Pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 12 ( ek duje ke vaaste )


Hello guys !!
Thank u soooo much fr cmmnting on prev prt ….m so obliged to those who give their precious cmmnts or read it…..
Well here is prt 12 hope u lyk it….. 🙂

———PART 12———–
All goes back to hotel after they meet…..
Shr enters in a room besides sumo….
S: ooyyyy is this……
Shr: my room….
S: wat….mere saath aahhhhh…!!!
Shr: ooo hello this is not ur hotel my room can be anywhere…
(Sumo makes faces….he laughs)
Shr: itni achi SHAKAL nai hai Jo aur bigaad rai ho……
(Sumo gets angry n hits him on shoulder)
S: shut up….!!
(Both goes into their respective rooms)

Nxt day:
Preeti goes to dr.barry wid kartik n Priya…..
He checks her up……
Dr: I will do sm tests n fr this I will examine her…..
Both gets agree…..

Scene changed….dr n preeti r in a room….
He is checking her up….
Dr: I don’t knw how u can be mental ?? U r normal I ask u many questions n u give me ri8 ans how is dat possible n ur prev reports….saying dat u r completely mental….how is dat possible….??
P: actually dr…..(she tells him everything…n he gets shocked)
Dr: u bought ur prev dr…!!!!!???
P: plz plz plz don’t tell my parents they will kill me….actually a I’m doing this fr my sis….plz of plz don’t…..(she talks a lot)
Dr: u r truly mental (irked)
P happily: yes I m…!!! So tell them this….!!

1 week passes lyk this….
One day sumo is sitting in restaurant reading smthing while shr is sitting infront of her playing games……
Smone cms frm behind n scared them…
Person: boooo…!
Shraman gets scared…: ahhhh
When they c d person…..they gets a shock to c khushi…
(Khushi laughs)
Shraman: tu yahan??
K: or Bhi hain…!!
N then adi,ayesh,n rohit cms frm behind…..
All frnds laughs….
Shraman: wat r u all doin here ????

Scenes changes all r sitting in same table…talking
S: so u both decided to get engaged …..?
Rohit: yes we decided to get engaged…(luks at ayesh who is blushing)
S: bt itni jaldi….
Shr: I mean u both said that u will engaged nxt year or so….
K: so??? Can’t they get engaged ri8 now???
S: so that means u will get engage here….
Ayesh: of course we will engage in paris how’s it ohhhh m so excited…!!!
K: control beta control….
Rohit laughs—ayesh hits him…
R: ouch…
Ayesh: dant mat dikhaooo ziada…
Shr laughs….
Shr: chalo so we should strt their engagement preparations……

—–scene changed to preeti room——-
After meeting wid everyone…..the gang is in preeti’s room
P: so that means u cm here fr this??? Aray main hoon na….
K: shut up 1 week ho Gaya tumne abhi tak kuch nai Kia ……agar tum itni fast hoti toh hame yaha aana hi na parta…..
A: yes!
Ayes: whatever yr I m getting engaged….wow
R: awwwww so excited.
Ayes: more than u..!
—they talk sweetly—-
—they all discuss plan—
K: if u make any mistake this tym na….
All: no…no
K: hmmm good..!

( NOTE: guys rohit is adi’s cousin as u all knw he lives with them cause his mother died in a car accident…..n his father n adi’ father r brothers…
N ayesha’s father has died wid heart attack years ago)

(Sumo is making all arrangements of decorating etc etc)
S: ufff plzzzz I told u to chage these flowers….n u uff plzz chage d colour it’s purple n white nt red n white….! It’s nt marriage…

—sumo is wearing a jeans wid black sleeveless top her hairs r tied in a pony tail…she is wearing flats…n rings in ears …actually guys she usually dress up in these type of clothes she don’t wear traditional dresses much—-

Shr cms frm behind….
Shr: hmm decorating….???
S: ji….
Shr: oohoooo
……K cms to both of them….
K: ufff u both r here go get ready…!!! Sumo ur frock is in ur room…n shr ur Shirt waistcoat r in ur room…,ok goooo
Shr laughs: haha sumo u in frock….!!!??? I must say u will look jhalli in that…
S: shut up u monkey n u will Luk chimpanzee in that waise court hahaha…
—-both taunts EACHOTHR in a cute wat—-

All guests had arrived….
Sumo n shr both cm in opposite ways so didn’t notice eachothe…
Cause sumo is busy with her earrings while shr wid his watch..,
Finally they both cm downstairs n Luk at rachothr….
Shr gets mesmerize seeing her in such way…

