Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 25


The next day dhaani is going out and sees Suwarna talking to viplav she goes there and asks Suwarna to leave. Suwarna falls to dhaani’s feet and asks her sorry, dhaani pushes her away and goes inside and viplav follows her to their room.
Viplav: You must try to forgive Suwarna.
Dhaani: I don’t want to talk about it (she tries to leave form there)
Viplav: (Pulls her close) then what do you want to talk about.
Dhaani: (Pushes him away) don’t get started anywhere.
Viplav: dhaani this is our room, nobody is here
Dhaani: I have lots work and I can’t waste my time.

Dhaani gets busy and viplav is completing some work. Suwarna stands in front of tripathi mansion and holds a gun at her forehead and calls out dhaani’s name. Everybody rush out and they are shocked to see Suwarna. Dhaani asks Suwarna not to create a scene, Suwarna tells her that she will give her life if dhaani does not forgive her and cries. Dhaani half heartedly forgives her and leaves and everyone go to their work.
Kanak (in her mind): This Suwarna is a very good actor and has made dhaani forgive her. Wow!! She is very useful for me.

Kunal goes to dhaani and asks her about the ashram and asks her to take him there she agrees. Viplav, dhaani and kushal leave for the ashram. Badi amma opens the door and is shocked to see kunal. He huge her and takes her blessings, Viplav and Dhaani exchange glances.

Badi amma: You have kept your promise; I knew you would come back.
Viplav: Maaji, you know kunal.

Kunal tells them about how his life was in danger as he had met with an accident and how badi amma had saved him by treating his wounds and taking good care of him. Dhaani smiles and tells badi amma had told me this but I did not know it was you and she hugs badi amma she tells her that her heart is very big and she is too kind.

Everyone praise her and they all have some merry time…… Dhaani is returning back from the temple and hears a scream and rusher to find out who it is.

Precap : dhaani saves that person and that person thanks dhaani a lot .

Thanks to all the people who read this ff but sorry I will be ending it with the 26th ff…. Thank you all silent readers and commenter’s. All the commenter’s big thanks as you guys inspired me a lot.

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. 26th …One more to go…. Nice on Divya… hope to read other new fan fictions written by you Divya….. keep going (Y)

    1. Thank you… Yes i will try to come up with a new one

  2. To all my ff readers,

    I have decided to write a new ff on IKRS from feb 10th or so…. plz suggest me as to what I should do next…….

    Thank you,
    Love divya.

  3. And the 26th ff will end on 26th feb… what a coincidence

  4. nice divya , who is that person? great yarr
    well done divya you did a great job, after fineshed pure love i whish you would come back with another ff i wish u all the best dr keep it up your cool work…..

  5. thank you……. The person is……
    Read the next ff u will get to know… 😛 🙂

  6. Oh,one more epi to finish.but i am not sad as u come up with another fantastic tale on our vidhani.and about toady’s epi it was superb and u are not leaving any chances to bring our vidhani together.so nice of u yaar.

    1. thank you… I do love seeing or reading vidhaani together

  7. twist wala climax.so have to wait until tmrw to know who is that person.

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