Pure Rosid os: sidhant ki sherni


Hi guys
I’m back with one shot as I promised
Frm tmrw I vl b little busy
So thought to give this os today itself
I just tried this to make u all laugh
I vl c whether I succeeded r nt by ur cmnts
n caution is..I know no premar fans read this
Bt unfortunately if any person who is rosid n premar fans…I’m saying be4 itself…plz don’t read this…after reading if u hurt I can’t do this
This is pure rosid os dedicated to rosidians n simar haters..n I added rosid scenes….rosid fans vl easily connect to those scenes…who didn’t get…then u have to c rosid scenes
N plz ignore if u find any illogical points…its just fr entertaining

K I’m jumping into stry

Roli is in their room
By her facial expression
One can understand
She is so angry
Y not
Her husband her sidhant scolded her left n right
Ofcourse he can
Bt he started avoiding her
She tried to talk to him
Bt no…he is nt at all listening to her
This made roli angry
Roli: sid ji..wat r u thinking? Ur avoiding me na? im also show wat iam
I wont talk to u even u talk with me
She firmly decided
On the other side
Sid is in his office
He is feeling uneasy
Sid: I know roli im hurting u..bt wat to do na yar…I got angry at u…no no its nt angry..its my love my concern on u
U always think abt the family who never trust u
U always think abt sis who never care u
N nw ur striving fr that idiot jhanvi
Who tried to kill u once
May b entire family convinced n accepted as daughter to this family
Bt I cant frgt her doing
Bt I promised u..that I never say anything abt jhanvi
So I didn’t kill her till nw
After that incident she didn’t say sry also to u
Bt u r thinking abt that stupid
U n me know that shourya is idiot
Bt she blided by his love
So not listening ur wrds
Then y ur thinking abt her
Y ur trying to prove he is wrong
Even u try all vl blame u only

After truth revealed credit goes to some one
Hw many tym im I told not to interfere in shourya n jhanvi lyf
Bt ur nt listening
So I scolded u…
Sid thought fr a while
Sid: its my mistake only yar to scold u..i hurt u by avoiding…im really sry..im such an idiot..im really lucky yar..u r such a good person who always think abt others
Sid smiled
Sid: bt I cant c ur pain so I scolded u
Roli I cant understand y im fighting with u fr those so called people…no roli…nw no more…
Sid took his phone
N called roli
Roli saw this
She immediately cut the call
Sid tried again n again
Sid understud roli is angry
Sid: oh sid beta..u hurt ur sherni so much…every action there vl b equal n opp reaction…nw u have to face that reaction
Sid rushed to home
Roli is in kitchen
Sujatha saw sid
Sid eyes searching fr roli
Sujatha chuckled
Sujatha: roli sidant came bring coffee fr him
Sid smiled
Sid went to his room
Roli confused y he came at this tym
She made tea
N went to their room
Sid is waiting fr roli
Roli kept serious face
She gave coffee to sid

Sid kept that beside
When roli abt to go
Sid pulled her
Roli fell on his chest
They both had intense eye lock
When sid abt to move towards her to kiss
Roli pushed him
Sid: roli…still angry
Roli: dnt talk with me sid ji…
Sid: arey yar im sorry…he said holding his ears
Roli got smile
Bt still she is firm at her decision
Roli: dnt feel that I fall fr ur tactics…no way…here..roli ..roli sidhant bhardwaj…u cant please her easily
Sid: then tell me yar…wat I have to do
Roli: dnt talk with me..thats enough
Sid understud ..condition is too critical to handle
Roli left the place

At that tym he got call
By cing that display he is irritated
He didn’t lift call
After some tym
Sid is in wash room
Roli came to press clothes
At that tym she heard sid mobile ringing
She took the phone…n saw display
She burned with anger
At that tym sid came out
He saw roli who is fuming with anger by cing mobile
Nw he got entire picture
He decided to play with roli
Sid went to roli
N took phone
Roli is glaring at him
Sid is least bothered abt her look
He picked phone
Sid: hello naina
Naina: hello sidhant sir
Sid: im really sry naina..my mobile in sielent so I didn’t picked ur call
Sid is observing roli frm corner of eyes
Roli is at edge of anger
Sid is njying by cing jealous roli
Naina: its ok sir…sir if u don’t mine can I ask one thing
Sid: arey don’t hesistate..ask wat u want
Naina: vl u come to dinner ton8 at grean park restaurant
Sid got irritation
Bt hw can he leave this opportunity to get his roli
He got idea
Sid immediately agreed
Sid: y not naina..i vl definitely come..ha wr u told…green park restaurant only na
By saying this sid kept phone
Sid lukd at roli who is glaring at him
Sid raised his eye brows
Sid: wat
Roli nodded no
Sid: roli I know u want talk with me…bt still plz do small help..press my suit..i have to go dinner to n8
Nw roli anger went to peaks
She went to cupboard

