Pure Love (short-story) Part 1


Hello friends,IKRS fans this is my first ff so plz support me ….. In my ff it is the story from when viplav has confessed his love to Dhanni..
Viplav is following dhanni as she walks towards the temple, she feels strange and turns back a few times but later ignores. viplav thinks to himself as to why he does not have courage to go forward and speak to her.Dhanni is unable to digest the fact that viplav has proposed her and unknowingly dashes phool chand. he comments on her saying come a bit more closer and hearing this viplav takes a heroic entry,and tells why don’t i take my hand closer to ur cheeks and goes to slap him, dhanni stops him and tells him to leave him as she can handle matters viplav shouts saying by keeping quiet or ignoring it the pain will not lessen. She starts to walk away and viplav tells that he loves her and cannot see her in pain. dhanni looks at him and they have an eye-lock dhanni ells him to forget her as she does not want to love any body, and wants hi to leave as he is the reason of all her pains. viplav is very hurt and silently leaves .

Hey guys plz suggest me what to add next, plz tell me how i can improve…… Dont forget to comment

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. hey ..Divya ….nice yaar ….after fatarajo’s ff …I like your ff ….good going yaar …plz continue it ….

  2. Well done divya, keep up the good work

    1. hey fatarajo what is the meaning of PHFFAN

  3. Gud job divya i like it.

  4. thanks a lot

  5. I do not want to see dhani and viplav
    Separating .They should come close

  6. I love this show .But want to know whether
    Both of them will come together or not.

  7. Yes they will come closer in the next ff
    Btw in the real epi they have come closer

  8. Nice divya..

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