Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 3

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Episode begins.


Sayaam wakes up and finds himself on the bed. Krishna sits at the dressing table, fixes her sari and applies her sindoor. Sayaam stares at her as she flips her long, silky hair behind her. Krishna notices and turns around.

Sayaam: Um …… how did I get here?

Krishna: Its okay. I slept on the sofa.

Sayaam nods. They hear a knock on the door. Sayaam goes and opens it. Bhavna and Baby enter.

Bhavna: Good morning!

Sayaam smiles.

Sayaam: Good morning, maasi.

Bhavna: Where is my bahu?

Bhavna goes to Krishna.

Bhavna: You look so beautiful. Today is your first day in this house. And your first time cooking for the family. Come. Baby and I will help you.

Baby goes to Krishna and leads her out the room. Krishna smiles seeing her care. She looks back at Sayaam who avoids her gaze. They leave. Bhavna speaks to Sayaam.

Bhavna: Sayaam. Beta, are you ok?

Sayaam: Im fine maasi.

Bhavna: Ok you freshen up and then join us for breakfast.

Sayaam: I will. But first I want to speak to Yuvani.

Bhavna nods.

Sayaam enters the kitchen. Krishna sees him and looks away. Sayaam feels hurt. He looks towards Baby who is about to add extra salt to a dish made by Krishna. Sayaam runs there and grips her hand. He whispers to her.

Sayaam: Dont even think about it.

Baby is shocked.

Sayaam: We will talk later. I came here for Yuvani’s food.

Krishna: I will bring it.

Sayaam: Okay.

He gives Baby a cold look and leaves. Baby looks on stunned.

Sayaam enters Yuvani’s room. Yuvani is sitting on the bed holding her stomach. She looks ahead lifelessly.

Sayaam: Yuvani.

He proceeds to sit near her on the bed.

Sayaam: Yuvani. Look at me.

Yuvani looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Sayaam: Why are you crying?

There is a long pause. Sayaam gets up to leave but is interrupted by Yuvani.

Yuvani: Because i have been hurt by the person i love the most. My brother.

She cries silent tears.

Yuvani: Mumma told me you got married …… without telling her.

Sayaam: Yes but I ……

Yuvani: You love her a lot right? Krishna?

Sayaam has tears in his eyes seeing Yuvani’s state. Krishna enters with a tray. Sayaam notices and quickly wipes his tears. He gets up. He walks towards the door. He looks at Krishna and then leaves. Krishna proceeds towards Yuvani and places the tray down near the bed.

Krishna: Um …… good morning, di.

Yuvani doesnt respond, she just looks ahead.

Krishna: Your breakfast is here …….

Krishna gets up to leave. Yuvani holds her hand and stops her. She talks but continues looking ahead.

Yuvani: You love my brother, dont you?

Krishna sits. She nods.

Yuvani: Please take care of him ……

She cries. Krishna gets up and leaves sadly.

Krishna and Baby set the table and bring all the dishes.

Yuvaan: Wow Krish! You made so much food! It all looks so good!

Bhavna: Krishna you have our Yuvaan’s approval!

Krishna smiles.

Krishna: Thank you.

Suhani comes and sits at the end of the table. Baby serves her. Sayaam also sits. Krishna serves him, avoiding eye contact.

Yuvraaj: Krishna beta, sit and eat with us.

Krishna pulls out a chair and is about to sit down next to Sayaam but is stopped by Suhani’s words.

Suhani: Stop.

Everyone looks in her direction. Krishna is shocked.

Suhani: She will not sit here.

Yuvraaj: But Suhani ……

Suhani: Thats it. I’ve said it. She will not sit here.

Sayaam: Stop it maa.

Suhani is shocked and looks coldly towards Sayaam.

Sayaam: Krishna is my wife. She has every right to sit at this table.

Suhani: But she is not my bahu.

Krishna sheds a tear, hurt by these words, but quickly wipes it away.

Bhavna: Suhani, what are you saying?

Sayaam: Leave it maasi. If Krishna cant sit here, I also won’t sit here.

Sayaam gets up and holds Krishna’s hand. Suhani looks away. Sayaam leads Krishna away from the table. Krishna smiles faintly at his care.

Sayaam brings Krishna to their room.

Krishna: What was that?

Sayaam looks confused.

Sayaam: What do you mean?

Krishna: Why did you make us leave from there?

Sayaam speaks angrily.

Sayaam: Because you dont need to listen to anyones disrespect.

Krishna: But Sayaam. She is my saas. Even though this is a contract marriage that no one else knows about, it is my duty to care for this family as a bahu. And earn their love and respect.

Sayaam feels a sense of pride hearing Krishna say this but doesnt show it.

Sayaam: But the way she treated you isnt right. And until she accepts you as my wife, im not her son either.

Sayaam turns around to leave the room. He stops, shocked, seeing Suhani standing in the doorway. Sayaam walks towards the door brushes past her angrily and exits.

Suhani looks at Krishna and then leaves.

Episode ends.


Krishna: This is all an act for you?

Sayaam: We dont love eachother Krishna. You only ever loved Karan ……

Q. Do you think Krishna was responsible for Karan’s death?? ??

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