Pure Lust of a Man – Prologue


Hi everyone. Im writing a ff based on swasan. its story of a takur & his dasi. im writing this ff as african culture in india. if i hurt anyone’s heart im sorry let me know i will stop the ff.

This story is starts on a village in rajastan. this village runs by maheswari family. this village has big black market of girls where the sells girl to rich families. there is a rule that in each every family of the village, they should sell their elder daughter in the market. in that purpose they mainly uses white colour. they have some ritual for that also. a dasi cant love her malik then they will kill her & her malik will be cornered from the village.

Mohan & Leela : swara’s parents. poor cast people from village.

Swara : second daughter of Mohan & Leela. dasi of sanskar Maheswari.

Ragini : first daughter of Mohan & Leela.(still no idea about her role but if u guys want i can add her also)

Mahima : third daughter of Mohan & Leela.

Sumendra Maheswari : takur of the village. sanskar’s father. arrogant & totally into rituals of the village. he has 4 dasi.

Aruna Maheswari : takurani of the village. sanskar’s mother. frustrated with her husband’s behaviour.

Sanskar Maheswari : Chote takur of the village. no one can understand him

Laksh Maheswari : younger brother of Sanskar. he changes his dasi once for a month.

Sunaina Pandey : younger sister of Sanskar.

Mohit Pandey : husband of sunaina. he is also a takur & having dasi named Meena

Sanskar & Swara’s story starts from the sale on the market. after becoming his dasi, she starts love him but never express her feelings to him because its costs her life & his pride. Does he loves her back? will he marry her? will this rituals stops? what will happen in their lives?

Credit to: Bunny

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  32. Guyzz d 1st epi z not der on TU nw bt it’s still der on another site – “written update”… U can also Google it juz type ” pure lust of a man 1″ u ll find d link to written update….

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  33. Angel Goldie

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  35. Dharsha Aka Kaladharshini

    Can anyone say what is the meaning of dasi ? And also the link for 1st part….please anyone plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. hey dear dasi means slave ,
      links , i just found it on written updates
      hey bunny dear i am eagerly waiting for next episode , please post it dear, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………..be happy…………………….

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