Pyaar Deewana Hota Hain (intro,characters and episode 1)


Hi guys. Sorry couldn’t update cause i was busy with my bros records. So guys I’m glad u liked the CS. Since in the CS i have forgot to give links of previous Epi I’m giving it below.

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Guys before the intro i wanted to mention about the character’s profession and some of their Qualities I have missed in the CS + I’m even giving the Original names of each character. The new characters pics are posted on my wall (page) so plz have a look. If you have any problem with the character and want replacement plz private message me or write it in the comments column.

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Avni/AV/Avi/Avanya Grover/Avni Ayesha/Avni Ayesha Neil Khanna(28 yrs)[Aditi Rathod]- Dancer + has her own dance academy, did MBA, taken training of Police and an Undercover cop + a businesswomen

Neil Khanna/Tillu Khanna(29 yrs)[Zain Iman]: ACP of Mumbai.

Anika/Anika Grover/Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi(28 yrs)[Suribhi Chandana]: Dancer, did MBA, taken training of Police and an Undercover cop + a businesswomen

Shivaay Singh Oberoi/billu Singh Oberoi(30 yrs)[Nakul Mehta]- Businessman.

Omkara Singh Oberoi(29 yrs)[Kunal Jai Singh]- artist and shaayar + a newbie to business.

Ishaana Grover/ Ishaana Omkara Singh Oberoi (28 yrs)[Vrushika Mehata]- Dancer + has her own Academy.

Rudra Singh Oberoi(25 yrs)[Leenesh Mattoo]- did MBA.

Sowmya Grover/ Sowmya Rudra Singh Oberoi(25 yrs)[Neha Lakshmi Iyer]: RJ Angel. Did MBA

Neeraj/Neil/Nee Grover(18 yrs)- dancer, doing BBA, completed MEC.

Aarthi Bajaj(18 yrs): doing BBA, completed MEC

Karan Malhotra(28 yrs)[Aakash Talwar]: dancer, did MBA, taken training of Police and a cop.

Riya Kapoor(28 yrs)[ Swati Kapoor]: Fashion designer. Has a boutique and runs it with her sis Udita

Kabir Malhotra(28 yrs)[ Ashwini koul]: taken training of Police and a cop.

Udita Kapoor(28 yrs)[ Himani Sahani]: Fashion designer. Has a boutique and runs it with her sis Riya

Rhea Mehta(27 yrs)[ Nalini Negi]: Fashion Designer.
Ali Khan(28 yrs)[ Gautam Vig]: Runs a cafe(mos popular cafe in Mumbai)- Chamko Cafe

Aman/Amol Mehta(18 yrs)[Sushant Mohindru]- doing BBA, completed MEC

Kareena Khanna(18 yrs)[name??(if you know plz let me know through comment)]- doing BBA, completed MEC
{if you want a replacement for Kareena plz comment. The replacement would be Chandni Sandhu}
Neela Grover[Sayantani Ghosh]- business adviser for Nithin

Nithin Grover- businessman.

Pinky Singh Oberoi[Nitika Anand]- housemaker

Shakti Singh Oberoi[Siraj Mustafa Khan]- businessman

Janvi Singh Oberoi[Mreenal Deshraj]- business partner + adviser of Tej

Tej Singh Oberoi[Mahesh Thakur]- businessman

Swetha Khanna[Shruti Ulfat]- housewife

Prakash Khanna[Sanjay Swaraj]- businessman

Dadi[Navnindra Behl]- head of the house

Bebe[Neelu Kohli]- head of the house

So guys done with the occupations and character names.
So guys I haven’t mentioned the character names of Neeraj, Aarthi, Nithin as I’m in a dilemma, so guys i have even mentioned their Occupation and interests so guys plz give ur suggestions.

Neeraj- Siddharth Nigam
Pratyaksh Rajbhatt
Any other(plz suggest their names)

Aarthi- Tisha Kapoor
Swasti Kapur
Niyati Fatnani
Chandni Sandhu
Anushka Sen
Any Other(plz mention names)

Nithin- plz give suggestions

So guys plz give suggestions for the characters in the comments column. And plz give ur likes and dislikes.


In London

A bungalow is shown.

Inside a girl is shown wearing crop top, shorts, sneakers(white). She has curly hair, and shown applying mascara, eyeliner and Kajal.

Suddenly her phone rings (phone- i-phone Princess Plus)

She turns n her face is shown and she is reviled to be Avni.

POP (person on phone): AV!!!! Babes where r u???

AV(Avni):sorry K I’m on the way. Just a bit Traffic….. I mean heavy traffic…..

K(Karan):seriously AV ur room is full of cars na….

Avni turns around and finds K.

Avni(making a puppy face): sorry….

K: I can’t believe AV.. I mean AV.. after going to India and coming back became soo unpunctual…

Avni: K….!!!!

K: Sorry….

Both of them hug each other.

Person: Surprise.. Surprise!!!!

Avni/AV: Hey!!!
(and hugs the person)

Person: I missed u soo much

AV: me too

K: hello.. BF-GF do ur romancing later now chalo.. everyone would be waiting for us…

AV & person: K!!!

