Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 4



[TRIPATHI MANSION] Daadi is happy that viplav has found his true love… but dadaji and kanak are not very pleased, shalu is also happy. Viplav is sad as dhaani refuses to talk to him, he calls the ashram raj laxmi picks up the phone before she could speak viplav requests her to come near the temple as he wants to talk to her. He tells this thinking raj laxmi is dhaani.

[Near the temple] Viplav reaches there and is waiting for dhaani but raj laxmi comes there, he is perplexed and raj laxmi tells ‘u called me here’ viplav apologizes and tells her about the misunderstanding caused. He continues to tell her his love towards dhaani and advises raj laxmi to forget him. As he can love only dhaani, Raj laxmi turns to leave but viplav stops her by holding her hand dhaani sees this and is glad that viplav and raj laxmi have come together and now she will not trouble them. But in the heart of heart she is deeply hurt. Here viplav quickly leaves her hand and tells her that “Viplav can only love dhaani, not anybody else” His firm words makes raj laxmi realize the love viplav posses for her and decides to make these two love birds meet.

Dhaani is teary eyed as she remembers the scene near the temple(viplav, raj laxmi) she thinks as to why she is feeling the pain, raj laxmi tells as you love viplav, dhaani turns back and raj laxmi tells her everything and asks her for forgiveness dhaani hugs her. Ishq ka rang safed plays…….

At night dhaani is alone in her room and she hears howling noises she gets frightened and decides to go outside, viplav enters dhaani’s room but does not find her when he turns viplav sees dhaani, dhaani is about to shout viplav keeps his hand on her mouth and they have an eye lock. She asks him why he has come here and viplav tells to meet dhaani viplav tripathi. Dhaani feels shy and looks down viplav smiles they have a romantic time and viplav gifts her a gold earrings she refuses but then agrees. He tells her that viplav is now complete as he found dhaani and promises her that he will never leave her side till he dies, dhaani puts her hand on his mouth and tells him not to talk about his death as she does not want to him……….


Credit to: DIVYA

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