Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 24


Piya organizes a party for vidhaani and she asks them to get ready she tells them that it is a bollywood theme and gifts dhaani and viplav some dresses and asks them to change. Viplav comes out; he is wearing sherwani type dark green kurta and black pyjama. [He is looking too good] he looks out for dhaani and piya comes and tells him to have some patience, she introduces him to her friends but our viplav’s eyes are searching for dhaani. Piya goes to bring dhaani, she comes out with her. Dhaani is wearing a pale pink lehenga with a green blouse. [Our gorgeous heroine] Viplav looks at her and is unable to remove his eyes from her. She goes and stands next to him, she asks him how she looks but viplav is speechless.

Nagada sang dhol song plays and dhaani and viplav do dandiya and viplav is lost in dhaani’s eyes and she smiles at him. The party goes on very well and vidhaani decide to leave. Viplav realizes that his jeep is gone for repair and dhaani’s saree is in it he tells her that she has to wear her lehenga and smiles. They begin walking towards the bus station they remember the moments they spent at sarla kaki’s house. A man in the bike looks at dhaani and smiles and tells. O! dancer come dance for us, this angers viplav but dhaani holds his hand and asks him to calm down. He holds her hand and tells no one can tease you, except me. He winks at her and ishq ka rang safed plays.

Daadi here is worried for them and kanak asks her to sleep and she prays to god that only viplav returns back and not that dhaani and goes. Kunal here is talking to the photo he turns around and the photo falls it is badi amma’s photo and he quickly picks it up and puts it in.Viplav and dhaani come home daadi sees them and smiles she tells dhaani is looking very pretty and blesses her.

In the morning viplav wakes up and sees dhaani bringing breakfast for him and looks at the clock;
Viplav: why did you not wake me up?
Dhaani: You were sleeping so peacefully so I thought not to wake you up.
Viplav: hmmm now you punishment is that you must feed me my breakfast.
Dhaani: I would but I have to make Prasad so next time.
Viplav: Then, you have to do something for me.
Dhaani: and what is that….
Viplav: Once smile and say I Love You
Dhaani: I LOVE …….
Viplav: I LOVE?
Dhaani: I will tell the rest later, ok bye.

Dhaani is in the kitchen he sees dhaani preparing food;
Viplav: You have to finish your statement.
Daadi: ….Viplav
Viplav: tell me the whole sentence.
Dhaani signs him to look back and is shocked seeing daadi, she asks him not to trouble dhaani and asks him to go. Shalu comes and sings mein yahan tu kahaa, tu yahaan mein kaha. Viplav hits her and they start to fight, daadi asks them to behave and tells them to start some work.

PRECAP: Suwarna comes and asks dhaani sorry; dhaani refuses and pushes her out. Kunal meets badi amma in the ashram and tells vidhaani his story of how he met badi amma. Suwarna does yet another drama and convinces dhaani into forgiving her.

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. amazing Divya…fabulous….
    Whats the mystery of badi amma and kunal… waiting for next part 🙂


  2. really nice divya…..

  3. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Divya too good yar 🙂 😛

    1. Thank you

  4. Oh,super suspense.now next track begins with badi amma and kunal.dhani so cute in that lehenga yaar i can imagine that.finally colour codes are changing for dhani from red.waiting for that suspense.

    1. YES… hope you guys like the suspense

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