pyaar aur takraar ..ishqbaazi…ss…part 3

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See i m back with my ss…Pyaar aur taqraar….Part 3…
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So here are the links…If you have forgotten the story and wish to know the story..??
Part 1
Part 2
Hope now u remember the story…

Recap:- shivaay a part time crime reporter…And anika feeling uneasy…

So now part 3 starts….
Shivaay enters the room and sees anika lost in her own world..
Sh:- anika….
No response from her side…
Sh:-( in a high pitch) anika…
Again no response…
Sh:- (now goes to her and shouts very loudly in her ear ) anikaaaaa
Anika;- aaah… What is dis shivaye.. I m right here…y r u shouting on the top of ur voice…
Sh;- waah.. Isse pehle Maine 2 baar bulaya tha tumhe…But tumne koi response nhi diya..isliye mujhe chilana pada…Waise kahan khoi hui thi..Mrs.ASSO..?? Koi dusra lover mil gaya kya…
A:-shivay…??and starts hitting him…
S:- okay okay ..stop hitting me..
A:- never repeat this again…u know that u r the first and last person whom I better feed this up in ur head…Mr..shivaye singh oberoi…
S:- oh god..angry bird…calm down calm down…I was just kidding..I know u were and u always think about me…..after all I m so handsome dashing..
A:- u said this right… shivaye aap hi toh hai Jo mere dil-o-dimaag pe 24×7 chaya hua hai…vaise bhi mere pas thodi na koi aur kaam hai aapke baare mein sochne k alawa…hai na shivaye…
S:- Bus pagli…itni tareef na kr…mai Sharma jaunga…
A:- shivaye r u pregnant?
S:- anika seriously what kind of question is dis…how can I be pregnant…
A:-so what has happened to u..from last few days I have seen. a very different version of the great shivaye singh oberoi and u know what this version is totally opposite from the one which the world knows…so I m surprised..sometimes u behave like a crime reporter sometimes like a deep intense lover….is everything ok?
S:- haan hua hai na…pyaar…shiddat wala…beshumar wala..ishq wala…
A:- bus bus shivaye…I very well understood ur emotions….
S:- anika I want to tell u something important .
A:- what?
S:- yesterday..when I went to a restaurant for a meeting.. a girl was flirting with me.
A:-??flirting with u …???shivaye seriously a girl… flirting with u…ha ha ha..shivaye aap bhi na subah subah joke mar rhe hai…
S:- so u think I m joking ….
A:- haan..bilkul..
S:-and y do u think so…
A:- because of the white hair which is right here..(pointing towards his head) and according to a beautiful girl like me beautiful girls never flirt with boys having white hair.samjhe Mr.handsome..
S:-(shocked) white hair where it is …tell me…and rushes to the mirror…
A:- (even she goes to him) here ..see here..
S:- are baba where…
A: -here see …
S:- where it is…
A:-(starts laughing) awwww shivaay…U look so cute..
S:-so u were teasing me..
A:- yes…I was ….???
And they both start laughing….

