Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 6



Here Viplav is impatient for dhaani’s answer and kanak sees this goes to dhaani and warns her about saying yes to Viplav. She abuses dhaani, she tells her that she is not up to her standards and asks her wear some short dresses, or some tight clothes. Dhaani answers back telling I will not let u talk to me like this I may be a widow but I am happy that my thoughts are very pure
When she comes home angry from dhaani’s answer she scolds some servants and goes and informs dadaji about dhaani’s behavior.

[AT NIGHT] When kanak calls Viplav for dinner he ignores her and walks away, kanak here is puzzled by her son’s strange behavior. Daadi calls him and serves him food he eats but when kanak offers he started rejecting it. Viplav stands up and shouts why you are showing fake love towards me when u can insult dhaani, good that she back answered you. All I wanted was dhaani’s love and now u have snatched that away from me. Just leave me alone. All r shocked at viplav’s words Viplav leaves and recalls what happens in the morning.

Viplav over hears them talk and is shocked by his mother’s true side, he goes even the more angry and breaks a glass vase and gets hurt. Here dhaani is feeling worried for Viplav. Ishq ka rang safed plays.

precap: dhaani and viplav spend some romantic moments, viplav refuses to talk to or see kanak.

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Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Superb Divya,at last viplav realized his mother’s real face.that silent villian should also come to light soon.then it will be real fun.

  2. sry guys i will not be able to post a story todat(8/1/2016) plz co-operate… sry once again

  3. Its ok divya good job

  4. very nice divya

  5. thank u

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