AV: OK chalo….
(karan leaves.. AV was about to leave but..)
AV: Aru y don’t u join us

Arnab: Avi u know naa.. + I have some work or else this much time is over we didn’t hangout together so I would surely come but…

AV: Ok baba no need to give too many explanations…

Avni(in mind while decending steps with Aru): I guess it is better i breakup with Aru… i felt very un confortable with him today… but y……?????? y I’m i not able to forget him…….
Leave it AV it is just because u were so much time with him(6 months) thats it……. But i love.. NO..No…no…

While decending cause she was busy thinking she stumbles and Arnab chatches her. She immediately stands erect and leaves by giving him a hug…

Aru: Whats wrong with her??? She is looking very uncorfortable with me……

In India

Khanna mansion

A boy is shown standing outside the Mansion door with a cake in his hand and cap on his head. His face is covered due to the cap. He plays the bell.

Riya: ha…kya chahiye..??(s.. what do u want??)

Boy: ma’am cake……

Riya: Cake?? par yaha tho kisene order nahi ki..(but none ordered from this house) but 1 min

Riya enquires in the house weather anyone ordered a cake but everyone replies no…

Aman: 1 min Di

Neil: kya hua Aman…(what happend Aman)

Aman: mein ja ke baat karta huin(i’ll go n talk with him)

Neil, Riya:????? O..k…

Aman: Bhai ye cake kis ke naam pe order kiya gaya hain???? (bro.. on whose name is the cake ordered??)

Boy: sir, aapke(urs)

Aman: 1 min how do you know I ordered it. tuje mera naam pata hain kya????(do u know my name at first place??)

Boy: a bey yaar if ur bro will not know then kise pata hoga(then who will know). (removing the cap)And u can’t even recognise ur bros voice…..

Aman: Neeraj!!!!! What a surprise man…

Neeraj: just stop ur drama bahut ho gaya… India aane ke baad u didn’t even call me once idiot…

Aman: sorry par tu Indi kab kise aur kyun aaya?????


Inside who all were listening to the conversation were not able to understand anything..

Aman: Bebe, Uncle, Aunty, Di aur Jiju ye mera best friend Neeraj hain.. London me rehata hain..

Neeraj: hello everyone.. Congrats Di Amol told me that u got married

Aman: Neeaj not this di man my elder di. She is elder than Riya di… Avni Di is married to Neil jiju.

Neeraj: hoo sorry…

Aman: pehale ye bata suddenly to India kyun aaya???(first u tell me suddenly y u came 2 India)

Riya: haan Neeraj.. ese achanak..(like this suddenly) anything serious??

Neeraj: nahi… nothing serious but i had to complete a promise so i came here..

Aman: Neeraj??? What promise???

Neeraj: before i tell what is the promise i want to tell u some thing

Aman: ???? what???

Neeraj: OMG still didn’t understand b’day boy

Aman: no….. wat promi….s..e…. shit i forgot..

All except Neeraj: aur hum bhi(v 2)

All the people in Khanna Mansion: Happy b’day Aman/amol

Neeraj: ok now cut the cake….

All the Khannas and mehtas celebrate Aman’s bday

All are in the sitting area having cake and some gossips like about the happenings in Neerman’s collage (Neeraj and Aman).

Neeraj: bhaiya.. plz tell me about Di naa.. plz

Neil was about to say but Neeraj stops him not like this in form of song… after u describe di u can pass this task to anyone..

Kareena: Wow nice game!!

Neeraj: thanks Kareena.

Prakash: u know her??

Neeraj: Uncle same collage naa…

Swetha: points…

Neerman: Jiju start…. plz

Neil:(closes his eyes and thinks of Avni)[guys {} are for authors saying/ Neil’s / Avni’s thinking]

Thodi thodi katthai si uski aankhein
Thodi surme bhari..
{neil thinks of Avni’s eyes}
Hmm… thodi-thodi katthai si uski aankhein
Thodi surme bhari..

Uske honthon pe muskurayein
Haaye duniya meri
{Neil thinks of Avni’s lips}
Ho.. chakhna bhi chaahun
Rakhna bhi chaahun
Sabse chhupake usey.. haaye
{Rabba.. Rabba neil
Mere Rabba Rabba
Mujhe bas ik jhalak toh dikha
Ho.. ho!
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Chaahe badle mein le le tu jaan
Woh hu wo…}{ thinks of Avni’s paagal pan her naughty doings,her talks,etc }
Yaaron main kaise kahoon, kya hua?
Hosh hai ab kahin hai kahin yeh hawaa
{neil remembers the time he keeps on staring Avni}
Phirta hoon khud ko bhulaaye huve
Yaad meri mujhe toh dila do zaraa
{moments when neil forgets everything and thinks of Avni}
Bematlab sa, jeeta raha tha
Ab mill gayi hai wajah.. haay
{Neil remembers the moment when he confess his love}

Yun toh ye dil, haan phisalta nahi
Moam ki battiyon pe pighalta nahi
{he remembers the moments he starts kiking Avni which is unknown to himself}
Naina woh hai na
{Neil remembers Avni’s eyes}
Haan sitaarein hain dau
Chaand dil mein kabhi bhi nikalta nahi
{Neil remembers the moment when Avni gets ready and comes out of Washroom and the dam gorgeous looks of hers}
Talna bhi chaahun, bujhna bhi chaahun
Main unn charaagon tale.. haaye
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Mujhe bas ik jhalak toh dikha
Ho.. ho!
Rabba.. Rabba
Mere Rabba Rabba
Chaahe badle mein le le tu jaan….
{Remembers his and Avni’s best and romantic moments}

Neeraj voice disturbs Neil and Neil comes out of Avni’s trance.

