Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 9



Kanak is passing by dadaji’s room and hears him talking about dhaani’s murder and decides to foil his plan secretly.Next morning Kanak tells viplav to go meet dhaani as her she is getting scared for her, Viplav is following dhaani and here kanak hears dadaji’s plan to get dhaani s*xually abused and thinks dhaani will end her life unable to bear the shame and laughs with a evil grin, and says i have aimed two birds in one stone… Kanak thinks I will foil your plan and gain viplav’s trust and see what I do later, saying this she leaves. Dhaani is praying at the temple her phone rings but dhaani is concentrating on her prayer, a man comes and picks up the phone and says which lover is behind this woman, dhaani turns back and is shocked she politely requests him to give the phone but he refuses, he tells her to come with him saying so drags her she shouts for help but as the place is deserted no one could help her, tears of helplessness roll down her cheeks, viplav comes there in search for her hears her crying for help he rushes to the spot and is shocked to find dhaani struggling to free herself. He gets very angry and goes to rescue her, he beats the man black and blue and holds him by the neck and swears to kill him dhaani stops viplav he pushes him away and rushes to dhaani’s aid, he sees the torn sleeve and offers his jacket, dhaani is completely shocked and breaks down in tears viplav is worried for her and reminds her that it was not her mistake and hugs her.
Dhaani continuously weeps and viplav is unable to see her pain, it pricks his heart and tells her that he cannot see dhaani in tears and wipes her tears and makes her smile she thanks him and god for rescuing her and viplav jokes that she gave half his credit to god she tells him that the other half credit i will give u later and smiles, Ishq ka rang safed plays…….. Dulaari is shocked hearing the attack on dhaani and is glad that wakil babu saved her, dhaani decides to go viplav and thank him they plan to meet.

In their date dhaani tells I LOVE U VIPLAV this shocks him and viplav is super happy listening to this and lifts her in happiness they both share a sweet moment.

precap : viplav decides to investigate as to who tried to molest dhaani…he takes kanak’s help. dulaari decides on the date for the engagement, viplav to come to know about dhaani’s past……

Plz comment so that i can proceed, and plz send some ideas as to what dhaan’s past should be……..thnx for reading

Credit to: DIVYA

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  2. Son and mom vs dadaji.
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