secretly loves sumo from childhood…but never tell her this….

One day when they were all playing a game sumo accidentally reads his diary…in which it was clearly written that he loves her….Shr tells her that it was all over on that day (her 18 bday) when she told him that she hates word love…
But sumo didn’t believe him….n tells him not to show his face again….
Shr who was heart broken gets fainted on that ni8 n sumo takes care of him whole ni8 n gets disappear in morning so Shr can’t see her…

But his friends tell him everything….n he gets happy….but sumo ignores him….still…
They also shrare a romantic moment on khush farmhouse where Shr told sumo that he don’t love her anymore……

Sumo hardly believes this…
But all the friends and preeti (sumo sis) makes a plan to unite SHRAMAN once and forever……..n they all organize a trip for sumo her parents who are separated but didn’t get divorced…..also preeti…later Shr apologies to her for not telling her….his feelings n sumo for gives him for their friendships sake…..
Sumo family went to Paris for a holiday…of one month…
N the surprise was Shr also comes there sumo gets shocked….
And also all the Frieds came to Paris cause preeti was not doing anything to unite SHRAMAN ……

Khush makes a plan to unite sumo parents (priya n kartik) first cause they were the reason of all the hateness of sumo towards love…..n they also got succeed…n her parents get unite again…but sumo listen all their plans n thinks that Shr was all behind this n he still loves her…..but the misunderstanding got cleared n Ayesha n rohit also got engaged…..

The twist comes n khush executes her plan to get SHRAMAN married both SHRAMAN were shocked n stunned to listen this….but sumo gets agree BCZ of her mother cause ram (Shr father) was a bff of kartik….so she thinks to do this marriage for her family sake…Shr also gets happy……..but Shr get to know that khush was all behind this marriage drama he gets angry on all the frnds…….but sumo who again listen the friends n also Shr was present there…misunderstands all the things….but she waits Shr to tell her everything before engagment…….but Shr he didn’t come to tell her…she gets heart broken…but still do the engagment…..

Later there were a huge fight be SHRAMAN as well as the friends……but this tym it gets worse sumo was abt to slap khush but stops thinking abt their friendship…..Shr who was heart broken cause he thinks that sumo never ever trusted him takes of his ring…n goes away….sumo also get broken…..
Again a twist comes in which preeti get stuck into a worst situation…..a boy made her fool trapped her in his love n made her mms n blackmailed her….preeti shared this prob with sumo……sumo who was already heartbroken get more tensed n deciddes to fined help…..but from who…??! Not parents cause preeti didn’t allow…so who….
She comes out of her bedroom…….n searches some num in her mob….
—————————–PART 23—————————–
Sumo sees shr num frst on her phone……..
S: shr…………….he will help me…..
(strts to go….but stops….)
no he will not…..he is angry with me…..
(Again strts to go…..)
No he has to it’s abt Preeti not me…….
But Preeti is my sis na……….
She goes to shr room……
Knock knock……
Shr: yes…..

Sumo enters……
He gets angry…..
Shr: wat r u doing here…..??
S: can’t I come aise hi…..??
Shr: no
S: how rude!!
Shr: yes I m like that….any prob…??
S: no…
(He notices her tensed)
Shr: koi Kaam tha??
S: no……
Shr: ok
S: actually yes….
Shr: I won’t help u…..
S: wat??
Shr: yes I said I won’t….
S: I knew it….
Shr: phir bhi u came here….
S: I have a hope……
(Shr luks away)
S: it’s not abt me it’s abt Preeti……but it’s ok if u don’t want to help I can understand….
Shr strts to go…..
Shr: stop SUMAN…….
Sumo feels hurt as he calls her “SUMAN” instead of “sumo” which he used to call her….
Sumo luks back……
Shr: I will help….wese bhi I m not angry on Preeti it’s just other people….he says that while luking at her…..
S: thank u….
Shr: mention it… tell me….
(She tells him everything)

Shr gets a big shock
Shr: wat the hell!!! OMG how’s that possible……god we have to help her…..Kahan mile ga ye Rahul ka baccha!!!!!! I won’t leave him fr sure…!!!!!
S: yes m also trying to find him……
Shr: hmm don’t worry….we will make a sketch of him Preeti ko bulao….
They call Preeti and artist….n he make a sketch….
Preeti: yes he looks like it….
Shr: perfect….now he is gone !!

