Pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff part 11 ( ek duje ke vaaste )


Hello guys..! How r u all??
Frst of all toh I want to say sooooo sooo sorry fr this late update or also I didn’t cmmnt on any ff frm days…but guys net prob…..hah….!!! But…finally problem got solved…!!
Hahah n now u tell me…missed me…??? Cause I missed u all so much….!!
Well thank u soo much fr cmmnting on prev prt m so happy…n obliged…
So here is prt 11…..
Hope u lyk it….

——–PART 11———-
—-sumo reaches at hotel wid family——
Priya n kartik ignores EACHOTHR…..
Preeti: wow finally!!!!! (Excitedly)
(She luks at sumo who WS glaring wt her)
P: wat???
S: cm wid me…..
(She grabs preeti by shoulder n takes her a side wid her)
S: Frst tell me wat is this drama u r creating…..??
P: wat have I done now??
S: really u don’t knw…! Luk at mom n dad…they’ve just cm here fr u bcz u were crazy…..why did u forced them by ur nerve cutting drama….
P: oo hello I WS nt doing drama di…….. (Sumo stares at her angrily)
P: di!!! I want us to spent tym together….
S: peeti!! U have gone crazy dont u knw abt mom n dad?? Why did u bring us here??
P: plzzz di ab Aagai hain na! Plzzzz let’s enjoy..!!
S: khaak enjoy…!!
(Sumo goes)

Preeti calls Khush n ayesh..
P: badtameezon !! Just bcz of all u my family thinks m mad…..mental !
K: hahah acha acha sorry… tell me one thing that u want ur sis happiness or……
P: ok ok…..don’t emotional blackmail me….
A: then stick to d plan..!!
(Both hangs up)
P: uffff these all….in sab chakkaroan Mai I will be declared mental….
(She goes)

Preeti booked one room fr both Priya n kartik…..
(They entered d room)
P: kartik ap bed pr so Jana….I knw it’s hard fr us to stay in one room….
K: bt fr preeti’s sake….
(Priya nods)
K: I don’t knw how this happened ? How preeti involved in a mental prob…..?? Us ne kis cheez ka depression lia hai??
P: yes same though…! Pr if we want her to become normal again we gave to do that drama….of being a family…
(Both looks down in sadness after hear d word ‘family’)

Note: guys here I want to tell u all smthing…that preeti isn’t mental doctor told them (Priya n kartik) that she has gone mental…. N they have to do family drama in order to keep her happy…..if they want her back..n it’s d only way….
(N guys I guess I don’t need to u all that how preeti n gang (Khush ,adi,ayesh,rohit)
Got mental certificate n doc drama…. (Nothin is impossible fr them) hahah
N sumo don’t knw abt this at all….

Sumo cms to her room…….
S: Aah (she jumps on bed) wat a relief………..
Uff I don’t knw how mom n dad agreed to cm here….they live separate ….never c each othr…n now a trip??? (She thinks) smthing is fishyyy…..
She goes n stands infront of mirror…….
Sumo luks at her locket..
So much drama happened…
——She remembers everything—-

“How u confessed that u loved me…how I ask fr sm tym bt can’t get away fr u even fr a day……(she remembers how she cared fr him) n then…..(she embers the farmhouse scene) how u changes so sudden (she remembers how he pins her to d wall ,how he got closer to her) bt u kept saying that u don’t love me…..(she remembers his words that he want a chance) I gave u that chance shr……..just bcz u r my best FRND……n frnds r lyf……..”
—-she sighs——-

Everyone planned to visit Eiffel Tower…..
Both sis gets ready n compliments EACHOTHR….
Priya n kartik cms….
K : preeti beta tomorrow u have n appointment….
P: with who???
K: dr.barry..???
P: doc bt why…?????!!!
Priya: sawal nai…bs Jana hai….
K: we r waiting in car cm soon both of u…..
S: chal preeti….
—preeti nods in sad way—-
Preeti in mind: zaroor psychiatrist ho ga…..cause Mai toh mental ho na…uff di apke liay Kia Kia Karna pad raha hai….!
Both sis in car n they reach their destination,…….
——Preeti n sumo click pics near Eiffel Tower—–

Priya is walking alone…suddenly sm boys cm n strt tease her…..
Kartik cm n places his hands on her shoulder….he deals with d guys in his manner…..
K: Banda dekh kar chalta hai Priya…..
P: sorry……
K: be careful nxt tym har baar bachane nai Aaon ga……
(Both gets sad n kartik leaves)
Priya thinks years ago….
How he saved her frm goons fr the Frst tym it WS the Frst tym she saw him….n fell frm him….
—-she gets sad—-
Tum nai badle kartik…….