(Sumo is wearing navy blue frock with white contrast….no other accessories just jhumkas (earrings) n blue heels…..her hairs r opened in braids she is wearing very lights makeup except red lipstick n black eyeliner…n is lukoing extremely gorgeous)

Shr can’t takes his eyes off her….
While sumo is also staring him in surprised expression…
(Shr is wearing white shirt wid navy blue waistcoat.wid a blue pant.. His sleeves are rolled to his forearm…hairs r as perfect as ever…n is lurking so handsome)

—guys: u can imagine in ur mind abt them.. 😉 —-

Adi n Khush cms to them….
Adi: ooo bhai mooh band kar warna makhhi chali jai gi (playfully)
Shr: shut up….
Adi: sharam kar guests aain hoay hain or tu mujhe shut up Karne ko Bol raha hai…
Shr gets irritated….
Shr: ahhhh!!!!!
K: my dear u r looking so beautiful….
S: tumse kam…. 🙂
Both chit chat….

Kartik n Priya cms ……n everyone greets them…
They both smiles slightly….
Rohit n ayesh also cms…
S: oooohooooo love birds…!
(Ayesha blushes)
K: don’t u think sumo ke blush on kuch ziada ho Gaya???
Ayes hits her ……
K: joke tha…!! 😀
Ayes: I knwwwww

Ayesh mum (ananya) n Priya r taking,…
A: finally my one n only daughter is getting engaged….
P: I m so happy fr her….
(They c d group of them n smiles)
A: u knw wat I am really missing raj….(ayesh dad)
—she gets sad—-
P consoles her……

Here harshad( rohit dad) cms to kartik n talks to him abt importance of wife….

Ananya say to Priya…..
A: u knw wat u r really lucky that u have kartik…u two live separate bt still he cares fr his family…..
(Both kartik n Priya luks at EACHOTHR)
Khushi sees this n decided to take d advantage of d moment…
(She signals preeti)

Preeti goes to stage…
Hello everyone I welcome u to d most beautiful ni8 in paris…..
(Khush snatches d mic frm her)
Khush: the ni8…in which my two crazy frnds ooho sorry lovers r getting engaged…!!
(She laughs n luks at rohit-ayesh….who gives her killer Luk)
—all cheers—
P: so y not makes this moment memorable wid sm dance?
So Frst our elders dance then you gets follow them….wat say??
—all claps—
Khush, adi, n sumo parents go to stage n dance….

Kartik n Priya dance on gerua….widout any argue Frst of all toh they did that fr preeti….n secondly they don’t want to creat a trouble in engagement……
Both keeps lurking into EACHOTHR eyes….
preeti shows thumbs up to both ayesh n khushi….

Sumo sees this….
Sumo goes to preeti….
S: wats this??
P: wa…..wat????
S: u were showing thumbs up to k n ayesh…y??
P: I WS telling them that they r lurking gud….
S: acha??
P: yep di….
S: I want to ask u smthing ye dad appointment ke bare mai Kay keh rai Thai!!????
P: I don’t knw…?
A: do u knw anything???
P: no….Hehehehehehehe
S: uffff (she goes)
—preeti takes a sigh of relief—-
P: bate Aj Bach gai tu…..

Then it’s younger’s turn….
Adiman…(Khush adi)
Roysha (rohit ayesha)
Shraman (shravan sumo)

Goes to stage….
Shr teases sumo…..
Shr: u knw na how to dance..??
S: excuse me…??
Shr: I mean mujhe gir aao gi toh nai na??
S: I will do dat if u have this prob na I m not dancing….
(She strts to go,,,bt shr holds her hand frm back n pulls her)
Shr: dance started u can’t go….
S: aahaa ab toh Mai gir Aaon gi chance Milne do….bs…….
——Shr smiles—–

—they all dance on mar Jaain (loveshuda) —-
Adiman n roysha dances very closely while there is bit space bw shraman….
—they all r dancing while shr spins sumo…,
—-Bcz of high heels she got dis balance bt shr catches her in his arms—

They have a cute eyelock..,
Sumo remembers she WS saying minutes ago…
“That she will make him fall if she gets a chance”
—–she feels guilty——

Both luks at EACHOTHR…..


Precap: Precap: preeti gives sm papers to sumo…..
Sumo reads them n gets shocked
S: who gave u these papers..???

