Pyaar bhi aur dard bhi (Teaser)

Deep down the mountains where the sea meets the sun sat an engaging couple lost in each other not realizing someone from far behind was looking at them not in envy but being gloomy since she missed that love in her life. Neelanjana an epitome of sacrifice and unflinching love; an embodiment of peace and a beacon of hope.

Suddenly llik a coffee table book her memories took her to the life she breathed her own love Neil. The same place she stumbled and met the love of your life Neil, she married him by his will and started to hate him. Soon his love filled her life with joy and happiness. But as they say after every sunny day there is a dark night and so she swept away in the tempest of malice, avarice and pretentiousness and lost him forever..It’s not that he died nor she betrayed him. As family problems took a toll over their relationship they soon lost interest in each other. Avni was awakened from her reverie by a small young girl whom Avni owed her happiness. 

There deep in the valleys in the shades of wilderness a magnificently erected bunglow describing the splendour of the youngest business tycoon Neil. He had everything you can aspire got except his soul.Suddenly a lively, chirpy young lady came and embraced him from back saying I love you Neil to which Neil replied I love you too Juhi!

Has Neil moved on? Or if I say

Kya Neil or neelanjana ka saath yahin Tak ka that??

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  1. 8B4756

    It was awesome,update soon

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    Thanks dear

  3. Avneil

    Hello guys so it’s my first attempt and I would really appreciate your suggestions and criticism. Looking forward to a great journey ahead!?

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      Thanks your acknowledgement means a lot

  5. Wow super interesting

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      Thanks ur words seem to soothe me

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      Thank u.. hope I’ll be able to deliver something fantastic to meet u

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