Pyaar me confusion (Part 1)


Hey guys!! Samnavi here with three shot …….


Part 1

A girl is seen waiting in a park for somone……

Girl: Aj b late!! ??? Yeh hmesha mujhe wait krwata hy!! ??? Aj tou isse choroon GI nhn!! ?? Bhala yeh b koi tariqa howa!! ??

Just then a car came and stop in front of her!! A cute boy came out of it with flowers in his hand the girl look him with rage in her eyes!! ????

Girl: Youuuu!! ???

Boy smiles at her and hold his ear and ask sorry from her cutely!!! ??

Boy: Sorry Baba!!! ?? Plz plz plz this is the last time!! ?? I promise from now on i won’t make u wait for me too long!!

Girl: ?? No!!? ??

Boy: Baby plz maan jao na!! ??
(He said this while turning her towards himself and making a cute puppy face)

Girl: No I m not going to melt by ur sweet talks Sanskar!! ??? ( Yes guys the boy is our Sanskar ??) Sanskar: But baby i love u na!!! ?????Plz listen!! ???

Girl: Hawww!!! Sanskar what was it!!! ??☺☺

Sanskar: ( Teasingly ) What Swara?? ?? What r u tring to say?? Say it clearly na?? ???
Saying this he held her by her waist making her more nervous!! ???

Swara: W…. Wh…. Wh… Whhhaatt aaarrreee yooouu…..
(Swara got totaly blank coz Sanskar start moving his hand on her face romantically and the other one on her waist!!! ????☺?

Sanskar loving stare each and every expression of her!!! ??? And a cute smile come on his lips seeing her lady love like this ?☺? He Sweety plant a kiss on her forehead!! ??
Swara who had closed her eyes in nervousness feel his touch and open her eyes.and they both had a cute and intense eyelock!! ?????

While having an eyelock both confess their love for each other!! ???

Sanskar: I love u Swara!!! ???? I love u so much!!! ??

Swara: I love u too Sanskar!!! ???? I love u more than my life!! ??

After that they both hug each other passionately!! ?????They spend some more time together raoming around while talking, laughing, enjoying and romancing with each other!! ??????

Scene 2… Mumbai Some voices r coming from a nearest tree!! Chalo kan lagaty hn!! ?????? Girl: Aahhh…!! Leave meee..!!! Boy: No i won’t!!! ?? No one can save u from me Today Sweetheart!! ?? ???? Haww !! Yeh kya chal raha!! Chalo dekhty hn!! ??????? A hot couple is romancing around the tree!! ???????? A cool handsome hunk is kissing widely and sensuously around the neck and shoulders of a s*xy girl!!! ?????? Boy: U r driving me crazy!! I can’t control myself when u r around me!! ??????? Girl snaked her arms around his neck comes near to his ear, touching her chicks with his and said while bitting his earlobe in a husky tone!! Girl: And who ask u to control handsome!! ???? Saying this she started kissing all over his face!!! ????? She stop near his lips!! The boy without wasting any second place his lips on her as he was out of control and both start kissing each other wildly!!! ???????While push each other more over itself!! The girl’s hand r in boy’s hair gripping them in her fist tightly while boy’s hands r roaming on her back!!! ???

They left the kiss while they were out off breath and start panting heavily!! ??

Girl: So when we r leaving for Kolkata??? ?? And where r the tickets ?? Hav u booked our seats or not baby!!!! ???

Boy: Seats!!! For what??? ??

Girl: What do u mean by what??? ?? If u havn’t booked our seats then how we’ll be going??? ???

Boy: Uffoo!!! Relax jaan!! ??We r not going to Kolkata by any train or plane!!! ??? ????

Girl: Then how we will go there by Bus??? ??? No no no no!! I m not going by Bus!!! ??? Book my ticket right now or else don’t talk to Me!!! ????

Saying this She tried to get out from his grip!! But he tightened it more and all her effort go in vain!! ???????

Boy: Don’t u dare to think that I’ll leave u so easily!!! ????
He said this while having a naughty smirk on his face!! ?????

Boy: (Continuing…) And No s*xy!! How can u think that i m going to take u via Bus!!! I don’t want anybody to eye on my Babzz in Bus, Train or Plane!! So we r not going on any such thing!!! ????

The girl smiles hearing this!! ☺☺????

Girl: Awwww!!! ??? My hottie boy is so possessive about me!!! ?????
Saying this she kiss on his chicks!! ???

Girl: ( Continuing…. ) Then how we’ll be going home??? I m missing my family na!!! ?? Tell me fast plz plz plz!!! ????
She asked excitedly!! ??

Boy: I thought to give u a surprise at the time when we r about to leave!!! But bcoz u r so impatient to know about it so I’ll tell u now!! ?????
Ok Listen we r going to hav a romantic drive from Mumbai to Kolkata!!! ??????? What say??? ????

HearIng this She got so much excited and hug him so tight!!! ??????

Girl: Oh My God…!!! OMG..!!! OMG…!!! Long drive !!! Wow i m so so soooo Excited!!! ????????? You r such a Darling!!! Muuuaaahh ???

Boy: Okayyyy!!! Ok…!! Ok….!!! Now plz hold on ur excitement for that day only!!! ??? And let me complete my romance this time or else I’ll not going to leave u on our drive!! ????????

He smile naughtly saying this!! ????? Then She get hold on his shirt’s collar and pull him more closer and says!!! ???