All are sitting
(Khush, rohit, Adi and ayesh)
K: it’s been hours n I didn’t even meet sumo or shr….
Ad: we did wrong…….I can feel it….sumo is so much hurt….
Ay: and just bcz of us shr and sumo had a fight…..
K: I know yr…..but how to fix this….n sumo is also angry with all of us……
R: ri8….she is really angry….donno want to do….
K: hmmm but we have to think somthing…,
Ad: no more thinking we already ruined them…….their relationship….now no more…
K: but…..
Ad: stop it khush……sumo needs tym to forgive us all…..n shr..he also needs tym….so let it be…..

Shr n sumo are in car……
*awkward silence*
Shr notices ENGAGMENT ring in sumo hand….
Shr rolls his eyes….
They reach a bar…..
S: yes address yahan ka hai….
(Actually they already get information abt Rahul the Badtameez boy)
They enter in bar…..
They is loud music dancing n all…..
Shr: Oooh god so much noice…
A gal comes to shr…

G: hey handsome…..
Both shraman luks at her…..
G: wanna dance with me…??
Shr: no thanks….

(Sumo gets angry)
G: Oooh come on….. U r single I m single let’s get mingle……
S now gets hell angry….
Shr: no thanks…..
S: ooh hello just get lost..!!
(Shr luks at sumo n her anger)
G: ooh madam m not talking to u m talking to this handsome….n y r u so angry is ur bf…???
S: Ofcourse!! He is my fiancé!!!
G: hahahaha then where is ENGAGMENT ring….??!!
(Shr enjoys the fight)
S: excuse me!!! U r no one to ask this ques!!!! Now get lost…!!
G: Oooh hello chipkaliiii chup!!! Dont shout!!
S: hawwww how care u cal me chipkaliiii do u know who I am???!!!
G: Han is…(points towards shr) is ki Behen…!!
(Shraman gets shock , shr laugh and sumo gets angry…)
S: how dare u call me his sis…!!!! U pagal jahal gawar!!!!!!
G: toba toba itni gandi language..!!!
S: ahhhhhhhh yahan se get lost warna I will kill u for sure…!!!!!!!!
(Shr signs her to go…n gal make faces n goes)

S: wat the hell!!!!!? why didn’t u tell her abt us!! ??
Shr:ooh hello!! What abt us??
S: hawwwww what abt us??? Really!!! That’s we r finances
Shr: hmm yeah…..
S: what happened to u shr!!!!??? Why r u behaving like this!!!!
Shr: u care??
S: ofcourse I care!

Shr: really u…really care?? Abt my feelings??
S gets chup
Shr: think abt it…..
Saying this he goes away……
Sumo now have tears in her eyes…….
She rubs it……thinking abt preeti n goes behind Shr…..
Shr: where is this kameena he have to be here na…..
S: idk khan Gaya…..

Suddenly she sees a boy in the bar…
S: Shr….. (Pats on his shoulder)
Shr: Kia hai…..
S: look….!!
Shr: shhhh slowly
S: hmm here he is !
Shr: mil Gaya…!!
Shr starts to go but sumo holds his hand….
S: patience
Shr: no…..
Staying this he goes towards Rahul n beats him badly!!
Shr: ladki Kia mms banai ga!!!!
R: abayyyy choir!!!!!!
Shr: shut up!!!!! Delete the mms ri8 now!!!!!!
Rahul does so…….
Shr beats him more that shr’s hand gets injured….
Security comes…..
Sumo shouts Shr leave him,……. But Shr is Shr!! ????
Sumo: plzz leave him……

Shr has anger in his eyes…..sumo also gets scared for a moment….
Security ask Shr abt the incidence
Rahul runs away saying that “you will have to pay for this!!!!!! ”
Shr: Teri toh!!!!!!
Sumo stops him…..
She sees blood coming down from his hand…..
Sumo get shocked n tearly eyed…..

————–SCREEN FREEZES——————–

Precap: sumo to bandage Shr n some romantic moments (don’t expect too much???)