Ques: what u guys think papers Mai kya hoga Jo sumo shocked ho gai??
Or who gave those papers to preeti..???

Socho socho……
N plzz cmmnt guys…
Silent readers u tooo…… (Don’t stay silent)

Till then by by
Love u all…!!

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  1. Sriya

    hey marie di it was amazing and rocking as usual loved it to the infinity how u write so well give me some tips..!!!!!!!!! love u so much and your ff i read your os and commented on it..!!!!!!!!!!! such wonderful writings by such wonderful writer love u sooooo much…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Marie

      Hey sriya darling…!
      How r u 😀 ??
      Thank u sooo much fr cmmnting dear ur cmmnts r really boosters fr me !! OMG wat..? Tips haha nice joke u r great writer it’s me who should ask fr tips hahah !
      Ur ff is tooo much se be ziada great…!!!
      Yes dear I replied ur cmmnt on that…. Thanks fr cmmnting
      .love u soooooo soooo soooo much yr……!!!!!!!!!!
      Take care dear…!

  2. Sharmansangel

    Aap jaan leke hi manogi meri

    1. Marie

      Hahha nai behen tum aisa kyun soch rai hooo. Or Mai apni riya ki jaan kyun lene lagi huh ??!
      Suspense hai khul jai ga… Chill baby… 😉 😉
      Lots of luv

      1. Sharmansangel

        OK love you too

  3. WeirdSister

    Ohh maria…after so many days….I loved itit…post very soon….!?

    1. Marie

      Thank u so much fr cmmnting dear….!! How r u…?? 😀
      I will try to post ASAP 🙂 🙂

  4. pretty preeti

    Mark DJ
    Epi was amazing
    I think shravo gave papers
    Unme andar kya likha I don’t know
    Loved yje epi
    Post next one soon
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Haha thank u so much fr cmmnting my preeto dear…!!
      Hmm I can’t say abt it….n d suspense will be revealed in nxt’ chappy……!! 😉 😉
      Thanks dear….
      I will try to post ASAP 🙂
      Love u toooo
      Take care

  5. Mindblowing ff enjoyed it

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot fr cmmnting devgyani 🙂

  6. ?????
    Didn’t expect the friends gang too??
    But..happy with the surprise…without friends..its really ddifficult to spend 30days..?i mean a month??????

    1. Marie

      Hhah thank u so much fr cmmnting sona di…!!
      M really glad that u r lyking n enjoying d track 😉 🙂

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    Oh hi maria !! Yaar why why itna suspense??? pls post jaldi dear. Hate! These shraman moments were too good dear. Lots of love. Keep writing.

    1. Marie

      Hy nandini !!! 😀
      Thank u so much fr cmmnting yr….!!
      Aww ohk dear I will try to post ASAP
      Glad dat u lyked our one n only shraman moments 🙂
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  9. Hey marie…
    awesome epi dear
    Tumne mujhe phirse soch me daal diya
    Ab kya hoga konse papers kuch ni pta
    Bs itna pta hai ki agr tumne jldi post nhi kiya to me paagal ho jaungi…
    Hehe post asap

    1. Marie

      Hy Annie di
      How r u 😀 ??
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      Hahahah socho socho 😉 jab tak next ep aai ga 😉
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      Love u di
      Take care

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Maria !!! Mind blowing ep .. bt dear don’t hv any idea abt the papers ..
    Anyway ..
    Post soon ..?

    1. Marie

      Hy Fatima 🙂 how r u…? 🙂
      Thank u so much fr cmmnting dear….
      Ahaa no prob u will get to c in nxt ep 😉
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  11. Awesome episode. Liked it a lot.
    Post soon please.

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  12. Ariana

    Oho!!! I’m so happy tht Sumo’s parents r staying close together. Waiting for ShraMan confession. Wonderful epi…Loved it beyond words… Post next part soon. Nd the letter. Hmmm…. Seems like Priya-Kartik’s love letter. lol. idk. let’s wait. But dont keep me waiting for sooooo long tht i’ll walk using a stick. Post soon
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Thank u sooooo much fr cmmnting Ariana…!!
      Hahah shraman confession ko tym hai thoda wait beta wait 😀 😀
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  14. Nikita

    Woow di!
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    Preeti.. Bichari..
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    Oh toh engagement in dono ki h..
    Jo bhi ho..
    Posst sooon
    Love you!

    1. Marie

      Hahaha thank u so much fr cmmnting my nikko!!!
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