Girl: I m not stoping u now and nor gonna stop u then!!!

Then they both start kissing and Romancing again!!! ???????????

Two Days Later!!!

The Girl and the Boy started their journey from Mumbai to Kolkata via long drive on a Ferrari!! ????? They had lots of fun throughout their journey while romancing, laughing and talking all the way out!! ??????

They reached Mumbai and He dropped her near her House!! They bid by to each other and went away after promising each other to meet soon!! ???????

Good Morning Sweetiiee!!!

Swara: Good Morning Sanskar!!! ??☺☺?? How r u??

Sanskar: How may I without u Swara!! U know how much i miss u??? ??

Swara: Awww!!! U r so cute!!! I miss u too!! Muuuaahhh!! ?????
Sanskar: ( Angrily…) Hey don’t call me cute ok!!! I m not a little boy who seems to be cute!!! ???
Swara: Haawww!!! How rude i hav given u a kiss right now and u totally ignore that ?? and More over u r showing me attitude and asking me to not call u Cute!? ?? Go i will not talk to u!!! ???

Sanskar then realises what a big blunder he has done just now by spoiling her mood!!! ???He bit his tongue in between his teeth for such stupidity and try to make her calm!! ???

Sanskar: (To himself..) Yeh kya kr diya Sanskar?? ?? Ab tou tu gaya!! ??

Swara: What???? R u saying something ???

Sanskar: ( Shocked and scared that may b she had heard something and now i would be more difficult to convince her…) ???? No… No… Yes…!!! Yes!!!

Swara: What is this no no and yes yes!!! ???

Sanskar: Actually i was saying k meet me today na i m dieing to see u!!!

Swara: (Gets angry coz he don’t even ask for appology) No!!! ?? I m not interested i meeting u!! I hav too much other things to do!! ????

Sanskar: ( Pleading… ) Swara just for an hour!! Plz plz plz!!! ??????

Swara: No not even for a sec!!! ???? Now bye my frnds r calling me!! We r going for shopping today!! Bye.. !!! ??

Saying this she angrily cuts the call!!! ?? He trys to call her again and again but no use!! Then he inquire from Angel and Tina that were is she going for shopping but they both r out of town so they don’t know anything!! ??? Then he hurriedly call Sehr and ask her about the same matter!!

Sanskar: Helloo!! Sehr!!!

Sehr: Hello Sanskar!!! ??

Sanskar: Sehr were swara use to go for shopping yr?? R u with her?? At what time u people will go for??? ( He ask too many questions on just 1 go!! )

Sehr: Well she use to Universal mall for shopping!! No i m not going her today!! But ya she is going with EmOo and Sammy along wit….!!!

He cut the call hurriedly does not even let her to complete!! ?? ( Poor sehr ??????)

Scene 4

Universal Mall

Girls r seems to do shopping and chit chating!!

Girl 1: Wow !! Ur choices r going to be better with passage of time!! No bad han.. !!! ?????

Girl 2: Thanks !!! Even ur selection is also cool yr!! ???? but i can’t bear them!!! ????

Girl 1: Ya i know.. !! I know!!! ?? By the way where are Sammy and EmOo???

Girl 2: I really don’t know!!! They r such a late latif!! ???? Kabhi jaldi nhn aasaktein!! Ufff!!! ?????

Just then her phone beep and she check it out quickly!!

Girl 2: ( While reading the msg…) Uffoo!! Not again!!

Girl 1: What happen?? Kya howa bol???

Girl 2: Sorry yr!! Wonna go!!! Actually Navi and Mahi U know na how stupid the r!!! ??? ?? Hmesha they got stuck in silly problems!!! ????? Or phr meri yaad aati hy unhain!! ?????

Girl 1: Ya i know how those dumb duffers r!! ??????? Go or else they will remain in that problem for ages!! ???????

Girl 2: Hahahahahaha!! So damn true!!! ??????? Jana to hoga after all they r my besties na!! ???????

Girl 1: Ya right!! ????But where r my besties yr how much time they will take??? ????

Girl 2: Look here they idiots r !!! ??????? ( Pointing towards EmOo and Sammy ????? )

Sammy and EmOo: Hi guys!! Sorry we r late!! ??

Girls: Helloo dudes!!! ????

Girl 1: Now i m leaving !! Enjoy hav fun!!! Take care!! See u guys later!! ????

All:Bye See U!! ?????????

After that all three of them resume their shopping again!!! And hav full on masti!! ??????

Episode end…..
intro of character….

Sanskar: big bussiness man.. bf of swara??..loves her truely??????..he dont want swara to wear small dresses?( dont think he is narrow minded..but he is little possosive)

Swara: secretary nd gf of sanskar??????…love him more than her life???????…tradional with modern thinking…..dont wear short dresses as sanskar dont like nd somewhere she also dont like…

boy: a popular rockstar???…..loves her gf alot???????…dont like tradional dresses lives in mumbai with his gf….same apartment??????????( now dont think he is badtameez type..?..but he never saw her in traditional dress)

girl: a fashion designer…loves her bf alot??????????????…dont like tradional dresses….only wear short/modern dresses….


both pair have important role..nd no raglak in this ff…keep guessing who is boy nd girl..pair can be SWasan or swara with that boy nd sanskar with that girl also?…..not conforming that pair will be SWasan only…..

now tell us did u like it??…if we will not get response we will not gonna continue….


Credit to: Samnavi

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