Sumo is busy on d phone…suddenly she gets shr call…she picks up….
S: Aah I was thinking ke abhi tak tumhari call nai aai….Lekin dekho.,.
Shr: awww so sweet…..
S: hahaha I think u didn’t understand wat I said….let me say clearly I WS thanking god ke abhi tak tumhari call nai aai mujhe pakana ke liay….
She laughs—–
Shr: hahah very funny….now let me tell u a joke…frm now on I will not call u…
S: really (gets happy)
Shr: g Han..!! Cause ab se hum face to face baat Karen gai..!
S: Han Han theek hai…..(then she realizes) Kia kaha tumne!!!???
Shr: hahahah shocked??
S: hehe bad joke..!!
Shr: ooh so u don’t believe I m here…
S: no…not at all…
Shr: acha wait….(he sends her a pic)
—she saws it—
S: u r looking monkey…(laughs)
Shr: c it clearly…..
–sumo agin sees it n get total shock…there WS Eiffel Tower in the background —-
S: ye pic…..
Shr: Luk at ur back….
—-she luks back n got shocked when she sees kartik talking to ram n nirmala taklking to Priya…..—–
—-they were far frm her—-

She again luks front n find shr standing in front of her—-
—-there faces r inches closer—-
—her eyes widen in shock—–
S: t…….tu….tum…..??!!!!!
—shr smiles—-
Shr mimics her: h…ha..Han,…m..M..mai…..(he laughs)
—she steps backward—
It’s nt possible no…NO…. M DREAMING…..yes ofcourse,.. M dreaming…
(She luks at shr)
Pinch me…
Shr: wat..??
S: pinch me na…!! I knw m dreaming..!!
–she forwards her wrist—
–shr WS abt to pinch her….n she closes her eyes cause she knw that it’s gonna hurt….bt he cups her face—
–she opens her eyes–
Shr: m real…c….I can touch u……

—-guys shr didn’t pinch her cause he don’t want to hurt her—

S: wat r h doing here….?????
Shr: hawwwww at u mean??!!
S: I mean why r u here…!!
Shr: excuse me I already planned my vacation it’s u who came here…n before u were leaving I came…..I came to tell u bt u didn’t listen to me….
(Sumo remembers)
S: aahhhh yeah…..
Shr: hmmm yaad a Gaya….
S: hmmmm
Shr: even we r staying in same hotel….
S: wat the….!!!
Shr: hell!!
Sumo: so r u staying here…?
Shrd no….m staying in hotel…
S: aray!!!! I mean when u r leaving….!!
Shr: mmmmmmmm after one month..!
—he laughs—
S: ahhhhhh!!!!
(She gets irked)

—she goes n meets nir n ram—-
N takes their blessings….

Shr tooo cms n meets everybody….
Shr texts sumo….
She saws…
“Now we play dosti dosti here”
She luks at him while he winks at her….

So guys as u all knw the surprise WS shr is also in paris….kaisa LAGA? Mera surprise?? 😀

Precap: engagement party kis ki…??

So guys how WS d ep..??
Hahah surprising huh??
Now the drama will strt in paris……..

Socho socho…
N plzzz plzzzz give ur feed backs n ans through cmmnts
N silent readers (don’t stay silent)

Till then by byyyyy
Love u all…!!

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  1. WeirdSister

    Mariaaaaaaa…missed u so so much sweety….how r u…?
    Loved d epi…eagerly waiting for d next epi… !!,
    Luv u????

    1. Marie

      Awwwwww I missed u too or woh Bhi so so so so much…!!
      M fyn dear how r u….?? All fyn.?? 😀
      Thank u so much fr ur cmmnt dear….
      I will try to post ASAP… 🙂
      N yeah love u toooooooooooo!!!

  2. WeirdSister

    Mariaaaaaaa…missed u so so much sweety….how r u…?
    Loved d epi…eagerly waiting for d next epi… !!,post soon
    Luv u????

  3. pretty preeti

    Maro kaha ghum thi toh I missed u
    Now u r back toh welcome back
    Loved it
    It was awesome
    Love u
    Ya forgot how r u
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Hahahah so sorry…yr wo actually net prob n fault pata chalte chalte 2-3 din lag gai then theek karte karte… that’s y m late….. I missed u toooo much se Bhi ziada my…love..!!
      Haha thank u it’s so good to be back….!
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Sooooooooooo much fr ur cmmnt yr…
      Hehe I m fyn how r u…?? 🙂
      Love u toooo tooo n too…!
      Byy byyy
      Love u
      Take care..!