Suddenly shivaye sees the clock…
S:- oh fish…it’s too late…I have a very important meeting today (And he turns to leave.)
A:- shivaye…no abhi toh aap mujhe us ladki k baare mein batayenge..who was flirting with u…hai tell me I want to listen..that’s more important than meeting…meeting can happen again…but flirting…no ways..
S:-anika …r u serious…here I m getting late and u want to about that girl…hadd hai..?? now i guess u r pregnant…(and He leaves without realising what he said )bye..
A:- ye shivaye bhi na sathiya gaye hai…How can i be pregnant…Anyways lets go to the doctor before shivay comes..
After 10 mins
Anika comes down and sees pinky and dadi sitting and chatting .
Pinky sees her and calls her..
P:- o anika come here beta .sit beside me..
A:- haan mom…And she goes and sits beside her..
A:- sorry mom vo I got late sorry very late.
P:- koi naa puttar..
A:- thank u mom…And she hugs her…And pinky hugs her back..
A:- mom mujhe na doctor k pas Jana tha so can I go….
P:- doctor…
D:- kya hua puttar sab theek hai na..
A:- mom dadi sab theek hai..just sar mein dard hai..
P:- chal puttar mai bhi tere saath chalti hu ..
A:- nhi mom..mai chali jaungi..mai jaldi jaungi and jaldi se vapas aa jaungi…
P:- r u sure?
A:- yes mom..
P:- theek hai…jaldi Ja and jaldi vapas aana..
And she hugs pinky and dadi…and leaves…
Anika comes out and on the driver seat of her car..
Suddenly a chauffeur comes running..
C:- mam anika mam…I m here..
A:- mohan bhaiya m I ur teacher …
C:- no.
A:- so aap apni presenty kyu laga rhe ho..
C:- mam…I wanted to say that I m right Y will drive u the car..
A:- bhaiya..I know that..but today I want to drive …
C:- but mam if shivaye sir comes to know about it then I will surely be thrown our of d job..
A:- how will he come to know…na mai aur na hi aap batayenge shivaye ko…and nobody is here who can see me drivingng the no problem..
C:- but mam..
A:- no ifs and buts..u go and have rest …till then…I will go and have a Mumbai darshan…
C:- ok mam..and he leaves..
A:-(self talk)
Ye shivaye na… khadooson k bhi baap hai driver bhi unse darts hai…anyways chal anika aaj itne dino bad..Driving…Yahooooooo
And she sits in d car and leaves..

After driving for 15-20 mins..She stops in front of lifeline hospital..
She comes out of the car and enters inside..
At the reception..
A:- Dr.kapoor’s cabin?
R:- this way mam…And she takes her to Dr.’s cabin..
A:- thank u..??
R:- ur welcome…
Anika enters the cabin.. happiness is clearly seen on her face..
A:- Good kapoor..
D:- good morning Mrs.oberoi..
A:- how many times mujhe time ye batana i m ur frnd first then Mrs.oberoi..miss….ahana
Dr:-oh hello anika..same applies to u…Maine bhi tujhe kaafi baar kaha hai ki me Dr kapoor..
A:- fine..i win..u loose..
Dr.:- good .. (after she realises what she said..) seriously anika…u r impossible..
A:-no I m possible…bus u need some strength to bear me..
A:- some nhi tankers full of strenght..vaise madam ye bataiye aaj acahanak meri yaad kahan se aayi..
A:- sar dard and vomiting se…??
Dr.-tera kuch nhi ho skta …chal dekhun..tujhe kya pareshani hai..
After soemtine..
A:- bata kya hua hai mujhe..
A:- pehle ye bata shivaye kahan hai..
A:- garden mein kanche khelne gaye hai..obviously office mein honge na…mujhe bata kya hua hai mujhe…
R(removing her doctors coat).
A:- tu ye coat kyu utar rhi hai…
R:- tujhe hug krna hai isliye…
A:- hug..mai beemar hu and u want to hug me..idiot..
R:- are baba shaant..khushk khabri hai isliye..
A:- kya khush khabri hai…?
R:- mai masi banne wali hu..
A:- kaisi doctor hai tu…mai beemar hu and mera test krke u r saying ki tu masi banne wali hai..idiot..
R:- oye tube light..mai masi banne wali hu..tu maa banne wali hai and shivaye dad banne wala hai..
A:- means…I m…
A:- yes ur pregnant mrs.oberoi..
A:- nhi jokingly …idiot tu maa banne wali hai..sacchi..