Ok so guys how was it??? Short tha?? Idk ??
Well edkv has been ended…’s a bad actually very bad news but we can’t help it na…but I m happy that our TU family is back again…..n we didn’t get separated well I also heard abt season 2 don’t know abt this….
But I want to tell u all….that I m on Insta n running n FC of our sumo (Nikita dutta DI)
N I am also in touch with big FCs of edkv who r continuously trying for s2 on both Insta n Twitter…..they also talked to director n creative head of edkv but still the news is not confirmed….well let’s hope for the best…… 🙂
So if anyone on Insta then u can follow me my id is @nikita_dutta_forever
N I m also on Twitter @dutta_forever

So u can also follow me there 😉
Well m so happy that our Ariana come to Twitter that made me so happy!!
Ok ok so I read each n every OS n ff of all of u…!! As I have so much tym
N trust me guys it’s was like my medicine all of ur Ffs yes they was jus beyond all the compliments❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????? zabardast!!!!!!!!
God bless u all my sisters!!! N from now on I will surely try to comment on every ff or OS n also try to reply each one of u!
Hahahha my back bak will get continue but i think I should stop now….
Ok so byyyyyyy

Take care all guys dengue is so common now a days plzz take care all of u!!! Bar tarhan SE ok!!
Love u all❣

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Maroooooooo I m superrrr happppy thattt uuuu rrrrrr backkkkk prrrr tuuuu tohhhh chottt lgakr vapis aayi haye meri behna tu theek hai na.
    Zyada dard toh nhi ho RHA.
    Omg not able to give 2 pprs tu khush hai ki dukhi..
    Chl BTW thnx for summary buti remember ur ff .
    Epi was jhakhaw fabulous tooo three fpir infinity good.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    It was long which made me happy.
    I was missing u badly.
    Tu vapis aayi ghayal ho ke.
    OK now be well fast.
    My well wishes
    Lots of luv.
    Ur pretoo

    1. Marie

      Hey my preeti!!!! M also so so so happy to be back darling !!
      Nai yrrr I m not ok actually abhi bhi m on bed Kia karoon this pain is not going very easily so all I have to do is rest……
      Hahhh papers Ofcourse m sad actually very said my teacher said that acc to my prev 3 papers I got the high marks due to which I can strike first position but sadly my two papers…….
      Hahah thank god kon si achi ghari thi I gave a summary ! ???
      Aww thank u so much for ur such a sweeto comment yr I was missing u like hell!!!!
      Thank u so much for ur best ever wishes darling
      I will be well soon bs my injury needs time to recover that’s all….
      Love u lot lot lot!!!!!!!!!

  2. WeirdSister

    Maria my baby…r u okay???
    Please take care if urself..I can’t imagine to c in pain….
    Get well soon…
    Coming to d epi..
    What’s surprise..
    Romance in d air huh!!???
    Waiting waiting…
    Love u loads…
    Nd plz plz take care..
    Get well soon..

    1. Marie

      honestly m not ok??? cause I had to leave my exams which is a big shock for me….but no worries zindagi Mai Aida bhi hoja tha I can’t change destiny so let it be
      Hahah thank u thank u !!
      I was missing these cute comments of urs
      Love u so so so much!?????
      Take care darling!!
      I will also!!
      N also will get well soon !

  3. it was very nice di
    i am in twitter too @ mirra_2326
    keep writing

    1. Marie

      Hey balamirra thank u so much for ur comment ohh wow u r on twitter will surely follow u dear!❤️
      Love u too????

  4. Marie…
    Very see you dear..
    Its really a surprise…
    And wt are you saying…and how cool u said that u r tissues got damaged at spinal card??that one word..made me teary eyed dear..????
    Plsss..b carefully..and our prayers will b with you..
    Take care..
    and happy to listen that u will b regular now..
    About the was awesome..
    And ????haha…t.k..phir tum keh rahi ho..tho him shraman k romance k baatey mey zyadha..ummeedh nahi lagYengey par tum..zyadha dena..shraman scenes..??????
    Love u??

    1. Marie

      Hey sona API!!!!
      Aww me too so happy to c u!!
      Hahha really yes!! Yrr? I can’t just help it I fell don n not m on bed pata Nai when will I get rid of this pain…..
      Huffff khair can’t do anything regarding this so let it be!! Thanks for ur sweet wishes n prayers that will help me getting well soon ???????
      Hahah regular yes!
      Thank u so much
      Hahahha acha ji I will give jitna I can ?????????will surely try to give u much!
      Hahahha take care API love u so mich!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ufaaq

