Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 5


Dhaani tells viplav that she never wants to loose him..As she has completed herself only with him. Viplav is happy hearing this,he tells her that he has decided to talk to dadaji about their marriage but dhaani tells him that no one knows that she has accepted his proposal, viplav tells her that we should tell them now itself but dhaani convinces him that she will talk to them.

[NEXT MORNING] Dhaani is going to the temple and sees viplav following her in his jeep so she takes a narrow route just to have fun, viplav understands this and gets down the jeep and continues to follow her after a while dhaani reaches the temple . Phool chand sees her and tells her to be away from viplav as he is maha pandit’s grand son, but dhaani belives in her love and ignores him she takes a dip in the holy river and viplav is just looking at her , he is mesmerized by dhaani’s pure nature…

he goes to her and asks her why she took the narrow route she tells it is my wish, viplav tells already you started to make the hero struggle to get his love. Dhaani smiles and leaves, viplav asks her whether she spoke to dulaari maai about their love, and marriage. Dhaani tells him that she wants some time and then she will reply

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Why no precap Divya?anyways story is going on right track.very nice.go ahead.

  2. A short and sweet episode, can’t wait to wait for the next one 🙂

  3. Great going Divya……waiting for next part

  4. nice divya waiting for next part

  5. thank u
    sry i forgot to add the precap

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