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Heyyy I m anshika and I m new in TU and this is my first OS so guys pls support mee

Sunday morning
A girl is crying in an dark room and suddenly there was knock on the door so girl quickly wipe her tears washes her face and opened the door (the girl is reviled to be twinkle our siyappa queen ) and the man was there.. he was happy but when he sees twinkle in that state he asked her
M-What happened twinkle
T- (no reply)
M-tell me damit what happened.
T-twinkle start crying and hugs the man
M-he also hugs her and rub his back
M- yes twinki tell mee
(The man revealed to be kunj)
T- I have complication in my pregnancy (she said while sobbing )
K-whattt (being worried) pls don’t worry twinkle I will talk to our Dr. Tommorow morning itself now sleep
T-I don’t be able to sleep pls give me a hug
K-(he hugs him And he also kisses on his forehead ) I LOVE U TWINKII and I LOVE U BABY (place is hand in twinkle’s belly) nothing will happens to u both❤❤❤❤now good night
T- good night kuuunj (they shares a lip lock with love passionate it was about 5 min due to breathing problem they separated)
K-love u TWINKII
T-but I love u more (making a pout)
K- I love u till moon and back
T-I love u till (after thinking ) infinity yes infinity ❤
K-Okay meri maa tu jeet gyi uske aage mein nhi lad paunga Terese u are the best my love
T- and for me u r the best husband the one ever had❤❤❤
K-now sleep otherwise (with anger)
K- otherwise (after thinking ) i will sleep on couch and will not able to sleep because u I have an habit to hug me while sleeping
T- and will also not able to sleep because u also have a habit to hug me while sleeping so I can’t do anything
K- what u want to say u I will not sleep (making a pout)
T-because (while coming near him ) because because (kunj was pin to the wall )
K-Kya Hua meri sherni aajj bahut romance sooj raha hai
T-kitne Kha muje romance soon raha hai
(Kunj looks in with confused face)
T- muje naa
K-haa boll
T-muje naa
T-one minute bol toh rahi hu rukoooo
Muje bhook lagi hai kuch chatpata khana hai
K-(looking at his watch 2:30 am ) OkAy we will go to ice cream parlour OkAy
K-twinkle u r like a sweet baby
T-twinkle blushes
K-(while driving)
K-(making kunj worried )what happen
T- we will not go to ice cream parlour we will eat there in that stall
K – no this can effect the health of u and ur baby
T-(started crying ) u don’t love me kunj I hate uu
K- stop it twinkiii stop blackmailing mere
And haa don’t say that i don’t love u I love u more then myself (with tears in her eyes )
T- OkAy sorry get out of the car
K-Okay chaloi
T-(starting runnung)
K-stop it twinkle i can harm our baby
(Listening to baby’ name twinkle stop and start cryinggg )
K- what happened twinkle WHY are u crying (many people was there at a stall looking at them )
T-our baby if something happens to him I will die
K- twinkle pls don’t say like this if u r there with mee I will not able to live so I will also die.
T-(stand up)
K-(also stand up )
T- (hugs him) please don’t say like this kunj u r my heart beat
K- same here
(They share a lip lock of love and passionate )
T-I love u kunj
K- same here
T-ICE CREAME (she shouted )
And again started running twinki stop yrr u r again running
T-soorrryy (with woo much innocence in her face)
And the man comes from behind in audi
M- hey kunj he whispered to kunj so that twinkle should not listen
K-hey how r u
M- I m here to suprise twinki
K-Okay go ahead she is there
(Man goes to TWINKII and puts his hand in her eyes )
T- touches the hand and screaaamedd
K-What happened
T- UV bhaiiiiiiik
M- yes my swwweeeetooo cute siiii sister ranniiii
(The man is non other than UV)
T-where is bhabhi
UV-pointing towards car
(Lady comes there and hugs kunj)
K-diiiiiii u r backk
(The lady is mahii)
Mahi- bhaiiii
T- bhabhiii how r u
M- I m good but how r u
T- I m good but baby is not fine (sobbing)
K-Kya yrr jiju di Abhi toh chup karaya that for see ruladiya
Uv- no problem sister ji apke pati dev and aapne Bade Bhai Sab kuch thik kardenge hana nahi and kunj
Uv-Now give me a hug
T-I love u bhaii
Uv-(in teasing manner) more than kunj???
(Kunj desperately waiting for the answer )
K-Saayy say
T-one was blushing badly but she composes herself and stay yess I love Bhaiya more than I love u )
K- (making a puppy facee) haaaawwwww
Every one burst out of laughter
K- OkAy ice cream Khali ab chale
All 4 of them goes to twinj house
At twinj place
K-soo u can sleep now
K-Okay sleep we have to Dr. Tommorow
Uv-if u don’t mind can we also come together
K-of course mein aapse poochne hi wala tha
All of them wish good night and went to sleep and there respected rooms