Neeraj: Not bad ha bhai.. ur so…. romantic by the way where is d ii wanna meet he…r…
(just then his phone rings(it was AV/Avni’s))

Neeraj: yaa Di

AV: where r u neel

Neeraj(being cool(super cool)): Di actually I’m in India

AV:With whose permission did u go.. Dad.. no… Mom…. no… Mine…. no… don’t forget ur just 18 u can go i wont stop u like mom dad u know still u didn’t tell me… i want u in London in 4 hrs thats it understood… if not better understand..

Neeraj: Di.. Di….. shit

Prakash: what happend beta

Neeraj: yaar Aman sorry I’m in ahurry i have to leave… bye (hugging Neil and Aman and leaves)


Pinky: shivaay sham ko pandit jis aarahe hain tu jaldi tayaar ho ja
(Shivaay evening pandit jis is coming so quickly get ready)

Shivaay: Mrs. Oberoi mein kuck kaam se California jaa raha huin so mein shaam ko puja mein nahi baet sakta.
(Mrs. Oberoi I’m going to California due to some work so i wont be attending evening puja)

Pinky: Shivaay tu kyun muje Mrs.Oberois.. Mrs.Oberois bularaha hain maa huin mein teri muje maa nahi bula sakta haaa… bata shivaay bata……
(shivaay im ur mom then y r u calling me Mrs.Oberois.. Mrs.Oberois….. tell me shivaay tell me…..)

Shivaay: Cause aap ki vajaha se Anika ghar chod kar cheligayi.(because of u anika left the house) talking like this is only great with u so don’t keep much exceptations.

Saying this shivaay left to his room.

He takes a frame and keeps it near his heart and cries

Shivaay: why did you leave me

The picture is reveled to be Anika’s

Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin (x2)

Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina…


Kaat’ta hoon laakhon lamhein
Kat’te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat’te nahin hain (x2)

Sookh gaye hain aansu teri judai ke
Palkon se phir bhi baadal
Chhant’te nahin hain

Khudko main hasaaun kaisi
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..

Mmm.. o…

Haathon ki lakeerein do milti jahaan hai
Jisko pata hai bata de
Jagah woh kahaan hai (x2)

Ishq mein jaane kaisi ye bebasi hai
Dhadkano se milkar bhi dil tanha hai
Doori main mitaun kaise?
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..

In Airport(california)

A girl with a high pony with curls in the ends wearing formals (white formal shirt, black skirt, black stockings, formal heels, black coat) is shown.
She is revealed to be Anika. She is shown talking in Fluent English.

Anika: Ok u ppl go I’ll just come

After they left

Anika: Muje eesa kyun laga ki Shivaay yaha par hain

By saying this she turns around. But misses to c him. And same happens with Shivaay who is in the same Airport as he came o US for attend the meeting.

Pre cap:
1. Neil, DD & Mithali in London!!!!
2. Can Avneil meet in London?????
3. Shivika comes face 2 face!!!!!
4. Will Shivika confess their love again for each other?????
5. Ishkara and Rumya spend Quality time
6. Dadi’s rules for marriage for Ishkara and Rumya(not again)

So guys i wish u like it. So done with epi 1 if u want any changes plz mention. And not only changes if u have ideas for writing further episodes plz mention it in comments area or u can Private Message on TU.

And guys plz suggest couple names for Neeraj- Aarthi, Nithin-Neela, Karan-Riya,
And suggest or select characters for Neeraj, Aarthi and Nithin and if you want changes for any character for ex. Change in Kareena’s…. plz mention it in the comments.

Pics of each character will be posted on my wall. So guys have a look

guys its a naamkaran and Ishqbaaz FF so if you didnt like the idea of joining plz comment

——————-luv u guys

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      I’ll be telling the reason why Avni aka AV is calling Neeraj as Neel/Neil.
      And the BF part I’ll make i clear too

  5. I loved it….osm I am both ishqbaaz and naamkaran fan…ishkara and rumya my favourite but they are are not together now…I so want ishana…I become glad seeeing your ff ..plz cont for ishkara,rumya and Avneil…ok,for neeraj sidhanth nigam will be right and for arti I would suggest jannat zubair rehmani or reem sheikh…byr

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    1. LuvIBN

      Neeraj doesn’t know that Aman is his Bro. And sure dear Kaarena will be the same. Glad u liked it. And yaa ShivikAvneil will renuite but with a lot of Twists. Just wait for the next episode and read. I’m sure ull ans for all ur queries.. bye dear. And really glad u liked it

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