Push ups A TWINJ OS

Hey guys…
Back again with a os…
Otiginally Not written by me….

Its a Bday treat…

Lets begin…

Everything was back to normal,Yuvi had been arrested and TwiNj Got married again,they haven’t consummated their Marraige yet

Twinkle : Kunj?? kahaan ho tum?kab se tumhe dhoond rahi hoon.. Pata nahi kahaan chale jaate ho baar baar*enters their room only to see her hot husband in just plain black tracks,sweat all over his body with his headsets on,near their bed doing pushups.. She stopped midway and just stared at her husband*
Kunj : Kya huwa twinkle?mujhe aise dekh ke dil mei ghanti baj gayi kya? *He smirks and removes his headsets and continues with his workout..

Twinkle was all blushy and embarassed and to cover her embarassment she went and sat on the edge of the bed only to get a proper view of her husband working out*
Twinkle : Nahi toh.. Main toh bas aivayi tumhe dhoondh rahi hai.. Mujhe kya pata tha ki tum aise room mei pushups kar rahe ho.. Waise tum itna workout kar kyun rahe ho?MBA karte karte koi modelling offer milgayi hai kya jo ab apni body shody banaa rahe ho?*She asks while making herself comfortable on their bed
Kunj : Hamesha ulta hi soch..mujhe body shody banaane ki koi zarurat nahi hai.. Meri body already shape mei hai.. Aur yeh baat toh sab se ache se tu jaanti hai .. Kyun?” *He smirks and gets up and goes towards their bed where twinkle is sitting*

Kunj : Towel lena aaya tha*he noticed his wife’s heavy breathing and could literally hear her hear beating out loud when he walked towards their bed only to take his towel which was lying behind twinkle,to wipe off his sweat .. Ofcourse he had leaned into her and she closed her eyes.. That chick dreamt of kunj kissing her all the time*
Kunj : Tujhe kya laga?mei kya karne waala tha?*ohh how he loved teasing his siyappa queen*
Twinkle : mujhe.. Mu..jh..e .. Wo..h *she stammers, y couldn’t he talk from a good 10 feet distance?*
Kunj : pagal*pulls her cheeks and goes towards the centre table to take his protein shake.. Twinkle checks him out.. How she loved seeing his ohh soo s*xy six pack abs.. His dangerously low pants.. She even dreamt of pulling his.. No .. What the hell was she thinking*
Kunj : kitni der tak taadegi? Tera hi pati hai… Choo sakti hai tu mujhe.. Allowed hai*turns and winks.. He loved how she stared at his body without even blinking.. He loved how she thought he wouldn’t notice and keep staring at his body forever*

Twinkle : tum kuch zyaada importance nahi de rahe apne aap ko? Aur agar mei taad bhi rahi hoon toh tumhe kya problem hai? Meri aankhein,mera pati.. Haq hai mera..jab chaahe jaise chaahe jahaann chaahe taad sakti hoon.. Samjhe?*comes near him and glares at him*
Kunj : acha meri maa.. Tu jeeti mei haara*he loved it when she was riled up.. She looked like a tomatoe when she was angry.. *

Twinkle : waise kunj Sarna.. Tumne workout karna band kyun kardiya? Mei aate hi band kardiya? Chakkar kya hai? Kis ladki ko phasaane ki tayaari kar rahe ho kya?*she crossed her arms across her chest and leaned towards the wall.. She soo wanted to see him working out.. His muscles when he does push ups.. The sweat on his arms and his ohh soo s*xy back.. She loved seeing his stretched legs and.. And.. Wait.. She is supposed to be suspicious and angry*
Kunj : bas avaiyi.. Workout time khatam hogaya .. *goes to his wardrobe and removes his nightclothes.. He knew that she loved seeing him shirtless and loved to see him workout which he didn’t quite often.. He loved teasing her.. He wanted her to admit that she loved seeing him shirtless.. Ofcourse.. That little minx wouldn’t ever admit it*
Twinkle : Kunj Sarna.. Workout time khatam hogaya ya darr gaye?*ohh how she loved challenging him.. He would definitely workout now thanks to his big fat male ego.. She mentally patted her back.. Now she could treat her eyes *

Kunj : Mrs Kunj Sarna.. Darr kiss baat ka? Ki tu mujhe aise bina shirt ke dekh ke mera faaida uthaayegi? Plzz.. Mei bina kapdo ke bhi agaya na toh tab bhi tu kuch nahi karegi.. Aaj tak itne baar aaya hoon bina shirt ke tere saame.. Tune kuch nahi kiya.. Ab kya ukhaadlegi tu?*he had literally stripped in front of her but that chick.. That chick never budged or made a move.. Was she even human?he’d always dreamt that she’d make a move and they’ll make out on that couch.. Which was his bed for a good 7 months of their marriage..*
Twinkle : Kunj Sarna.. Shut up.. Tum bas mere saamne pushups nahi karna chahte.. Isiliye aise baat ghumaa rahe ho.. Saaf saaf kaho na ki tum thak gaye ho.. Bahaane kyun banaa rahe ho*and she knew he wouldn’t back off now.. He would definitely workout infront of her.. She did her happy dance*