N took the suit
She took iron box
N kept the box on suit..n left like that
Nw becz of heat suit burned
Sid: roli wat u did r u mad
Roli: yes I am…nw u go to dinner with this suit
By saying this she left the place
Sid laughed out loud
Sid: crazy wife…oh my god roli…thank god u burned suit…I thought u vl burn me
I luvd this jealousy roli
Nw I vl c hw u wont come to me
Sid started to restaurant
N ha his plan succeeded
Roli followed him with tensed face
Sid is laughed by observing this
He reached restaurant
Naina is waiting fr him
Naina wore red frock…
she ready herself in such a way that to seduce sid
naina came to him
naina: hi sir
sid: hai naina
naina: tq fr accepting my wish sir…lets go inside
roli too reached htl
she saw sid n naina occupied seats
she sat at one corner
n observing this

sid who is looking fr roli…found her n smirked
sid in some wat loud voice..so that roli can hear
sid: ok naina..tell me wat today spl…fr inviting me to dinner
naina: sir..i vl say…first tell hw im looking in this dress
sid to himself: arey sid beta…wr u bukd…this girl is irritating me..even my enemy should nt get like this position
sid lukd at roli
sid: ya cool…looking beautiful
roli found water bottle on table
she drank some wat n hold that in hand..she is getting angry..she showd her anger on that poor bottle..she crushed that bottle in every possible way
naina: tq sir
sid: ok tell wats d matter
naina: sir I luv one person..bt I was hesistating to tell him
sid: tell ur wish..lets c wat he say
naina: that’s not prblm sir..bt he is married
sid: wat??
While this convo is going on
Naina added some powder in sid drink
Rosid didn’t observe this
Naina: sir..bt I feel..he is nt happy with her..every tym they fight..even once they readied fr divorce also
Sid is sipping that drink
Something is happening to him
Every object he is cing is appearing as two
Bt suddenly naina is appearing him as roli
Naina hold his hand
Naina: n he is none other than u sir
Roli got up frm her seat
Roli: bahuth hogaya…naina ur gone nw
Roli rushed to them
Naina is shocked

Naina: u??
Roli: wat u thought ?thought to take my sid away..no way..u just go frm here otherwise I vl kill u
Sid is shocked
Nw he is cing 4 roli
Sid: oh god wats happening
Roli: sid ji lets go
Sid lukd
Sid: here 4 roli r there with whom I go
Roli is confused
Naina understud this is becz of drug effect( I dnt know abt those drugs..i just used fr my stry sake)
Roli understud something is wrong
Naina: sid ji..im ur roli…lets go
Roli:arey idiot..wat r u talking..r u out of ur mind
Naina: sid ji…dnt listen to her im ur roli…plz sent this intruder away
Nw roli really got angry
She gave a tight slap to naina
Naina is shocked
Roli: dnt play with me
Sid: hey y roli..y u slapped that roli
Nw really roli gone mad..she cant understand wats she is doing
She gave tight slap to sid
( sry guys..its just revenge fr frgting roli n trying to moving on with prerna..if our future prediction is true…sry if I hurt anyone)
Sid mind blocked with that slap
He came out of sense
Drug effect gon
Sid hold his cheek
Sid shouted with joy
Sid: ur only my roli my sherni
Im sry yar…I don’t know wat I did…bt u got angry on me n slapped me..ok tell me nw ur anger gone
Nw roli understud wat she did
She felt bad
Roli turned to naina
Roli: this is all becz of u only ididot…n tell wat u did to my sid..y he behaved abnormally
By saying this she slapped naina left n right
Sid too didn’t stop roli..as he know naina deserves this
Naina: plz roli..leave me..i thought to come into sir life…bt if u leave me..i just go away frm this city..i wont come infrnt of u
Roli: hw dare u thought to come in my sid life…I wont leave u..by saying this she slapped again
Atlast roli tired
Sid smiled by cing his sherni
Sid gave wat to her
When roli is drinking naina slowly escaped frm there
Roli:oy wr r u going..when roli is abt to go behing her
Sid stpd her
Roli: sid ji…leave me I wont leave that physco
Sid pulled her

