Pure Love (short-story of IKRS) Part 20


Dhaani is very happy they all chat and there is an unexpected knock on the door, Viplav opens it kunal is busy looking in the map and asks route to the tripathi mansion, Viplav gives him instructions to the police station and closes the door. When asked he acts innocent. Kunal goes to the police station he sees kanak and hides to hear their talk. They plan to fake kill tripurari and put the blame on dhaani. They take the officers help and kunal is shocked but records all this.

Viplav and dhaani come to the tripathi mansion, Dhaani goes in viplav goes to meet raj. Daadi asks dhaani to start preparing food for night; Daadi tells dhaani all the childhood memories of viplav. She gets to know that viplav is very scared of cockroach and other insects. She goes to viplav with her hands behind her, she tells viplav that she has a gift for him she asks him to close his eyes and when he opens his eyes he screams cockroach and viplav jumps on the bead; dhaani bursts into laughter. He pulls her close to him but they lose balance and fall on the bed. Ishq Ishq plays.

She tells him that there is a lizard on his shoulder, he tells her not to lie and the lizard falls beside them he screams in fright. Dhaani tells him that he is a child and gets scared of lizards and cockroaches he pulls her close and kisses her on the cheek and says yes she feels shy and goes away.

Kunal is shocked about the dark side his mother has and decides to go and tell viplav. He leaves the room and daadi gives him some work and he goes to complete it. He is determined to tell the truth but he knows viplav’s anger and thinks as to whom it would be right to show the video.

Precap: Kunal shows the video to dhaani and she gets shocked and does not know how to react.

Credit to: DIVYA

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  1. Amazing yarr

    1. thank you……

  2. suberb divya the lizard scene isawesome

  3. Very nice divya the cockroach and lizard scene was very naughty and funny. Now dhaani is also becoming naughty. Very nice naughty dhaani

    1. yes! u see there must be a little change in charecter

  4. Wo so cute I liked it sorry couldn’t comment yesterday 😛

    1. it’s ok I got to know that you were not feeling well. please take care of youself

  5. Yes Dhani became naughty…yeh toh hona hi tha as she is naughty viplav’ s wife na..
    But vipu is no less. He gave dhani a tit for tat by giving a peck on her cheeks..
    Good one divya!

    1. thank you, Dhaani and Viplav is the best jodi for me and i enjoy writing this ff

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