Wait let me inform shivaye…
A:- no wait..I will inform..aakhir I m going to become mom..
R:- as u wish…BTW congrats…and she hugs her..
A:- thank u…now I should leave…shivaye ko bhi batana hai na..
R:- ok bye..but take care of yourself..khana time pe khana..proper rest Lena..and…
A:- haan meri maa..abhi mai chalti hu…bye…
A:- bye..,??
And anika leaves..full on excited..
She comes near her car..
A:- wooow I m so happy..I m pregnant..vaise shivaye is so intelligent unhone pehle hi bata diya ki i m pregnant.. Ml
So ab kya kiya jau ya ghar Jaake wait Kru..
Office mein jaungi toh unko disturb kr dungi and nhi jaungi toh khud disturb hongi..
Kya krun????
Ek kaam krti hu office hi chali jaati hu…I can’t wait for so long….shivaye I m coming….
And she enters the car and leaves…
After sometime she stops infront of a big building on which the oberoi industries was written…
She hurriedly comes out of the car and walks inside the building…
As soon as she enters the building shivaye ‘s PA raj meets her…
R:- mam aap yahan..
A:- no in mahismati kingdom..obviously I m here…
R:- wat mam? ???
A:- chill Raj chill…I was just kidding…now don’t tell me even joking is prohibited by shivaye in this office…
R:- I understand mam…but still u here…
A:- ya actually I wanted to meet shivaye so I came..
R:- so mam shall I inform him about u…being here..
A:- no I want to give him surprise…
R:- ok mam?? as u wish..let me take u to his cabin…
A:-raj…I haven’t come here for the first time… I know shivaye ‘s cabin ..
R:- sorry mam..
A:- sorry again.. btw have u ever counted the no.of times u say srry.. I know when a person like shivaye sorry sorry khadoos person like him is boss.. then sorry is the only word saved in the employ’s mouth but I m not khadoos like ur chill..
R:-??ok I must leave..I have to arrange for the meeting..
A:- ok..bye..
R:- bye.

And here anika heads towards her husband’s office like usain bolt.
After sometime she stops infront of a cabin..on which Mr.Shivaye Singh Oberoi was written..
She smiles seeing it and turns 360* to make sure no one is around and after doing this she kisses his name and smiles
And slowly opens the door…
She sees shivaye talking on his phone facing the opposite direction .
S:- karan why dont u understand I can’t tell about Tara to anika…I don’t know how will she react …u know na how important she is to me…she is Tara shivaye Singh Oberoi…and she is my princess…I want to tell anika about her..but I can’t….
Hearing all this anika’s eyes brimmed with tears…she left the cabin hurriedly and sat inside the car and started crying… inconsolably …
A:-(self talk) how could u shivaye could u…u know how much I love u but still u cheated me ….I loved u the most… But if u didn’t love me..then y did u marry me..y did u say that u love me…..and now when I m bearing the symbol of our love on my womb…then u called someone else as ur life..ur shivaye no..i love u but I can’t be a burden in u..if u don’t love me…I will not force u to love me..I will leave and never return in ur life.. bye shivaye …bye for ever…
And she starts driving wiping her tears…
Here shivaye after talking on phone turns and sees the door of his cabin open…
He calls raj..
R:- sir any problem..
S:- did somebody came to my cabin… sometime before
R:-ummmm.. yes sir anika mam came…
S:- anika…oh god…
R:- what happened sir…
S:- nothing ..just cancel all d meetings for today…and he leaves hurriedly…
S:- oh shit…anika must have heard everything…..and as much as I know she must be angry as well as sad at the same time…sorry anika..but today..I will tell u the whole truth…and I m sure u will understand me..after all I love u…
Here anika was driving very fast…due to crying for so long she was feeling dizzy and suddenly she banged into a tree..due to this the door of the car opened…and she fell down and got hurt on her head and fell unconscious..
A guy passing by saw her on the ground ..he stopped the car and said anika…
He hurriedly got down of the car and walked towards her…
M:- oh god…petrol is leaking..the car is about to blast …saying this he took anika in her arms…and walked towards his car…

As soon as he lay her on the back seat of his car…anika ‘s car blasted…
M:- thank God …miss moti hagrid now u r safe…..
Here shivaye who was driving tensely saw a half burnt car but he didn’t bother about it and continued driving but stopped immediately when he saw the car ‘s number plate…
He got down from his car…and went towards anika’s car…
And when he saw anika’s half burnt bracelet ….
His eyes brimmed with tears…and the only word which left his mouth was anikaaaaaaaa…
So guys…who is the saviour.. and how is related to anika to know this u need to read the next part.
Till then..
To be continued…
hope u liked it..and I hope it’s not too short…
Thanks a lot for reading ???
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And precap…depends on my chotu sa dimaag…??
Bye…meet u Guys soon…,?? Till then eat this cake..??

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