Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 4

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Episode begins.


Krishna enters the hall, where Bhavna and Baby are sitting.

Bhavna: Krishna! Come here!

Krishna sits with them.

Bhavna: Krishna, i know that you and Sayaam married without us, however we should make your marriage official.

Krishna nods.

Baby: We are holding a reception party, tomorrow. For you and Sayaam!

Krishna: But maa ……

Bhavna: Dont worry i will handle her.

Baby: And we will invite your mom too.

Krishna smiles faintly. Bhavna hands Krishna a box.

Krishna: Whats this?

Bhavna: Your clothes for the party. The red will look beautiful on you!

Krishna smiles and Bhavna holds open another box with a stunning diamond necklace inside.

Bhavna: And this is a Birla family heirloom. Its very expensive and important so please take care of it. I want you to wear it tomorrow.

Krishna accepts it gratefully. Baby stares at the necklace in shock and she burns with jealousy. Sayaam enters and has been listening for a while.

Sayaam: What is the need to hold a reception party?

Bhavna: Sayaam, i want you and Krishna to see that despite everything, we accept your marriage and are happy for you.

Sayaam sees Suhani enter the hall.

Sayaam: Fine we can hold a party. But family only.

He passes a stern look in Suhani’s direction and leaves. Suhani also leaves. Bhavna sighs.

Bhavna: I wish this mother-son duo sort out their drama soon.

Krishna looks upset.

Krishna: Aunty, somewhere i feel this is all my fault. If i had not married Sayaam, then maa would not be fighting with him at the moment.

Bhavna: Its nothing like that Krishna ……

Krishna leaves, sadly.

Sayaam is in his room, throwing things everywhere, angrily. He throws a vase and cuts his hand by accident. The vase smashes into pieces. Just as this action happens, Krishna enters the room.

Krishna: Sayaam!

She hurries towards him and holds his hand examining the wound.

Krishna: Sit here! I will get the first aid kit.

She rushes to find things whilst Sayaam watches her. She sits next to him and applies ointment to his cut. She blows his hand, carefully, so it doesnt hurt him. A beautiful, romantic song plays in the background. Krishna bandages his hand slowly. Sayaam stares at her face, mesmerised throughout. Krishna looks up at him, still holding his hand. Their eyes lock and strands of Krishna’s hair blow in the wind. Sayaam breaks the eyelock and moves his hand from hers. He stands up and faces away from her.

Sayaam: There is no need for you to do that.

Krishna: Do what, Sayaam?

Sayaam: Pretend like you care for me. No one else is here. You can stop your drama.

Krishna looks upset.

Krishna: This is all an act for you?

Sayaam turns around to look at her.

Sayaam: We dont love eachother, Krishna. You only ever loved Karan.

Sayaam clenches his fists.

Sayaam: Which is why we are married.

Sayaam leaves the room angrily whilst Krishna cries.

Sayaam comes to Yuvani’s room. He stops at the door. Yuvani is holding a picture of Karan and talking.

Yuvani: Just 4 months now, Karan. 4 months until our princess arrives.

Yuvani cries, but smiles bravely.

Yuvani: I wish you were here with me, Karan.

Sayaam stands, hurt and is about to talk to her but leaves, unable to face her. He walks down the corridor and overhears Bhavna on the phone.

Bhavna: Yes! Thank you! I am so glad you you have agreed to come, Soumya ji. We will see you tomorrow!

He walks back into his room. Krishna is sitting at the dressing table, trying on the necklace. He looks at her and walks over to the bed. He lays down with his feet up and uses his phone. Krishna looks at him through the mirror and thinks.

Krishna: He’s so arrogant. I didnt ask to marry him. So why does he do this to me.

She doesnt realise that she has started to talk aloud and make actions with her hands that portray her words.

Krishna: I will keep to myself, and he can keep to himself. But no. Sometimes he cares for me and sometimes he is angry. So weird.

She makes a face. Sayaam looks up from his phone.

Sayaam: I can hear you.

Krishna looks shocked and holds her hands over her mouth. She still faces him through the mirror and mutters.

Krishna: Now he wont leave me ……

Sayaam: Keep your thoughts about me to yourself, Krishna ……

He goes towards her. Krishna gets shocked seeing him come closer to her. He places his hands on her shoulders and looks at her in the mirror, speaking.

Sayaam: Or I will make your life miserable.

He looks at her coldly and leaves the room leaving Krishna in shock.

Episode ends. ✨


Suhani: I want to introduce to you, Mrs Krishna Sayaam Birla. The newest bahu of the Birla family.

Everyone applauds, whilst Suhani turns around to reveal Krishna, crying.

Epsiode today was slightly all over the place! And i know you may want to know the answers to the other characters’ tracks, but dont worry all will be revealed! Today’s question of the day:

Q. Why do you think Krishna is crying in the precap? ??

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  1. Aaravjaikar

    Good one … as always… love it… keep posting……

  2. Awesome loved it ????????

  3. Awesome episode

  4. Aarti32

    It was great..N d reason Krishna is crying in d precap, will be who else than Saiyyam baba!!

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Im glad you enjoyed it! Keep reading to find out! ??

  5. Fidato

    Nice…one.. I was smiling when I read “I can hear you” from Sayyam..?

    Are you the same fanficwriter who wrote love an escape…???

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Haha thanks for reading love x ??

    2. Fanficwriter518

      No sorry i didnt write that. I wrote The Chronicles Of Kriyam but thats it xx

      1. Fidato

        Oh…Ok… Keep writing….


      I write that ff ?

      1. Fidato

        Oh..Sorry.. please..I just want to know..When are you resuming that ff love an escape..

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    Awesome episode….. And thrilling precap. Just loving the ff. Well I think it is either saiyyam or baby. I think baby stole krish’s necklace.. Or saiyyam must have taunted her…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Awh thanks for reading and your opinion x i love reading your comments and your fanfic. Even though i dont comment, i read each episode without fail ❤❤


    This ff is sooo very lovvely and beautiful and emotional and suspenseful and just… perfect. I missed you and your wriring for so long… so glad to have you back… ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! That means a lot x im so glad you enjoy it ❤❤❤

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