Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 21


Kunal approaches dhaani and tells her about the disaster she is about to face, she does not believe him at first but after seeing the video she is shocked. Tears roll down her cheeks and kunal asks her to stay strong and asks her to take a decision as to what there next plan must be, saying so he leaves from there.
Kanak comes to dhaani and speaks to her in sweet sugar coated words which trouble dhaani. A thousand questions are running on her mind. Viplav sees dhaani in distress he asks her but she does not respond but she bursts into tears. Viplav is shocked, Kunal who is passing by hears their conversation and tells viplav the truth and shows him the video. Viplav gets angry and breaks a vase, dhaani gets scared and leaves the room and goes to the garden. Kunal asks viplav to control his anger as he should support dhaani.

Viplav goes to dhaani and asks her sorry for his behavior and promises to be by her side they hug and Ishq Ishq plays…… The next morning as per viplav’s and dhaani’s plan they decide to show the film ‘Bazigaar’ to the family. Kunal edits the last part of the movie and adds kanak’s video. They bring everyone and makeup a lie that they want to watch the movie. Everyone enjoy the movie and to their shock kanak’s video is out dadaji is red in anger; daadi is shocked so is shalu and shambu. Viplav claps and says what an ending the villain is my own mother. This is the best shock of my life he says sarcastically. Kunal tells that he is ashamed to be her son.

Dadaji slaps kanak and tells you have bowed my head in shame, what has this poor girl done to you, Kanak tells that dhaani was a blo*dy widow. Viplav gets angry an tells her to think twice before talking anything about dhaani. Daadi comes in front and slaps kanak. Everyone is shocked; daadi tells her not to speak a word against dhaani as dhaani is viplav’s wife.

Dadaji drags kanak out of the house and asks her to go, but dhaani asks dadaji to not give such a harsh punishment to kanak. Dadaji asks kanak to learn some manners from dhaani. He asks her to go in her room and think about her mistakes. Viplav gets angry and goes to his room and dhaani follows him.

Precap: Kanak thinks that dhaani has saved her for looking great in the eyes of the family. Shambu hears this and asks her to have some shame.

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  1. Nice divya hope that Kanak rani have some shame n turns positive 😛

    1. For you must read on….. 😛

  2. amazing yarr…loved it

    1. Thanks plz keep supporting me….. all you comments mean a lot to me

  3. Suberb divya.

    1. Thank ubso much…. 🙂

  4. Divya,sincerely saying this is an evergreen epi for many reasons.
    1. Twisting bazigar climax
    2.dadi slapped kanak
    3.full family against kanak
    4.shambu’s courage to speak against kanak
    Superb divya.really enjoyed today’s epi.

    1. Thank you, kanak does deserve all these punishments…..

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