Roli fell on him
Sid: roli leave abt her …come with me
Roli obeyes him
Sid closed roli eyes
Sid took her to the room
N took his hand
Roli is surprised
Room is fully decorated
Roli: sid ji…so beautiful
Sid: not more than u
Roli blushed
Sid locked door
Roli felt hapie by cing arrangements
Sid pulled roli..n huged her
Sid: roli..im really sry yar..i hurt u so much
Roli: no sid ji..i have to say sry..i didn’t understand ur concern on me
Sid: no roli..i only didn’t understand ur good intention
Roli: no sid ji..i only
Sid stpd her
Sid: ok no more srys
Roli saw sid cheek which is red clr with roli fingers stamp
Roli felt bad
Roli: is it paining?
Sid nodded no
N then yes
Roli: im such an idiot…hw can I slap u
Roli got tears
Sid wiped her tears
Sid: roli no need to feel…n ha its paining..bt I vl say remedy fr that
Roli raised her eyebrows
Sid: give a kiss as medicine
Roli blushed
Sid: roli dnt waste tym..its paining
Roli moved twrds him n kissed his cheeks
Sid: perfect
Sid: roli till nw v delayed fr one r other reason..bt nw I cant wait
Roli hugged him
Roli: I too dnt want to make u wait
Sid felt happy
Sid hugged her tightly
He started kissing her
They both r njying
After some tym
Roli: sid ji when u planned this arrangements
Sid: after naina call…I just called this htl n bukd room..i know my sherni wont allw me alone..i know u vl follw me
bt roli u r angry with ur hubby…bt u should take care of him..otherwise so many r in Lyn fr him
Roli : ,acha
Sid: ha roli..u saw naina…another two r there who r dying fr me
Roli; who
Sid: Maya n prerna…staff members
Roli: sid ji urgently take them out of job otherwise I vl give their dose he I gave to pshyco
Sid: physco??
Roli: ha that naina is physco n Maya is nagin n prerna is churail

