Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 26 [Final episode]

PURE LOVE: 26 (IKRS short story) Final one
Dhaani is going to the temple and hears a scream, she rushes to the spot and finds out that kanak has fallen from the edge of the cliff and dhaani puts forward her hand and helps kanak come out of the cliff edge. Kanak hugs dhaani and asks for an apology for all the bad she has done to her and dhaani forgives her and takes kanak’s blessings.

They head back home, viplav is shocked seeing kanak wounded he takes care of her and questions her about how she fell of the cliff. She goes to flash back.

Tp: Malkin I can’t help you in your wrong things.
Kanak: Why not do you not remember that you are alive because of me?
Tp: and you will die because of me.
He pushes kanak and she slips he tells good bye kanak tripathi and laughs and leaves
Flash-back ends.
Kanak cries and falls to viplav’s feet and asks for an apology. Viplav forgives her and is happy that his mother has realized that dhaani is really very good and he hugs her. He promises that he will catch Tp and teach him a lesson. Kanak stops him and tells him that Tp has left Banaras to start a new life and she wants to start a new life with viplav and dhaani.

Dhaani is folding her clothes and viplav comes in and sees her smiling and goes to her and asks her whether she was thinking about him. She denies and tells that she is happy that kanak is now not having a grudge towards her,

Viplav hugs her and tells you are so pure that no one can hate you. Even you love towards me is so pure, Hamare Ishq ka rang safed hein( The color of our love is white). Ishq ishq plays and screen freezes.

And this ends my ff… Thank you all for supporting me…… Love you guys…

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  1. Huh why u ended it was enjoying it sorry couldn’t comment on the previous episode as I was busy anyways I will miss ur ff 🙂

    1. Don’t worry I will come back with another ff

      1. Promise us that u will write another ff on IKRS plz…

  2. very nice ending divya i love it…i’m waiting for your next ff

    1. I am planning to write it after my exams get over i.e. after first week of feb….. I have thought of a name but i don’t know what to write…. Hope I get some nice idea… Can you suggest me some idea plz

      1. I really happy about that divya. Come back soon and
        chose different concept
        and u have some thoughts about vidhaani and think if their love start in different background mean then how it like.
        And u had watch many movies and dramas get all in your mind and get some points from that and think how it suitable for your story.
        And think how your story want to be, and think how u would make more interesting.
        Think lot about Before you start to write and draw out line of the story from the beginning to end.
        When u write, think about the scenes and think how u want show your readers and make it that way.
        Its my suggestions divya. I am sure u have lot of ideas, make it your new story I am waiting for ur ff.

    2. Thank you big help………
      love you………

  3. Superb divya…. but you ended it do soon….
    happy ending…… 🙂 🙂
    that dialogue kyunki hamare ISHQ KA RANG SAFED hai …..aww 🙂 🙂

    1. Actually I had planned for only 10 epi… but i was encouraged and changed my plan

      1. waiting for next fan fiction by you divya….
        all the best for your exams in advance

    2. Thank you

  4. Divya,it has been a wonderful journey.thanks for a most colourful fan fiction.and i am really glad that u are planning to come up with another one.waiting for that.

    1. YES…. thank you so much for reading it…..

  5. And divya,the most appriciable quality of your fan fiction is that it is concise yet beautiful.that’s all and pls keep commenting in our page.

    1. I will…. Thnx for the support…. You guys are the reason pure love could complete at least 26 epi………

  6. You write so well! Please write another ff!!!

    1. Yes i will anisha

  7. Glad that u r coming with a new ff..thank u so much for ur efforts. Its really so nice of u for giving ur precious time to write the ff.god bless u!

    1. Thank you…. actually it is my pleasure to writ this ff for all you wonderful vidhaani fans…….

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