  4. Hehehehehe love the way shr suprises sumo and u surprise us luv it post soon

    but hru????

    1. Marie

      M fyn API…how r u…??? 🙂 🙂
      Hah thank u so much glad to knw that u r liking d track….. 🙂
      I will try to post soon…

  5. awsm epi
    see ur lovely di s bck
    haha i was always here bt cnt cmmnt due to prblm in screen as i hv told earlier
    love u a lotttttt
    keep wrtng like this..,

    1. Marie

      Yay…!!!! Di is back..!! So happy…!
      Aahaaaaa no prob di….glad that u cmmnt this tym 🙂
      Love u toooo tooooo much se Bhi ziada 🙂
      Thank u so much fr cmmnting di :$

  6. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey mario! I missed u so so much:) gald that u are back. Coming to the episode, it was really really gud. Am so happy for the dosti-dosti game of shravan and sumo. Post soon. Btw what happened to u??? Lots of love.kepp writing.

    1. Marie

      Hyyyyy Nandu darling
      How r u…????????…!! i also missed u or wo Bhi so SO SO so much se hi bht ziada…!!!!!
      Hahahah m also feeling so happy to be back..!
      Awww thank u so so much fr ur cmmnt yr….!!
      Glad that u r luking d track…..!!
      I will try to post ASAP… 🙂
      Aray yr wo na… ka prob as usual….fault dhoondte dhoondte 3 din lag gai then sahi karte karte…..
      Love u tooooo my love…!!?
      Take care

  7. Ufaaq

    Knock knock love
    Love I didn’t commented on ur ff last epi sooooooorrrrrryyyyyyyyyy api was ill but sweetu that doesn’t mean u will nt open the door open it quick kholo kholo love
    Nae khol rae gandi mar khao ge chaao kholo door
    Hmmm gud girl
    OK so how r u love???
    Virus kesa h tmhara??? Dar k bhag via ya nae???? Bhag gya ho ga I m sure because love is dangerous like api haina??? Hahaha
    So so so the epi was awesome adorable fabolous fantastic amazng and more than it
    I like that pinching part so sweet of Shr sumo shocked Shr rocked hahaha
    Preeti bechari pyscaterist air preeti dosti dosti khelen ge hahaha
    So it was all and all gud intact too gud
    So love weather kese h ???
    U know what yesterday it rained here my mother didn’t allowed me to feel the rain by taking bath init how rude of her haina????
    Anyway how is ur mom fyn shyn????
    Love kabhi lower Punjab ana to api se Milne ana OK??? Warna tmhara safar suffer bn jae ga hahaha
    OK bht lamba hogaya hogaya to hogaya haina???
    OK love u
    Take care
    God bless u
    Pray for me
    Love u mostest

    1. Marie

      Opening door…………………………
      Hyyy API how r u..???
      Wat wat wat…?!!! Ap or ill ??!! Kia karti ho API….! How r u now fyn nai nai ap ko fyn hona hi pade ga…..!!
      Aray API koi baat nai Kia hoa cmmnt na Kia toh….ap ye Batao how r u knw fyn na plz plz reply dat how r u knw……..m so worried….. 😮
      Hawwww how can I not open d door fr my API…it’s always n always open 🙂 🙂
      Hahaha API mujhe ap se ab toh maar khani hi khani hai…..ATLEAST ap yahan toh ao gai na 😀
      Ya API….my virus is fully gone now n m totally fyn alhamdullillah 🙂 🙂
      Hahahahah yaqeenan apki love ap pr hi gai hai dangerous hahahah
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Orrrr bht hi ziada thank u fr such a sweet cmmnt API….!!!!
      Hehehe m so. Happy that u luking d current track api 😀 😀 😀
      Hmm API d weather here is so hot…..
      Wow it rained there…cool thori yahan Bhi Bhaij do yr…. Hahah
      Ahan no no dats cause she cares abt u n how could u go n enjoy u knw na how is d mosam of pak……Maine khud annoy nai Kia phir Bhi I felt ill…..
      Mama is awesome blossom as usual ahan
      Apki mom kaisi hain how r the siblings ??
      Hehehe jab Bhi Aaon gi I will definately cm to meet u nai Bhi bulao gi tab Bhi Mai Aaon gi haha
      Lekin ap kab aarahe ho karachi bhee plz jaldi se aajao…
      Hehehehehehehe I lyk lambe cmmnts API…!
      I love u tooooooooooo
      U toooo plz plz take care…!
      N may god keeps u happy always…!
      I will always pray fr u api..!
      Love u us se Bhi ziada…!!
      By by

