Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 3

Dhaani teary eyed shouts at viplav that why he finds pleasure in, hurting every body’s sentiments. Viplav asks dhanni whether she is the one who is getting the most hurt. She is angry and tells yes I do get irritated when u do these crazy things cuz I love u wakil babu. Dhaani recollects what she has spoken and steps back she glances at viplav and sees a smile plastered on his face she turns and decides to leave and goes in a hurry. Sushma ji (viplav’s grandmother) rushes in and sees viplav grinning and scolds him as to why he causes pain to himself and everybody is relived that viplav is out of danger. But our hero is in his own sweet world
Dhaani is shocked at her own words but does not tell this to anyone and then raj laxmi requests dhaani to talk about her and viplav’s marriage and dhaani is perplexed but changes the topic and goes to sleep and advises raj laxmi to do the same
[Next morning]
Dhaani is heading towards the temple and sees viplav, but she turns and starts walking back to the ashram, viplav follows her and stops her and tells her that she cannot deny the fact that she loves him and gives her a flower, dhaani refuses but viplav insists on her taking the flower. Dhaani accepts it but feels shy but remembers raj laxmi’s desire to marry viplav she drops the flower and goes away, viplav follows her and dhaani turns back and tells him to stop following her he asks her the reason she hesitates but then tells that she is in a very difficult situation as she has to choose between her close friend and true love
Viplav does not understand she confesses that raj laxmi is in love with him and she is caught between them. He then tells love is not a one side felling, both of us must be in love or else what is the use (he holds her hand) and tells “I love u, u love me. We don’t need anybody between us” Raj laxmi hears this and runs from there dhaani decides to console her but viplav stops her, but dhaani frees herself and leaves
[In the ashram]
Dhaani sees raj laxmi cry and tells that she did not know that she had such feelings for viplav and apologies and raj laxmi tells her that u have betrayed me, u have stolen my love ‘I hate you’ . Dhaani is deeply hurt and decides to leave from there. She finishes all her work n raj laxmi’s work and badi ma questions her dhaani lies that raj laxmi is not well.


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  1. I like viplav angry nice story divya

  2. Hope u guys liked it… can u ppl plz give some ideas as to how my story should go on….:-) 🙂

  3. Hai,Divya,superb yaar,entirely different and exceptional track.great but hope dhani will soon accept our hero by forgetting about the one side luv of Raj Lakshmi and wish RL also realize soon that viplav loves dhani madly not her.anyways go ahead divya dear.all the best.

  4. Nice one divya

  5. it is good and different Divya 🙂 🙂 ….keep it up

  6. Nice one Divya, keep it up..

  7. Where is the yesterday’s episode update

  8. Good work!

  9. Good job Divya , well done u can chose any track u want, u know the salman khan Bb dialouge do whatever u want to do 😛

  10. Thank u all………

  11. Well written Divya

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