Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 1

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Hi everyone! Im here with a new fanfiction for you all!

Its based on Kriyam. There will be different tracks to the story that involve different characters so drama/events will happen between them all, not just Kriyam. ( Also note that more romantic Kriyam scenes will follow later. ) Most of the main characters follow the real show SSEL but not all the show’s characters are featured. A few characters are made up and will be introduced in the fanfic.

Character Info:

Krishna is the daughter of Soumya. She lives with her mother and brother in their family heirloom mansion.

Sayaam is the youngest son of Suhani and Yuvraj. He is a very powerful business man and the co-owner of the Birla company. He is very close to Yuvani.

Yuvani is older than Sayaam and Yuvaan. (The oldest. ) She became lifeless after her husband died. At the moment she is pregnant.

Yuvaan is older than Sayaam but younger than Yuvani. He is their brother. He owns the Birla Comany.

Baby is cunning and likes to cause trouble. She married Yuvaan and is still best friends with Sayaam. They never dated. She often cares for money more than anything else.

Golu is Krishna’s brother. He despises the Birla family. The reasons will be revealed later.

Karan is Yuvani’s dead husband. More will be revealed about him later.

Soumya is still alive but her husband is dead. Krishna is her daughter and the Birla family know them as the families used to be friends, but they have no other connections. After Karan died, they stopped talking.

Suhani and Yuvraj are the parents of Sayaam, Yuvani and Yuvaan. They are their usual characters but Suhani isnt as nice at the beginning. She will develop later.

Bhavna is a widow. She has a son, Arjun who works abroad and may enter the story later.

The first episode will begin and it is v short as its just a small intro into the story line. Sorry for all the writing at the beginning!

I hope you all enjoy this new fanfiction and please, please comment regularly to let me know your thoughts! Enjoy xx


Episode begins.

Its a dark, rainy night. Sayaam and Krishna are standing outside the temple in the rain. Sayaam has his hand gripped tightly around Krishna’s wrist. Krishna struggles to get free.

Krishna: Sayaam! Leave me!

Sayaam tightens his grip further.

Sayaam: Accept the offer first!

Krishna is shocked. She cries.

Krishna: I will never marry you!

A flashback is shown.

Sayaam and Krishna are in Krishna’s room.

Sayaam: You will marry me. For 6 months.

Krishna: Why? Why will I marry you?

Sayaam: Because you owe me! You owe my family. Your family broke my sisters’ heart! You took her love ……

Sayaam is near to tears. Krishna is stunned.

Krishna: But ……

Sayaam: Its all your fault! Someone has to pay. Its because of you that my sister is in this state today. Your family killed her husband!

Krishna is broken hearing this and cries.

Krishna: I didnt know he was married! I agree, i should have found out the truth before we got engaged. But when it finally came out, I didnt know this would happen! I never meant for it to come to this ……

Sayaam: Your right. Thats why you will marry me. Pretend that you only ever loved me. So my sister can live in peace and so can her unborn child.

Krishna cries.

Krishna: No Sayaam! Please! Dont ruin my life like this!

Sayaam: For 6 months Krishna. Then you can go.

Krishna falls to the ground, crying.

Flashback ends.

Sayaam: You have no other option Krishna. You have to marry me.

Krishna cries heavily and stops trying to leave Sayaam’s grip.

Krishna: I have lost Sayaam. You were right. I have no other option ……

Sayaam sadly watches Krishna as she gives up and begins walking up the steps towards the temple. He sheds a tear but quickly wipes it, clenches his fists and follows her.

They begin to complete all the necessary rituals. They exchange garlands. Krishna cries as Sayaam chains the mangulsutra around her neck. A sad song plays in the background. Krishna shuts her eyes tightly as Sayaam applies the sindoor to her hairline. They begin to take their rounds. Krishna thinks.

Krishna: Mom will never forgive me …… but Sayaam has made me helpless ……

As they switch positions, Sayaam thinks.

Sayaam: Im sorry Krishna. I didnt want to do this. But I have no other option …… im doing this for Yuvani ……

The scene fades as they complete their rounds.

Episode ends.


Suhani slaps Sayaam.

Suhani: Today you have proved you are not my son.

I hope you all enjoyed the small insight into the story. I will try where possible to leave a small question at the end of some episodes so i can interact with you all and here your responses! Im also putting a few little emojis at the beginning of each episode that i think relate to the episode!

Q. Who do you think killed Yuvani’s husband? ?

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  1. Good start…saiyyam thinks that golu killed karan…But golu didn’t kill him someone other and I think its yuvaan

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Interesting thoughts x keep reading to find out ?❤

  2. This seems similar to the plot of IPKKND, I loved the starting though!!!
    You’re a very descriptive writer. Can’t wait to read more!!
    Muah xx

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! IPKKND was one of my fav shows so i took inspiration for the beginning part. Keep reading x ??

  3. Awesome ???????? keep writing

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      Thank you x keep reading! ??

  4. Ohhhhh wow❤I find it so interesting?

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      Thank you! Im glad you are enjoying it x ❤

  5. Your story line seems pretty good and different so excited for the next part.Please upload ASAP

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      Thank you! Will upload soon x ❤❤

  6. It seems to be very interesting. Waiting for next epi.

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      Thanksss ❤❤

  7. Nice onee??????

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  8. Awesome start?loved it dr???? I also think golu killed karan.I think it happened by mistake. Nt sure.eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi.plz post d nxt prt soon dr.??? till then bye tc

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it! Keep reading to find out x ??✨

  9. Nice start dear….
    Keep posting…

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      Thank you x will do ???

  10. Next upload plz

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      Will upload soon x ?

  11. Aaravjaikar

    My my awesome storyline loved…. ittt… keep posting…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks you im so glad you enjoyed it x ???

  12. Really interesting start. My guess would be Golu who killed Karan, but I’m sure there is a twist to the story. Anyway waiting to see what happens next!

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Keep reading to find out! ❤❤⭐

  13. Aarti32

    Great start!! N Baby might hv killed Karan..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks and good suggestion! Keep reading to find out x ❤❤✨

  14. Hafsaaa

    Ooo interesting ??

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      Thank you! Please continue to read and support ??⭐

  15. Heu dear. Am not sure but i think u r the writet of 2 bodies and one soul. If its you then plzzz its my humble request to post that ff. Its onw of my fav.This is also very superb.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Hi love x no im not the author of that fanfic, sorry! Thanks for reading mine though! ❤❤

  16. sanjana kapoor

    Nice start suspense cool???
    Good one

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      Thank you ❤❤

  17. Nice update and very interesting

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  18. Very nice loved it

  19. Shaani

    Nice… Interesting .. Waiting for the next part…??

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      Thank you x ❤❤

  20. I gss by mistake krishna killed karan

  21. Karan krishna k sth misbehave kr rha hoga….nd to protect herself she may did something

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Interesting ideas x keep reading to find out! ??

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