      1. Ufaaq

        Ohk love I m tooooo gud and fyn shyn alhamdolilah mama r Bhai b thk hain
        Love mera Karachi m koi nae h so its difficult for me to come but if I get chance I will surely come to meet u
        Love u too

  8. Nikita

    Marie di !
    First of all, I’m mad, aap ne nahi hi kuch bhi post kiya, nahi comments kiye..
    I missed you so much..
    Aap jaante ho ek choti behen ko uski badi behen ki kitti yaad aayi..??
    Now coming to the episode!
    Ye kya tha..
    I literally shouted and hooted at the fact that Shravan’s here!!
    My family’s like “pagal ho gayi ho kya”
    I was blushing the whole time.
    Lag raha hai mera pagal hone ka certificate Preeti ko mil gaya..
    Kartik and Priya… Amazing !!
    Maybe they will come together soon..
    Shravan’s here with Sumo.. Ab thoda mazza aaega.. Wai mei sochu..
    Ki ek mahina ShraMan alag kaise rahenge!
    Amazing episode di !! I loved it bht saara.
    About the question,
    Maybe Kartik and Priya’s .. Wild guess .. Pata nahi..
    Post soon..
    Waise meine new ff ka intro post kiya hai.. Aap ne padha?
    Accha okay..
    Sorry for such a long comment
    Lots of love from aapki choti si bhen,

    1. Marie

      Hello my cutoooooo nikko…!!!!!
      Awwww shoooo whooo sorry my love but net prob tha na….Kia karti….?
      I also missed u sooooo badly….I was waiting ke kab net theek ho n I will talk to u all n now c finally theek ho Gaya…!!
      Awww yr choti behen ko toh aati hi aati hai badi behen ko Bhi bht aati hai…!
      Hahahaha u were this shocked Hahahhahahaha
      OMG. .!!
      M so SO so glad that u lyked everything d bonding d current track…..!
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Thank u
      Soooooooo wala much fr ur such a sweet cmmnt yr…!
      Ohhhhk thanks a lot fr ur precious ans well It will be revealed in nxt ep .. 😉 😉
      I will try to post ASAP my dear…..
      Yeah yeah I read it sorry I couldn’t cmmnt but I want to say that OMG I was literally shocked to read it….!!
      I mean tumne sumo n suman name kaise use Kia yr it’s such a brilliant idea Mai toh teri fan ho gai….!!! Amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg intro of ur ff….!! I don’t knw wat to say cause I loved it to much se Bhi bht ziada n despretlyyyyy waiting fr ur Frst ever ep…!!!
      Acha when will u gonna post nxt ep of ur first ff
      N ep 1 of ur nxt ff…??
      Hahaha y y y sorry….!,? M loved ur long cmmnt yr 😀 😀
      I love u toooooooooooo my sweeto
      Frm ur badi behen
      Maria 😉
      Take care love…!

  9. Really nice….
    I love it …but, update it soon

    1. Marie

      Thank u so much fr cmmnting ashriti 🙂
      I will try to update soon 🙂
      Lots of luv 🙂

  10. Hey…I was right then..and now…??????
    It was so nice…
    Abh ye tho teek hai..par preeti ki help karney wala kaun Paris psychiatrist sey..bichari preeti..???????
    Hope so..shraman much karey..☺???
    Well enjoys..wt about engagement surprise..its really interesting..???

    1. Marie

      Yes sona di 😀 u always guess ri8 Kia baat hai apki 😉
      Haha thank u so much fr ur cmmnt di….
      Hehe is preeti ki toh chod hi den is ki help Karne wale bht hain… 😀
      Haha shraman se umeed gud gud 😀
      Well we c in nxt chappy kis ki engagement 😀
      Glad to knw that u r luking it….keep loving di 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Lots of luv

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Maria !!!! Missed u too dear .. nd the ep .. ohhhhhh yr what an amazing ep .. luved it to the core .. nd it was really awwwwesome .. nd the surprise ..haha .. that too was fabbbbbbb .. the way u portray the dialogues is really good .. seriously !!! I can imagine everything by ur dialogues ..
    Post soon ..
    Nd must be long like this one ..
    Take care ..
    With lotzzzz of love ..

    1. Marie

      Hyyyy Fatima…!!
      Haha so happy to knw dat u also missed me 😀 😀
      Awww thank u soo soo sooo much fr such a sweet n lovely cmmnt of urs yr….!
      Hahah glad to knw that u lyked surprise
      Thank u sooo much
      Yeah dear I will try to post nxt one ASAP
      Haha okyyy dear it will be lonely lyk it 🙂 happy ?? 😀
      Btw how r u…????? All fyn …?? 😀
      U tooo take care yr…!!
      Love u tooo too n tooo…!