Next morning
Twinkle wakes up due to sun rays and sees link is standing with a cup of coffee for her they share a morning kiss and twinkle went to get ready when she comes back kunj hugs her
T-What happened
K- nothing I can hug u I have right on u but I don’t love me i said last night
T-I was just joking that time u took it seriously
I love u more than anything in the world
K-Okay come down we will have Bf B.C. and then go to Dr.
T-Okay go I m coming
K-come fast
At breakfast table
K-ready for surprise
T – yummy I love it
K-soo eat
They eat there bf. And went to clinic
Receptionist says that it case his handling by a new Dr.
K-Okay no problem
T-but kunj
K-wait twinkle
They went to the cabin and saw the Dr. Was none otherthan UV
T-Bhaiyaa aap
Uv-yes miss tanejaa OkAy come sit
We have to doo checkup mahi go and tell me the status
M-Okay come twinki
M -twinkle baby’s health is perfectly alright
T-was on cloud nine
M to uv -she is progressing
Uv -accualy kunj there iis……o complications in pregnancy
K -but that dr. She was saying like this
Uv-I have words with that Dr. She is saying that she is fine but she is not taking care of her and baby
She said tht I said because she start taking care baby only one month left for dilevery so she must start taking care of baby

After one month think are blessed with a baby girl they name her baby and they lived happily ever after

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  1. Very nice…. ☺☺

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks manvi this is my first os and u comment thanks it means a lot

      1. U r most welcum ☺☺☺

  2. Ramya

    Hw cute n sweet os loved it n don’t write more dear dis was amazing

  3. Twinjfan.tamanna

    its really a cute work dear… I loved it…

    love you…

  4. Anshika firstly welcome to the TU family.Cute os.Luved it.
    Keep writing.

    Lots of luv

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks twinj/aakriti

  5. Apurva

    Welcome to TU family…
    the os was short simple yet cute and amazing

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  6. Ayu

    Awwww! That was soooo sweet n sooo cute! I loved it!!!
    Welcome to the family sissy!?

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  7. Aww it was so cute and adorable??.. loved it ❤ keep writing more 🙂 and welcome to TU 🙂

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      Thank u sidvee

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  9. Paavu

    Hry anshu we ll fully support u jst bring ur fc cos dis was toh awesome loved it pls jaldi wapas ao

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thank u I will try my level best to come back

  10. So sweet,aise os post karte rahiye.tei mr to hum ne ase sweet lamhe dekhe hi nahi,par koyi baat nahi dikhati rahige na

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks queen

  11. Chiku

    Wowww its sooo cute. Loved it.
    Welcome to tu family sweetheart ❤️

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    Cute & sweet os…do write more like this

  14. Adya

    Very very very nice os Anshika…..nd yeah sry for the late comment….bzy hu n… it was awesome…..
    .Do write more….
    We are waiting…..

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks adya and I m working on my another OS

  15. Maggi

    This was too cute
    Very NYC
    Luvd it ???

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