    Heyyyyy my love how r u????
    U said u will take rest???
    So u r doing competition with me????
    Not good
    Love jitni bari m an gun naw utni bari tm zindagi main kabhi nae ho site so dnt u dare to
    Hahahah how was the dhamki hahah
    Him nae bhole story may b u forgot
    It was amazing like awesome
    I loved it
    Tm hain pta h aj Maine bhai k mobile for dia to shayad WO mere tab me jae so I would be gum let’s see what happens
    Yar I m gonna miss u
    Epi was amazing
    But u should take rest yar
    Plzzzzz take rest
    Take care
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Hey API I am ummmmm u,mmmmm fyn u can say hahahnut not much
      Hahahaha I said but bed par lete lete Kia karti socha ep hi likh loon
      Hahahha no no no apse Kia competition api?????
      Hahahaha wat a taunt mujhe toh bht ziada Hanse aarahi hai is taunt par API hahaha
      Hahaha Nai Nai i though na ke I the Dino bad Mai aai na toh ek summary dena toh banta hi tha ???????
      Aww thank u so much API
      Wat !!!?????!!!!! Mob todh dia!!! N u will be gum gum no !!!!!!!!! Yr that’s not great I just checked here n u gum??!!!! Uffff API how can I break his mob obviously he will take Urs!! Hope ke Aisa na ho
      Awww I m gonna miss u too
      Thank u
      Hahah Han I will take rest don’t worry
      Thank u API u should Also
      Love u too!

  6. Angel20

    Maria Maria senorita Maria??? yeh tumhe kya hua???? Ab kaisi ho? Khyal rakho apna?? zyada uchal kood mat karna ab??
    Coming to the episode
    It was awesome! And thanks for your summary as I didn’t know everything about your ff! Now I can connect it well!
    The way sumo was jealous was awww?
    OK so ab post kar diya I am happy lekin age SE nahi! First you take rest and then write!
    Get well soon!
    Love you❤❤?????

    1. Marie

      Awwwwww don’t cry API I can’t see my API crying just cause of me no no no never!!! Hah m ok a little bit API yes yes m taking care 🙂 hahaha Nai karoon gi Mai ???????
      Omg thank god phir toh Maine summary de DI Hahahaha hah peel bar I did somthing acha
      Heheh glad u liked it n
      Hahah ok ok I will not until I will get completely ok
      Thank u !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????
      Love u too?❤️???❣

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey mario dear !!!!
    First of all A WARM WARM WELCOME BACK DEAR ???????????????????????????????????????
    Nd take much care of ur self … May Allah bless u with health … will pray for ur better health .. ?????????????????
    Nd this episode was fantabulous one …. u rockkkkkked again this time ..
    God bless u ..
    Take much care ..
    ?Love u?

  8. Ariana

    omg what a surprise!!! But r u okay now? Pls take care. Get well soon.
    ok ik it’s bad that u r sick but atleast we gotto see u.Not that much of regrets :p
    The epi was actually an emotional drive thinking from Sumo’s pov, but I enjoyed it sooooooooooooooooooo much! Love this ‘idc’ Shravan. It’s perfect for him. The fight between tht girl nd Sumo on the bar was so hilarious…bahen ?????
    U serious gave two surprises…ur dhamakedar comeback nd this superb epi.
    I was missing u like hell….it feels so good to have u bck even though for a short time.
    I hope those stupid exams end soooooooooooon nd u come back permanently
    Pls take care
    all the best for ur remaining exams
    love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    huggies nd kissies

  9. Look who’s back ?
    I’m happy that you are back but not much because you are back due to your tissue fracture. I hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself sweetie. ?
    But as you have posted this so why not say something about this. 😉
    It was really nice. I loved it. Specially ShraMan convo.
    Post the next part when you get better.
    Take care of yourself. Loads of love ?

  10. Rukhsar

    Welcome back maro i hope u r better now i m sooo happy that u posted but at the same time i m worried for u….u should take rest na….well the epi was really dhanso i loved it…… Seems like our shraman gonna unite soon love u bye take care

  11. Ruchi

    Hello my cute sissi
    How r u???
    Welcum back…Missed u alot…
    epi was Amazing…
    Shravan treated that Rahul very well…
    Shravan’s anger on Sumo was justified…
    Hope Sumo soon understand her feelings for Shravo…
    take good care of urself dear…
    get well soon
    post the nxt epi when u feel better…
    take rest…
    Love u…

  12. woowwow
    long time haan
    but a amazing one

  13. Sriya

    Hey my love my Jaan my sweetest di well missed u so much yup I too want edkv s2 they should have give extension uff brainless creatures I hate Sony for ending our edkv I watched the last episode 10-12 times but still can’t believe it ended okay coming to episode no I didn’t like it uffo I hate it yaar joking it was tremendous update Love u loads I m on insta and following u my id is sriyuprincess ?????? tc

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