Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 2

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Episode begins.


Krishna’s mother Soumya hears the doorbell. She proceeds to open the door and stands with a look of shock. Krishna and Sayaam are standing at the door, drenched from the rain. Krishna is in her wedding attire. Soumya cries. She touches the sindoor on Krishna’s forehead, refusing to believe her sights.

Krishna: Mom ……

Krishna’s brother Golu comes there. He is also shocked. On seeing him, Sayaam clenches his fists and recalls the night he heard the gun shots fire and Yuvani scream. Golu speaks, angrily.

Golu: Krishna what is all this?!

Krishna cries seeing Soumya’s state.

Krishna: Mom ……

Soumya wipes her tears.

Soumya: Krishna, clearly tell me. What is this?

Krishna stammers as she replies.

Krishna: Mom …… Say ……aam and I …… um ……

Sayaam interrupts and lies.

Sayaam: I married Krishna. Because she loves me and I love her.

Soumya cries and falls in shock.

Soumya: Golu …… this is not my daughter …… this is not my daughter …… i dont know who this is ……

She cries in pain, hurt.

Golu: You should go.

He shuts the door and leaves Sayaam and Krishna standing on the doorstep. Krishna cries and begins knocking on the door repeatedly.

Krishna: Mom …… mom …… im sorry. Forgive me! Mom ……

Sayaam is hurt seeing her state.

Sayaam: Um …… meet me in the car.

He quickly leaves and Krishna lifelessly follows.

They arrive together at the Birla mansion. Krishna is no longer crying but shows no happy emotions. Sayaam looks at her. He is mesmerised by her beauty but snaps back into reality. He rings the doorbell. Suhani and Bhavna come to the door at the same time. Suhani smiles and opens the door, however her smile fades when she sees Sayaam and Krishna. Some of the family ( Yuvaan, Baby, Yuvraaj ) enter the scene and are shocked.

Suhani: Sayaam ……

Sayaam: Maa ……

Suddenly, Suhani slaps Sayaam hard. The noise rings in the atmosphere and everyone gasps. Krishna quickly grips onto Sayaam’s shoulder in shock and care. Sayaam looks at her. She realises and breaks away.

Suhani: Sayaam! Why have you done this? You got married without telling me? Why?!

Suhani cries. Sayaam looks hurt.

Suhani: Do you not have the slightest bit of respect or care for me that you took such a big decision upon yourself?

Sayaam: Maa …… please …… let me explain.

Sayaam steps forward but Suhani backs away from him. He is shocked.

Suhani: There is no need. Today you have proved you are not my son.

She wipes her tears and leaves whilst Bhavna calls after her.

Bhavna: Suhani! At least listen!

Sayaam: Leave it maasi. She has every right to be angry.

Sayaam bows down his head. Bhavna goes towards him and holds and lifts his face.

Bhavna: Sayaam. I will not ask you for the details. I still do not fully understand why you took it upon yourself to marry Krishna. However, it has happened. There is nothing we can do.

She smiles.

Bhavna: It is better we accept it.

She holds Krishna’s face and smiles.

Bhavna: And welcome the newest bahu of the Birla family.

Krishna manages a faint smile.

Baby: I will get the pooja taal.

Yuvraaj goes to Sayaam.

Sayaam: Papa …….

Yuvraaj hugs Sayaam before he can speak.

Yuvraaj: Sayaam. Im proud of you. That you made this decision by yourself. Yes i too would have liked to be there at my sons wedding, but i trust any decisions you make yourself.

Yuvraaj is in tears. Sayaam smiles at his words.

Yuvraaj: And your maa will also accept this. Eventually.

He smiles.

Bhavna: Krishna, beta, come. You need to complete the welcoming rituals.

Yuvaan: Yes come in Krishna.

Everyone smile as they watch Krishna enter the house. Sayaam feels content seeing the support and care.

Later, Sayaam enters his room. He sees Krishna sitting on the edge of the bed crying, and talking to herself.

Krishna: Why? Why did this happen to me?

Krishna sees Sayaam and quickly wipes her tears. Sayaam feels awkward.

Sayaam: Krishna. I hope you know this is a contract marriage. You are not compelled to share any relationship with me.

Krishna listens silently.

Sayaam: You sleep here today. I will sleep on the sofa.

Sayaam heads towards the washroom. He stops and turns back.

Sayaam: And Krishna …… im ……

Krishna looks up with hopeful eyes.

Sayaam: Um …… never mind.

Sayaam leaves. Krishna cries.

Episode ends.


Krishna pulls out a chair to sit down.

Suhani: She wont sit here.

Sayaam: Krishna is my wife. It is her right to sit at this table.

Suhani: But she is not my bahu.

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