Kunj : mei koi thaa waka nahi hoon.. Abhi bataa ta hoon tujhe pe.. Waise ruk.. Maine teri shart maani toh tujhe bhi meri shart manni padhegi*he knew she wouldn’t say a no.. twinkle kunj Sarna would never say No a To a challenge.. And he knew that her promise will be fulfilled tonight.. He smirked and saw twinkle looking at him suspiciously*
Twinkle : kaisa challenge?*what had she gotten herself into? She couldn’t even back off now*
Kunj : mere har push up ke liye tu mujhe ek kiss degi.. Bol manzur hai?*he mentally patted his back for coming up with this idea.. He knew she wouldn’t back off and that she’d have to agree to his terms*

Twinkle : theek hai*she had butterflies in her stomach.. The mere thought of seeing him workout infront of her and thn kissing him for each of his pushup made her feel tingly.. And honestly.. She couldn’t wait to kiss him.. She always teased him when it came to kissing.. She always played hard to get.. But man.. Couldn’t he just grab her by her face and kiss the living daylights out of her? Ohh how she dreamed of him grabbing her by her hair and kissing her.. But given the gentleman he is.. He never dared to touch her without her permission.. And she loved him for that.. But wait.. He could just mark her as his atleast for once.. Well never too late she thought*

Twinkle : mei ek kaam karti hoon.. Mei yahi tumhare neeche late jaati hoon.. Tumhe baar baar uthna nahi padega kiss ke liye*kunj couldn’t believe his ears.. Did she say that aloud? Was she actually suggesting that she’d lie down while he worked out? Damn.. How would he control his hormones now? That was a big task for him these days for they kept getting out of control.. He just couldn’t stop hinself from grinning like an idiot.. He knew he looked like a 16 yr old who was abt to get kissed for the first time.. He cursed himself for being such a moron and went near his bed where he worked out*

Kunj : tu lategi ya mei aisi hi?*she immediately came and lied down on her back.. He could see her blush.. He got down and positioned himself properly on top of her.. He was sure he heard her heart beating like a drum.. Damn.. He loved the effect he had on his biwi.. He smirked at her while twinkle just couldn’t help but stare at his ohh so perfect body.. His broad shoulders, his hard muscles, his dark brown eyes, she felt soo safe under his embrace.. She loved it when he was literally inches away from her.. He had his hands placed firmly on either side of her head*

Kunj : are you Ready Mrs. twinkle kunj Sarna?
Twinkle : Ready Mr. kunj Sarna.. One two three .. Start* he started doing his pushups.. He moved up and came down ever soo slowly.. He just stared at her.. He didn’t want to scare her.. Moreover he wanted her to make the first move coz she was the one who accepted the “kiss” challenge.. Twinkle wrapped her arms arnd his neck and got up a little so that she could kiss him… To say he was shocked would be an understatment.. He couldn’t believe that she’d kiss him.. His siyappa queen, his wife.. The love of his life.. She just brushed her lips against his and looked at him shyly.. She saw the raw hunger in his eyes and couldn’t control herself.. She crashed her lips against his and kissed him with all her might.. She layed down and rested her head against the floor while he kept kissin her.. Her fingers in his hair trying to pull his closer while his hands where on either side of her head .. Well he didn’t want to crush her with his weight.. After what seemed like eternity, they parted.. Kunj looked at his artwork.. Her hair all messed up .. Her lips swollen.. His hair messed up*

Twinkle : Maine apna challenge pura kardiya Mr.Kunj Sarna*gets up a bit again and kisses on the edge of his lips.. Kunj couldn’t believe his luck.. She’d kissed him.. Not once but twice.. AND SHE WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THE FIRST MOVE.. He just grinned and showed his perfect teeth*

Kunj : Mujhe laga nahi tha ki tu yeh karegi.. Waise challenge pura huwa nahi hai abhi.. Challenge yeh tha ki mei jitte pushups karunga tu utne baar mujhe kiss karegi.. Aur abhi toh sirf ek hi pushup kiya hai maine..*he couldn’t wait for more kisses.. He couldn’t wait for the rain of kisses he’d get.. He could easily do 500 pushups especially since the reward for working out would be her kisses..*
Twinkle : ofcourse.. Mujhe pata hai..dekhte hai pati dev ki aap kitne push ups karsakte hai*laughs while kunj continues with his pushups and gets rewarded with her ohh soo s*xy kisses…*

The end….
Love u…

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