Sid: arey y so serious
Roli: then he can b such shamelss..y r they behind u
Sid smiled
Sid: jealous ha..I luvd it
Roli:…bt sid ji. Don’t talk abt them nw n spoil my mood k tell me .y in hotel..y nt in our house
Sid leaned on roli
Sid: can I say reason
Roli: ha
Sid: roli once think…when v get chance in our house
No one leave us alone
Roli: matlab
Sid: shall I tell examples
Roli: ha
Sid: ok listen…remember that day..ur di day..i thought to talk with u..i just want to listen I luv u frm u..so I dragged in middle of dance n cornered u…u too abt to confess then wat happened?
Roli: wat happened..i frgt
Sid: I vl make u remember…wait..ur di came n asked pani…cant she go n drink water…cant she know wr is kitchen..ok leave it…if she cant go…cant she ask servent…wat is the use of servents in our house…becz of her I missed ur confession at that tym
Roli smiled
Roli: nw again I vl full fill ur wish..by saying those wrds..i luv u nay ar
Sid: I luv u too na yar
Roli: sid ji..ur so mean..only one tym only na
Sid: oy still I didn’t completed
Roli: ok continue
Sid: on dat day…arav naming ceremony..im in full mood to romance with my biwi…n to my knowledge..she is also in same mood…wat u say
Roli nodded yes
Sid: on dat day I picked u like this( he is showing practically to roli) roli feet is nt touching ground…n I pushed ur slipper like this..by saying this he pushed her slipped aside with his feet..n u signed me to remove another slipper too…u clasped ur arms around my neck…by saying this he made her clasp her hands around his neck…n imade u to keep ur feet on mine..n I started walking
Roli: next…she asked innocently
Sid: next…sid moved towards her lips n touched with his..they njyd that moment
Sid left her after some tym
Sid: I thought to kiss u lyk this..bt again..that cooking aunty
Roli: cooking aunty?
Sid: uma bhabi
Roli: sid ji
Sid: she became simar 2…she came n inrupted us…by saying that its not romance tym..who is she to decide to my romance time..i vl romance with my biwi when ever I want…
Roli: sid ji…leave it
Sid: no still there…ur upset with me becz im busy with wrk..so to impress u..i made gazar ki halwa fr u..n decorate terrace fr our night..bt again intrupted by ur ladli nannath( jhanvi)…I waited fr u at terrace..bt u went to do ur jasoosi wrk on shourya
Roli felt bad
Roli: nw no more jasoosi wrk…satisfying my sid is only my wrk
Sidhant smiled
Sid: yes I only want this
sid: na ha again…at that tym when jwala devi banned power in our house…all felt bad..bt i felt that i can romance with my biwi..bt wr i got that chance…i cant even get chance to eat icecream by my darling hands…mausiji intrupted…ok i luv mausiji..becz she helpd us many tyms..bt wat happened next…u went to kitchen fr making juice…i came behind u…v both r njying juice with spl straw brought by me..bt again grrrAngry..ur simar didi intrupted…i thinkk she have no other wrk
roli smiled: sid ji completed ur complaints? ok frm tmrw onwrds i vl only feed u ok
sid: double ok
Sid: n next…on dat day after u prayed fr premar relation ship..i came to u n hugged u..bt wat u told…mataji came…by hearing this I left u…u too played with me..even mataji became intruder directly r indirectly
Roli hugged him tightly
Roli: nw I wont play with u ok
Sid: nw u understud…hw many intruders in our life
Roli: I agree
Sid: nw none r there..only roli n sid…roli sid ka rath
Sid picked her in arms
N kept her on bed
He kissed her
Rosid njyd in each other arms
After so much love making
They drifted into sleep
In middle of night
Roli woke up suddenly
Sid too woke up
N saw roli in sweating
Sid is tensed
Sid: roli wat happened…r u fine
Sid gave water
Roli hold her tightly
Sid: wat happened roli
Roli: sid ji..i got bad dream
Sid: wat it is
Roli: I saw ur dancing with one girl in unconscious state thinking as me
N I saw ur dancing with a nagin..she is seducing u..u dnt know she is nagin…ur thinking her as me
N I saw ur trying to behave badly with maid
Roli completed
Sid is laughing
Roli: y r u laughing
Sid: roli…that’s y I told u not to watch that stupid ssk…
Its such a crapy show…ok b4 u used to c that serial fr that couple…nw she is no more in show…so just leave abt that show
N remember im nt like him to romance with nagins n maids..he did becz he has no alternative..script is nt in his hands
Bt hw can u think me like that even in dream…y I vl b behind others when my sherni is with me..
N roli…u slapped me fr cmng to dinner with naina…I know u vl kill me if I go behind any girls..i don’t want to take that risk
Roli smiled
Roli hugged him
Roli: sry fr doubting u even in dream
Sid: no sry..i know ur disturbed becz of ssk
Roli: tq sid ji fr understanding me
Sid: ok first complete ur srys n tqs then v vl sleep
Roli smiled
Roli: sid ji shall I say something
Sid: has
Roli: those who came in my dream as ur pa is phsyco naina n nagin is Maya n maid is prerna
Sid laughed
Sid: wow wat a characters they got in ur dream
Roli: nt dream in real also they r that only
Rosid laughed
Sid thought fr a while
Sid: roli can I ask one thing
Roli: ha
Sid: u told na…in that serial..elder sis take credit fr younger sis sacrifices
Roli: ha
Sid: n nw younger sis is no more…only elder sis can do wat ever she want
Roli: ha sid ji
Sid: I feel..same situation in our house..u vl do all n simar get credit…so I have an idea..if u go away frm them..only ur sis get wat ever credit she want
Roli: sid ji..wat u want to tell
Sid: lets go to Mumbai…I already owned my business..lets go away from this dumbos
Roli is in good mood
Roli: ha sid ji .lets go
Sid: really? Roli pinch me
Roli pinched his cheeks
Sid: ouch…roli its paining
Roli kissed him
Sid smiled
Sid: ok roli lets go away n stay happily
Rosid slept
As decided rosid left to Mumbai
N stayed happily

Credit to: Honey rosid

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