  12. Liked this episode a lot ? ShraMan convo was so cute ? Missed your ff ? And the precap!!!! Confused about it though I don’t think it will be of ShraMan. But… Ahhh I don’t know.. :p
    When will you post the next episode??
    Waiting anxiously 😀

    1. Marie

      Hyyy zainab API….!
      Hehehe so happy to knw that u r lyking it…n u misses my ff….!!
      Hmmm hahahah Precap is confusing huh…..yes it is we’ll keep guessing 😉 😉 😉
      It will be revealed in next chappy 🙂 🙂
      Hahahahah wat n ans…!! 😀 😀
      Ammmmm I will post it after two or three days or maybe jaldi….
      Haha thank u so so much fr waiting anxiously 🙂
      Love u so much
      Take care..!

  13. Ariana

    Finally post kiya!!! I have been waiting sooooooooooo long. U just manage to surprise me always with something new. Y so good? Shravan to in FRANCE!!! nd now engagement!!! Probably not ShraMan, but they can spend time together now. Wow i’m so excited. Post soooon.
    Love u

    1. Marie

      Hahaha yes finally….!!!
      Btw dear how r u…???
      Aww sho sooryyy my dear fr making u wait…….
      Hehe so happy that u r lyking d track yrrrr
      Hmm ohk thank u so much fr ur precious ans well we will c in nxt chappy that kis ki engagement ho gi 😉 😉
      Haha tq so much fr being excited my dear…!
      I will try to post ASAP
      Love u so so so much yrrrrr….!!
      Take care

  14. Hey Maria…….. good to see you after a long time…….. I was missing your …..ff……………………… the update was awesome…… I enjoyed reading it…………. please post soon……. I will be eagerly waiting for the next update……. please.. please…. please….. please……. please….. post……. soon…………..

    1. Marie

      Hy kaya I also feel so happy to be back..!
      Aww thank u so much fr missing it….! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Haah ok…ok…ok….ok….ok…ok I will try to post ASAP ….!
      Thanks a tone fr waiting 😉

  15. Sumo

    really mast .. super maria.. ??
    loveeeedddd it .. all about dis…. ❤

    1. Marie

      Haha thank undo much sumo di….! 😀 😀

  16. Neeti

    sry ap se chat karte karte aha cmnt karna bhul gayi..nahi sayad maine cmnt kia tha bt pst nahi hua kuch bhi ho sakta he
    bt, rap: yoo man, shraman aya paris main dhum machane
    eiffel tower ho gaya fail unke samne
    hope dosti dosti khelte khelte yeh pyarr ko manle
    iss rap ke jaria feeling express kia maine..ab jaldi pst karia warna or bhi naraz ho jaungi (I’m already upset with you).
    narazgi bhara pyarr

    1. Marie

      Hahahaha no,prob yrrr
      Oooyyy hoyyyyy wat a great
      Fantastic rap yr…!! Neeto oo tu toh cha gai!
      Han Han I will try to post ASAP ASAP
      Hain q q q q q q q q…?????? Bheee q naraz ho btao na plzzzz
      Di ne aisa Kia kardia…??
      Nai bhee mujhe naraz gi wala nai pyaar wala pyaar chahiay apni neeto ka…!!
      Love u dear…!!
      Take care…!
      Bht saara pyaar wala pyaar frm di’s side

      1. Neeti

        ap online hote hua bhi mere msg ka reply der se dete ho isliye huh mene to pehle hi kaha tha me pakao hu ap itna pak geye ki mujhe reply bhi nahi dete ab

      2. Marie

        Array kahan pr FB insta yahan pr kahan pr….??? I don’t knw yr or btw tujhse ziada maha apko Mai hoon yahan pr…. Ahhaha

  17. Wow maro another great epi and what a surprise its wonderful but what about the engagement…..kis ki ho rahi ha aur kahan ho rai ha i mean paris ma ya delhi ma jaldi batao yar i mean jaldi post karo na i m waiting ok now bye lots of love take care honey

    1. Marie

      Aww thanks a lot fr cmmnting yr…! Han dear paris Mai hi ho rai hai cause paris drama hi chal raha hai…….Han kis ki ho rai hai dat will be reveal in nxt chappy….. 😉
      Haha ok dear I will try to post ASAP thanks fr waiting yr……
      Love u tooo toooo
      U tooo take care

  18. hey maria…episode was awsm as always …loved the surprise shravu too went to Paris. wow 🙂
    pls update next part soon…I hope its shraman engagement …at least u engage them here coz cv’s are not going to unite them easily I guess 🙁

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